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Do you struggle to orgasm or even allow the time to explore yourself?
Are you sick of being seen as ‘innocent’?
Have you stopped wanting to have sex with your partner, and/or it has become a ‘sometimes’ thing?
Was sex not talked about much in your family?
Were you told that your top was too low cut or your skirt too short?
Do you live in modern society? (hello societal conditioning)
Do you want to be feeling like a fucking QUEEN as you walk the streets?
Are you activated in your feminine, but now need to harness that sexy slut within you?
Do you want to attract manifestations out of thin air?
Do you want to attract more money so that you can have more freedom?
Do you want more pleasure in sex?
Do you want to learn the power of full body orgasmic pleasure?
Do you want to uncover your trueeeee sexual desires?
Do you have a belief that you are not loved, good enough or worthy or full body desire?
Do you want to learn about orgasmic meditation and manifestation?
Are you fucking SICK of not speaking up for what you truly desire?
Are you sick of not having a life that is TURNED ON?!


Then listen up babe ….. 


The transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir
A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination

….and baby, I’m all about that magical transformation process to turn you into gold 😉

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This container is a magic space for pleasure, discovery, connection, intimacy, creativity, femininity, power, and sexuality.

What are those sexual things that you WANT to be done or to do, but you have shame or fear or judgment around them?

This course is for the woman that wants to allow her true desires in all areas of her life to be UNLEASHED.

I see it in my clients over and over again …. they know deep down the sort of pleasure that they want in their sex life, themselves, money, work and relationships but they are too afraid to really voice it. There is a fear of judgment or abandonment that holds them back.


I’m here to tell you…that it isn’t meant to be like this. That deep pleasure that people sometimes ‘just talk about’ – you can experience that.

The wealth manifestations that come in ways better than you ever could have imagined? They are possible.

Feeling sexy in your skin and ALIVEEEEEE in the cells of your body. Also possible.

Feeling so fucking activated by your womb, and the sacred blood that runs through your temple. Also available.

Everything is AVAILABLE to you if you are OPEN to actually receiving it…money included 😉


And in order to receive it, you need to re-write your story, get rid of the shell and bask in your own sunshine. And Queen Alchemy will be your First Class travel guide.

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Queen Alchemy is for the woman that is ready to claim back her sensuality.
Is ready to fucking LOVE being a woman.
Is ready to tap into her creative, sexual energy and magical powers.
Is ready to upgrade her energetic frequency so she can be a match for her money manifestations

We will heal your wounds to allow you to feel open and free.



  • wants to enjoy having sex again
  • wants to heal her relationship with money and not have so much stress around it
  • wants to be turned on by her life
  • wants to feel sexually liberated
  • wants to attract more money into her environment
  • wants to walk around feeling juicy and alive
  • has read the books, and tried the ‘things’ but hasn’t fully embodied the work and made a real impact for herself
  • is running on empty and wants to get rid of the irritability, impatience and hypersensitivity
  • is ready to unleash the erotic version of herself
  • wants to upgrade her wealth frequency
  • wants to be supported and help in sacred queenhood during this transformation
  • wants to be celebrated for her liberation!
  • wants to uncover deeper layers of her sexually that she hasn’t seen yet
  • wants to learn about the sacred space that is held in her body
  • wants to learn how to tap into the queen and slut archetypes
  • wants to turn back ON
  • has put the work off for long enough


We are going to de-armor your Yoni, awaken Shakti and help you feel full body pleasure. ALL. THE. TIME.


  • You will no longer need to feel shame or guilt for showing off your lacy black bra through your button down


  • You will no longer need to feel as though you can’t ask for the things you want to be done to you


  • You will no longer feel like sex is just a chore, that fills a void and makes only your partner happy


  • You will no longer feel embarrassed or scared about going on first dates and what’s going to happen afterward


  • You will be owning EVERY FUCKING PART OF YOU.

When your desire is turned off and stuck, everything else starts to feel stagnant and suck too. Your heart, your body, your business, your job, your money, your yoni. We all have the desire yet too many of us are not giving ourselves the PERMISSION to feel it.

We have been taught that ‘good woman’ tame themselves. Aren’t sending nudes, feeling turned on, or showing off their lacy black bra. FUCK THAT.

Diving into your hunger and cravings for juicy-ness isn’t ‘bad’, it’s fucking NATURAL.

We are ALL sexual beings. And it’s about time that we fucking know how to use that for our ultimate power.





Babe, you’re wanting deeper levels of pleasure in every area of your life, aren’t you? The space between where you currently are, and where you want to be is creating resentment towards yourself and your sexuality…and we need to heal that ASAP.


This is a 7 week intimate and safe container and I will be taking women that feel perfect for our sacred women’s circle.


