This is the program you’ve been waiting for…

A witchy program that doesn’t require you to have to wear a tonne of eyelinder and chant under the moon if you don’t want. You can be a witch just because you are a woman.


We all have a witch within us. And the more that we connect to her when we feel called, the deeper our connection to the feminine becomes


And from this place…everything is possible.

So welcome witch,


Welcome to a program where obsessing over the moon and talking about the tarot cards you pull this morning is considered normal.


Where money is praised and crystals are shared.


Where magic isn’t ‘woo woo’ but rather just the norm


This is a special container for those women that are being called to something deeper


A deeper connection to the universe, to their own feminine and to heal the wound their past self have carried towards the masculine

  • Do you want to learn how to manifest everything that you want in your life so that you can flow and trust knowing that it is yours?
  • Do you want to connect to the side of you that is into magic?
  • Do you want to learn how to read tarot cards so that you can get guidance from the universe at the tip of your fingers
  • Do you want to get witchy in the kitchen and access more of that creative part of you?
  • Do you want to heal from the fear of stepping up and really using your voice?
  • Are you here for something MORE but there has been a fear in you that’s been holding you back?
  • Are you read to step into the most aligned, magical, fun, rich, deep and feminine version of you?!


If you are screaming YES!


Then THIS, my Witch is just what the herbalist ordered 😉

You see as a feminine woman, we carry wounds from past lives and a lot of us (including moi) were witches. We healed people using mother earth and once the church came it, we will shunned for it. In HORRIBLE ways. And until you heal that wound, you will likely block yourself from all kinds of successs, speaking your truth, accessing deeper levels of yourself and trusting your intution.


So this is the TIME for you to HEAL those wounds so that you can feel FREE within your soul, and so you don’t pass this witch wound onto your children.

With where we are in society today, healing this wound is imperative.

Reconnecting with magic is the new path we are taking


And let me just say this loud and clear…


You do NOT need to look a certain way, dress a certain way, have certain likes/dislikes or have a witch as a grandma to be into this.

I am a modern woman that loves her NYC office, skiing and dressing up. AND I’m a witch in my own fucking way.

Ready to go? Here are your options…

Smart woman (aka early bird):

Along with all the content from WWW you will get a 60 minute module all about having a Happy Holiday.

This bonus ends on the 15th Dec 11.59pm EST (New York time)

In the Happy Holidays Masterclass BONUS I’ll be sharing: 

  • How to work with your triggers
  • How to navigate difficult conversations that come up
  • How to manifest for 2020
  • Setting 2020 up for succes and getting rid of resolutions that you never keep past Feb
  • Making sure you’re looking after your body during this time
  • Keeping up with your rituals even when you’re on vacation or with your family
  • How to just be the light and not shove your beliefs down people’s throats
  • Keeping your nervous system in check and not getting stressed
  • Making this a joyful time, not a stressful time
  • Journal prompts to get yourself through this period with ease and joy
  • A special Christmas Guided Practise

The incredible WWW inclusions:

  • LIFELONG* access to the modules, meditations, PDF, spell books, manifestation and money guides
  • Any modules that are added in the future you’ll have access to
  • Lifelong membership in the Facebook group wich will mean that you can stay a part of the witchy-fam forever!
  • Updated spells, potions and downloads that I get

After the 15th December 2019, the Happy Holidays Masterclass will no longer be a bonus

Hi I’m Monica and I’m a combo of many ‘types’ of witches. I’m a Wild Witch 😉 I have a bit of a Money Witch, Green Witch, Psychic Witch, Sex Witch and Glam Witch

In many past lives I was a witch and I wasn’t exactly praised for it. I’ve been buried alive, strangled and locked up for my powers⁠
But in this life I’m fucking SAFE. ⁠
⁠It’s taken a bit to get here, the witch wounds are real ⁠
⁠And I know for so many of you the fear of success is real. It was for me. And sometimes I have to catch it when it comes up again ⁠
⁠If your in the space of natural healing, the witch wound may be really holding you back and you don’t even know it.⁠
⁠It’s not evil, it’s actually trying to protect you. It’s trying to protect you from a past life where it wasn’t safe to do what you’re doing now and it’s scared. ⁠
⁠Until you heal that witch wound and have those tools, it’s going to likely block you from the success that you’re dreaming off. ⁠
It’s been interesting for me to see how once I’ve worked through childhood crap, I now have to heal all the crap from the lives before me. ⁠⁠
It’s uncomfortable at times, but the more I surround myself with witchy things and see that I’m still safe, the easier it becomes ⁠
⁠That’s why I created WWW. So that your rational mind can see that it’s safe and normal to be into witchy things. Plus the community of women just further solidifies that it’s SAFE to be embodied in your witch ⁠

If you have any questions for me, please reach out to



Do we get any 1:1 time with Monica? 

No this is a self paced program, if you are wanting transofmraitonal life coaching then please look at my Mastermind, 1:1 options for both men and women, Bad Ass BItches Academy and Immersion for the options coming early 2020.

When will we get the content? 

You get ALL the content as soon as you buy the program! The whole 13 modules! So you can do it as quickly or as slowely as you would like..

Are there refunds? 

No, there are no refund, cancellations or ‘changes of mind.’ If you haven’t gotten results with other things, or had a back-door policy previously, chances are you didn’t get the results you wanted because part of your brain knew that you could just put in 50% and then get a refund. Well, you need to put in 100% and then you’ll see the results.

Can I get just the Happy Holidays Masterclass? 

Yes you can! the link is here for that

Will you run this again? 

I’m really not sure, I don’t have plans to in the near future. The next programs after things are my in person events and online coaching.

How is this different to other offerings that Monica has? 

This is a self paced program and it is more of a ‘fun’ program. A lot of Monica’s work is deep working, making big life changes. Whilst you will be changing things in your life to tap more into your feminine witch and intuition, it won’t be emotionally challanging like the other programs. It’s a lighter load of work, ‘easier’ and more creative.