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Types of

Content included...

  • Health and wellness
  • Recipes
  • Hormone support & periods
  • Beauty and skincare
  • Monica’s advice column ‘what would Monica do?’
  • Interviews & articles
  • Interior design ideas
  • Homeware and fashion inspiration
  • Love & sex
  • Pure vibes
  • Money, magic & manifestation

The Editor

Monica loves to write, as much as she loves to talk (and we all know that’s a LOT).

In her experience, she’s found that many publications are fearful of sharing articles that may be deemed as politically incorrect. This is exactly why Monica introduced her own publication so that she could be the voice to share what many of you are thinking, but perhaps are too afraid to say at the risk of unsettling the status quo. Monica is fearless in her ambition to talk about important but taboo topics. UNEDITED is your go-to magazine for all the luxury feminine vibes without substituting educational content that will have you thinking and taking action in your life.


Love notes about the mag

How is UNEDITED different from Monica's free content *? *Free content on her Instagram & Podcast.

Firstly, the act of being able to sit down and read a magazine is a feminine practise.

It allows you to have some quality yin time by yourself, whereas listening to a podcast you’re generally on the go. You have written access to this for life so you can refer back to it. In UNEDITED, you will get exposed to other amazing men and women in the industry that align with Monica, and therefore you. You also just get more of Monica, and who doesn’t want that. You’re going to increase your vibrational frequency just by being in the energy of this magazine and you’re one step closer to manifesting everything that your heart (and pussy desires). And lastly, it’s a fucking vibe.

Calling all

Contributors & aligned brands

Write for Unedited

To write for an upcoming issue of UNEDITED or to be featured, please email your submission to: manager@monicayates.com.au

Advertise in Unedited

To advertise in UNEDITED, please email: manager@monicayates.com.au


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