Which podcast episodes should YOU be listening to? - Monica Yates

Which podcast episodes should YOU be listening to?

BY Monica Yates

For all of you who binge on my podcast on repeat, you may still find this useful! I’ve categorised ALL my podcast episodes so you can skip to the relevant ep to get the help YOU need.

Cacao & Convos:

10: BONUS EP: Boujee Ass B*tches Luxury Immersion with Asti Maree

18: Cacao & Convos talking about money, feminism, veganism, being fake and having confidence in this world

21: Cacao & Convos: Talking about UTIs, thrush, vaginas, pubes, sex and all that fun stuff

25: Cacao & Convos talking about sisterhood wounds, losing and gaining friends, being in a flow state

28: Cacao & Convos w Dad: Talking about what’s really going on below the surface in politics

41: Cacao & Convos with Asti 

48: Cacao and Convos: The beginners guide to adaptogens 

51: Cacao & Convos with Jess Sepel

61: Cacao & Convos with Lexi: Brain surgery, blood clots, the pill and navigating hospitals

69: Cacao & Convos with Olivia: Boundaries, people pleasing, owning a business

77: Cacao & Convos with Dad – how we are committing climate suicide and what we can ACTUALLY do NOW

85: Cacao & Convos: Talking about ayahuasca with Taj

99: Cacao & Convos about Sisterhood Wounding with Scarlett

105: Cacao & Convos with Britt: is love blind, drinking, and being funny as f*ck

107: Cacao & Convos with Cleo Stiller : Modern Manhood 

108: Cacao & Convos: Our apology for being sheep not leaders with Olivia

112: Cacao & Convos with Dad: How to make systemic change. | The power of voting, understanding politics, what to look out for in political parties 

121: Cacao & Convos with Madelyn Moon | Chatting about how to NOT pitch to people, the B******T that is on IG about “calling in your king,” keeping the polarity strong in your relationship


Periods, Women’s Health, HBC & Hormones:

2: What’s causing your period problems?

4: 2 Areas to look for Fixing Hormonal Acne

6: Is exercise ruining your hormones?

8: You can’t get preggers at any time!

10: The pill f*cks you up

12: Keto vs Paleo for your hormones 

15: How to start eliminating your period pain

16: Is your doctor doing more harm than good?

19: How to get what you want from your doctor 

26: HPA Axis dysfunction and its effect on your period

32: Fertility is a sign of full health

33: How to harness your femininity and find power in your cycle 

39: “We don’t need to bleed” – a claim from The Guardian

43: Syncing your cycle with the Moon 

50: You might not have PCOS 

60: What’s the deal with the Morning After Pill?

83: The shit they don’t tell you about birth control options, Part 1

84: The shit they don’t tell you about birth control options, Part 2

95: What’s up with my period during COVID-19?!

101: Getting to know the different phases of your cycle

104: Where the f*ck has my period gone?!

132: Endometriosis, painful periods and some inspo when your doctor makes you lose hope

133: The Truth About Womb Healing, Periods, PMS, PCOS + Contraception. | An interview with Monica Yates

134: Heavy periods, the energetic component of your bleed, blood clots and missing periods


Money & Business:

29: Fiery feminine power in life and business

37: Business Q+A for the 250K mark

52: The rules successful people follow

53: Chicken Nugget: Money DOES buy happiness

55: Your Debt can be Expansive + other Money and Manifestation Nuggets

58: Respecting money and lots more!

82: For all those that work for themselves – You have a real job

86: The importance of masculine structure in a feminine business

96: Let’s NAIL the energy and frequency of money shall we?

109: Feminine Energy as a #girlboss CEO

110: Why my business isn’t my #1 priority. #SCANDAL! | Business burnout, is your business wrecking your hormones, sex and business

111: How I made a million dollars | feminine business, business strategy, energetic business

113: Boundaries and business, hiring people, creating a team, drawing boundaries, not diving discounts

118: Soul money VS Ego money

127:How to protect your Instagram, personal security and how private is our information?

129: The Line Between Manifesting and Overspending In Your Business

130: Adding pleasure to your business and standing out in a sea of businesses + getting over procrastination, what to do when you aren’t getting clients and children & trauma


Men, Relationships & Emasculation:

30: Cacao & Convos: Inside men’s brains!

56: Cacao & Convos with John: Emasculation and understanding Men

57: Cacao & Convos with Bryan and Dom: Man bashing, Women in modern society and SO MUCH MORE!

59: Cacao & Convos with Bryan and Dom: PART 2. Man bashing, women in modern society and SO MUCH MORE!

