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The one supplement I recommend to everyone

BY monicayates

I’m no supplement queen. Not only should your body be able to work without supplements, but they are also just annoying to take all the time. However, there is a time and place for them. They are a great way for you to support your body during certain times.

The #1 time I’m talking about is stress. Most of us (lol let’s be real…ALL of us) spend majority of our day in fight or flight which is making our bodies pump out the hormone cortisol. Problem is, every time that you pump out cortisol you are throwing the rest of your body under the bus. I’m talking about a decrease in thyroid hormones (hello slow metabolism), increased fat storage around your middle, a crappy period or no period, disrupted sleep, inflammation and so much more.

One of the major minerals used when our body is stressed is magnesium. As your stress increases, your body secretes magnesium, making your stores depleted, which therefore stresses your body out which then requires more magnesium. See the vicious cycle?

Magnesium also has been shown to block the stress receptors in your brain which is going to mean that you aren’t stressing as much and therefore your progesterone stores won’t be so depleted!

And the best bit. Our soils are so depleted that even if you were eating sweet potato grown on an organic farm, with Budda praying on it every day and a sprinkle of fairy dust, you still wouldn’t be getting enough magnesium especially when coupled with people texting you, rushing to work, the dog barking, your boyfriend leaving the dishes in the sink and 278 emails to get to.

So. The one supplement that you should be taking every day is magnesium. But not any old magnesium as most on the shelves are full of crappy magnesium that you basically just shit out. Whilst they might be a little cheaper, they don’t actually do anything for you.

I LOVE bathing in magnesium salt baths and spraying the magnesium spray onto my body from Salt Lab and it’s helped my leg a tonne as well with recovery. The magnesium spray is also fantastic for period cramps as a fast-acting way to reduce the pain as it helped to relax the blood vessel and muscles.

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