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Bone broths: 

Meadow and Marrow

Undivided bone broth


Vital Proteins

Great Lakes


Triple Strenght Curcumin 





T432 – helps a sluggish thyroid

Alpha Venus

Cort RX

ZMST ( Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, Taurine)




Salt Lab Magnesium Oil Spray



Resilience – The Ultimate Protector


Liver Health 


Golden Grind Turmeric Latte


Gravy – I could drink this from the cup. Saves so much effort and tastes AMAZING

GOOD Fat Mayo – The only mayo in Australia without vegetable oil!

GOOD Sauce Tomato Ketchup

Fish 4 ever for canned tuna, salmon, sardines in pure olive oil (all sustainably sourced/wild) 

Good Fish for canned fish in pure olive oil (all sustainably sourced/wild) 

Hemp Seeds and Hemp seed protein


2 die 4 activated nuts 

Niulife Coconut Butter

Period Related



Natural Cycles

Cycle Essentials



Jonny Condoms

The BEST natural deodorant


Holy Mountain Glow Adaptogen Powder

Ere Perez Green Booster Serum

The BEST makeup powder brush (it’s as soft as a baby’s bottom)

Blueblocker glasses

Gentle face exfoliator

Cacao and Pink Clay Face Mask

Jane Iredale Longest Lash Mascara


Jane Iredale Bronzer 

Unplug Meditation App


The water filter that I have

Yoni Egg