Understanding Your Cycle As A Woman Will Change Your Life... - Monica Yates

Understanding Your Cycle As A Woman Will Change Your Life…

BY Monica Yates

It’s not your fault that no one has taught you about your cycle and hormones. When I was 16/17 years old, and having the worst periods of my life….my mum couldn’t tell me it was estrogen dominance and that I had low progesterone because no one taught her that. ⁠

The doctors didn’t tell me that either. ⁠

And I wanted the pain, the overflowing amount of blood, and the hate for my cycle to go away…so when the doctor told me the pill would “fix” it, I believed them. Why wouldn’t I? She is a doctor.⁠

The first pill I went on made my boobs explode and I turned into a puffa fish.⁠

The second pill, I didn’t have as many side effects until I started bleeding every 2 weeks…⁠

So then I was put onto the strongest pill. And then my cycle stopped altogether. Which at first I thought was fabulous. Until I started losing so much weight and I couldn’t control it. My body started shutting down. So finally I came off it because I knew something wasn’t right and my gut health was destroyed.⁠

about 10 months in of having no period (and thinking it was fabulous), I eventually went to a naturopath.⁠

When we did a hormone panel, I had barely any progesterone or estrogen. I was basically pre-menopausal. My naturopath couldn’t believe how low my levels were (and honestly no wonder my knee was smashed up from my ski accident…my bones wouldn’t have been pretty weak thanks to low estrogen for so long). ⁠

Your hormones are here for a reason. They are so delicately balanced for a reason.⁠
Your cycle as a woman is what keeps you healthy, strong, and glowing.⁠

When I first started reading about our cycle, I was FURIOUS that no one had taught me this.⁠

I can guarantee you, that understanding your cycle as a woman will change your life. You will feel as one with your body and you will start to see symptoms as your body talking to you.⁠

Your cycle IS your feminine energy. So healing your relationship with your cycle will influence your confidence, radiance, sensuality, and femininity.⁠

Your Perfect Period is THE program that will have you feeling all this and more.

Monica x

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