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Now, here’s the key thing. Eating carbs can make some people quite tired so I don’t advocate for having carbs at breakfast and lunch because the last thing you want is to slump off after your meal. Instead, you want to eat carbs at night time because you’re about to go to bed. It’s the perfect time for you to be tired. AND bonus … you’ll have a deeper and more restorative sleep! #winning  



Now, with the grains…I don’t personally eat grains anymore. This is become 1) I’m SUPER intolerant to gluten (like I carry the gene for gluten intolerance, and I’ve turn my gene ON) and 2) grains don’t provide much bang for your buck, so I’d rather eat a gallon of sweet potato than rice. But that’s just me…  



Grains are also VERY hard for your digestive system to deal with. They contain these compounds called lectins and phytic acid which are anti-nutrients, meaning that your body actually uses nutrients in order to digest and break these guys down. They can also cause your gut lining to get irritated which can lead to a leak in the gut lining, and as a result leaky gut. Then food particles can go through your gut lining, into your blood stream causing an inflammatory response.  





SO, if you are a complete #carbsarelife chick and cannot give up your rice with curry, then I get that, and hat’s off to you for that #foodfreedom – but here’s where you can up the health factor — Soak your grains overnight in a bowl of water with a little bit of apple cider vinegar and salt. What this does, is it kick starts the digestion process so by the time you eat the rice, the lectins and phytic acid are gone and it’s wayyyyy easier for you to break down.  



If you’re like me and don’t like eating grains, make sure that you are having lots of starchy veggies at night ESPECIALLY if you know that you are having a stressful week, have been a bit slack with eating when you’re hungry or if you know that your body struggles to ovulate (especially my low estrogen girls).  



Additionally, having a SUPER low carb diet can actually stress your body out which can impact your period by depleting your progesterone and creating a hormonal imbalance which can show up as post-ovulatory depression, anxiety and other PMS. I will be going in depth with all your ‘period problems’ in my upcoming Turning Off Your Period Problems Program which I’m so excited to take 10 amazing women through! But for now, eat your healthy carbs ladies 😉 and if you’re interested in my program, send me a little email and I’ll get back to you asap xx  


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