Your Trauma Hides In Plain Sight... - Monica Yates

Your Trauma Hides In Plain Sight…

BY Monica Yates

Your trauma hides exactly where you can see it….yet we are often not taught to see it ⁠

Your lower back pain,⁠
Your period pain,⁠
Your neck tension,⁠
Your headaches, ⁠
Your jaw grinding ⁠

They are not normal … but they sure have been 𝓃ℴ𝓇𝓂𝒶𝓁𝒾𝓈ℯ𝒹

Your trauma hides right where you keep ignoring it. It’s rearing it’s ugly head every day, but we realise that these symptoms are your body trying to communicate with you⁠

Instead, we think it’s just ‘getting old,’ ‘part of being a woman,’ ‘everyone has it’ or ‘oh I just need botox in my jaw.’ ⁠

no no no . ⁠

If you have broken your leg, and have leg pain .. okay it’s physical. ⁠

But otherwise, if you feel like you can’t solve this without a drug (which doesn’t solve it)…then look at the trauma and emotions behind it.⁠

Take lower back pain for example … it’s related to a lack of stability, financial security and feeling ungrounded, stable and supported in your life.⁠

Or your jaw … it’s about anger, resentment and fear that you are holding onto. ⁠

You might say to me ‘but Monica I’m not angry ….’⁠


Oh, you’re angry …. it’s just that that anger has been bottled up over the last 30 years and you are blissfully unaware of it until I open you up and it all explodes 😉 ⁠

If you haven’t realised even small things that you’ve held onto from you being 5 years old..they are still stored somewhere in your body and if you don’t face it, it will make you face it by coming up as a physical issue in your body.⁠

so ladies and gents … if you have a physical issue that will not budge … you know where to find me 😉 ⁠

I’ve had so many MIA periods return that I’ve lost count of how many clients, every client that has wanted a baby and let go of their trauma has fallen pregnant (yep!!!!!), skin issues gone, bloating gone, jaw issues have finally said bye-bye and so much more … ⁠

Best program for this? ⁠

Queen Alchemy for women ⁠
The Man, for men,⁠
and/or 1:1 coaching ⁠

Monica x

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