62: How men can help get your cycle on track and men not wanting to take the lead 

68: For my men: How to be in your masculine to guide her deeper into her feminine

78: Harbouring shame and toxic masculinity

93: Men’s Advice for COVID 19

114: FOR MEN: Cacao & Convos with Connor Beaton | Shadow work, sexual trauma, military men and using pain as your purpose

116: CACAO & CONVOS with Ben talking about letting go of your ego so that you can experience more joy and fulfilment w/ Ben Bidwell

117: Getting your man to lead in his masculine so that you can flow in your feminine

123: Cacao & Convos with Nick Perry | male libido, expanding your nervous system, sexual shame, honouring your boundaries and navigating when your needs are different to your partners

126: Feminine energy, periods and letting your man lead

131: Cat Calling: the good, bad and ugly. How to navigate it and whether or not to shame the man

138: Mastering your relationships and communication with men | An interview with Monica Yates 

135: Let men be men, and women be women | An interview w/ Monica Yates

136: What is emasculation and how does it affect men AND women?

137: How to lead her in the bedroom / How to get him to lead in the bedroom | An interview with Monica Yates


Sex & Feminine Pleasure:

22: Boost your Libido and Increase your Pleasure 

54: The connection between your vagina and confidence

72: How to have more play and connect to your inner child

73: Understanding Period Sex for men and women

76: The Secrets of Feminine Pleasure 

87: Sex, dating, and the #MeToo movement, Part 1

88: Sex, dating, and the #MeToo movement- Part 2 

91: Communicating with your partner, enjoying giving blow jobs, the importance of intimacy and how to surrender into trust

97: Is your libido blocking you from abundance?

98: Why is sex painful? | Trauma, Vulvodynia and UTIs


Magic & Manifestation:

23: PART 1: Soul alignment, manifestation and NYC again!

24: PART 2: Soul alignment, manifestation and NYC again!

31: Blood manifestation + you don’t need to look outside yourself

38: From Paris: The Universe is working for you! 

66: How to be a Witch

79: IG Live Q+A and Tarot Reading

90: When your partner isn’t woo woo

100: Tapping into your intuition & deepening your spiritual practise



1: My Story

14: Current resistance in my life and how I’m moving through it 

20: Navigating Surgery like a Queen

27: How I Made 6 Figures in the First Quarter of 2019

35: What it’s REALLY like travelling alone + a Q+A

36: Expanding into the next level + my Genoa story

40: Releasing on a physical level

45: Feminine Expansion, Sensuality, Periods, Pleasure and Handling the Haters

49: Assumptions about me!

75: My Ski Accident Part 1

80: Ski accident part 2 + Navigating your fear

74: 2019 reflections, creating lasting intentions, twin flames, soul mates and personal shares

89: I went from homeless, to being in my dream apartment within 24 hours

103: About ME questions, answered!

106: Corona Fatigue: How I’m feeling, why it’s okay, the things i’m doing and thank fu*ck for Sag full moon soon

119: Why I left Paris early to come home | Talking about being homesick, feeling everything, the beauty in meltdowns and that I’m not immune to the COVID emotional rollercoaster

124: My Instagram has been hacked and deleted

125: My week from hell: When my Instagram account was ha(k3d and deleted … but my magic got it back baby!

140: The question you must ask yourself to expand, our trip to Zermatt, quantum leaping into 2021, manifesting my dream holiday and miracles are the norm



9: Is your body blocked and ‘stuck’?

81: How I know that you’re holding onto anger (men & women)

115: How to balance your masculine and feminine energies in both men AND women. | Trauma, your nervous system, presence, flow and focus

120: Trauma bonding and how Disney has f****d our dating mindset 

128: Weight loss as a form of self love, body positivity and trauma

141: What is trauma and how does it manifest in our bodies? 


Life & Chicken Nuggets:

11: The importance of the feminine and flow in business and life 

13: Life is Easy 

46: Saying no, respecting yourself and staying true to you

63: Vegetable oil can kill you

64: Instant gratification is NOT hot

65: Chicken Nugget: Should I take his name?

67: Being confident in your boundaries

70: Don’t give unsolicited advice

71: Navigating Drinking during the Holidays

92: Navigating Corona Virus AKA world war 3

102: Stop expecting free shit 

122: Navigating being homesick and knowing whether friendships or romantic relationships are better for you right now

139: Is anxiety caused by low progesterone?


What’s Holding You Back From Your Dream Life & Quantum Leaping:

3: The Money Fear of Investing in Yourself 

5: The Disease of Comparisonitis

7: Why do we tear each other down?

17: JUICY EP! Being the wild feminine, living in alignment and not ego

34: This is ACTUALLY what’s stopping you from doing the work

42: How to become your Dream self!

44: What the F is Quantum Leaping?

47: Chicken nugget: Being realistic is blocking you!

Monica x

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