When You Mother Him... - Monica Yates

When You Mother Him…

BY Monica Yates

When you mother him, you aren’t trusting him to do it himself.⁠

Women ask, how do i make sure i don’t mother him when his love language is acts of service ⁠

𝙷𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚜𝚠𝚎𝚛: ⁠

It’s about the energy. it’s about are you trusting that he can do it himself, or are you already assuming that he’ll forget. ⁠

E.g. “don’t forget to do you washing” “can you put away your dishes” “you need to book in your annual doctor appointment” ⁠”remember we have dinner tonight”⁠

It’s the energy of ‘i have to look after you because if i dont, you won’t look after yourself” — that’s what mothers are for (my mum included lol. They make sure we don’t die essentially hahah) ⁠

When you are constantly reminding him of things…⁠

1) You don’t let him pursue you and lead you and ⁠
2) You are saying that he is not enough of a man to do it himself.⁠


The Lover (because you are his lover, not his mother) is the energy of ‘i get to love you, cherish you, support you, fuck you ;), honour you’. ⁠

This means that you can still do things to nurture and look after him, but the energy is different. ⁠

And just to be clear, a man loves a nurturing woman. And you can be a nurturing lover. ⁠

IT’S BECUSE YOU WANT TO. It’s because you get pleasure out of looking after him. ⁠

I love being nurturing, AND i don’t do it because i have to. I do it because i get pleasure out of it. (Plus it’s a hot dynamic that can make for a spicy sub/Dom situation later…”daddy” ;)) ⁠

If you are not trusting him to have integrity, you’ll likely mother him⁠. ⁠

If you are trusting him to be the man, and you want to support him and be warm to him, you’re likely still in the lover archetype .⁠

Grounded, secure masuline men will have integrity .. which will 100% support you in this. ⁠

So there also is a component where this mother energy can be brought out in insecure situations (FYI) ⁠

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Monica x

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