What to look forward to:


>7x 90-120 min group Zoom calls where we will be diving head first into all the juicy content for each week and creating transformations for you on the spot.
>A Sacred Facebook group where we are celebrating each other, plently of question time, supporting each others and creating the space that our ancient selves are craaaaaving
>1x 90 min 1:1 Deep Dive call for anger release, wounding, womb work
> 24/5 1:1 Voxer support
>Clearing and shadow work
>All my brain-changing reprogramming tracks to quantum leap your growth

>Energy Clearing
>Tarot Card Readings
>Embodiment practices
>Quantum leaping
>A recording of all the content so that you have life-long access to this work
>Homework for between the weekly coaching calls

Please note: you do NOT need to be in a relationship for this program. The point of the program is about your own pleasure and not being reliant on someone else 

This is a high-level program and in order to get the results, you must be willing to put in the time outside of our calls for the embodiment work so that the clearing and leveling can be altered on a cellular level, giving sustainable results. 

A brief outline of the course 

  • Week 1: Understanding sexual energy and creative energy and how it flows in our body. How to tap into it and discover where you are blocked from your childhood, parent or societal wounds. Unlocking trauma that is being stored in your body and releasing it once and for all. This release work will allow you to step into alignment and have full body freedom. You’ll notice improved hormonal balance, a new found love for your body and cycle and an increased sex drive.
  • Week 2: Money and love. How the two are connected, re-wiring our beliefs and stories about money and unlocking the door for an abundance and rich life in every aspect. Manifesting money into your life and becoming a match for an abundant life. We will uncover where you are blocked with money and releasing that as well as any fear that is combined with your money story.
  • Week 3: Tapping into our Lover, Amazon, Witch and Queen Archetypes and discovering the power in them and how to use them to unleash your sensuality. We will also heal any wounds that you have around these different archetypes so that you can feel safe in your body and living out the life of your dreams. Often things that have been passed down our lineage can hold us back from our dream life. Diving deep into the power of our Yoni, the womb, our heart, and our throat chakra. Getting clear on your deepest desires and clearing the shame out of that.
  • Week 4: Incorporating pleasure into every aspect of our life. How to feel TURNED ON every damn day and quantum leaping to be that next level erotic version of yourself. We will also discuss how your lifestyle and food can be influencing your sex drive, sensuality, libido, and abundance. We will get you living your life from a place of love and abundance so that your decisions flow and everything is easy!
  • Week 5: We will get you feeling into a state of orgasmic bliss all the time so that you are vibrating at the highest energetic frequency and attracting everything you want into your life.  We will dive deep into orgasmic meditation and how to use this to manifest everything that you desire into your life and also clearing anything blocking you from these manifestations. We will also go into orgasmic meditation so re-connect your pleasure centers and heighten your body’s sensitivity. All of this will help you to get the ultimate results in your wealth, happiness, relationships, business.
  • Week 6: Knowing your accelerators, breaks, and handbrakes so that you can unlock your body for the ultimate orgasmic pleasure not just in the bedroom but in your health, relationships, exercise, business, and bank account. We will also dive into instant manifestation and more of the universal laws so that you can receive signs from the universe, talk to the universe and have the ultimate guidance.
  • Week 7: Continuing on with money and how the taboo topics of money and sex are related. We will also link this to the connection between your vagina and confidence. How sensuality has changed for women over the eras, how past lives can affect you and the importance of safety. There are key things for a woman to be able to fully surrender and be able to receive and if, on a subconscious level you are not feeling safe (which can be from childhood trauma) then you will not be able to get to the levels of bliss in every area of your life that you want to. If you are not connected to your pussy, you also  won’t be able to unlock yourself into financial freedom.




Do I need to be in a relationship?

nope! This is all about YOU understanding and embodying your own pleasure. In fact, your partner won’t have much to do with it. HOWEVER, he/she will definitely feel and benefits 😉

How much is it? 

There are different payment options and I don’t put the price on my page otherwise you would just scroll to the bottom, and then not even think about the IMPACT this work would have on the rest of you life…right? 😉

Is it live?

Yep all the calls are live so you get alllll the juicy vibes and you’ll be coached by myself along the way. AND you’ll get recordings of all the calls to keep forever so you can go back and re-do the course whenever you want

Can any woman do it? 

Well during our discovery call i will firstly make sure that you are a fit for it and that I know you’ll get the benefit. Of course, if you’re not ready or I don’t think it’s a good fit i’m not just going to take your money and run! I take a lot of care into pointing my clients into the best direction because I have your best interest at heart. Of course, if you’re reading this page chances are that it’s going to be a great fit, however if thee is something better then i will share that suggest with you

How do I join?!
Glad you’re so excited! Firstly book in your discovery call, and then I can take your card details over the Zoom call and you’re in!

What age do I have to be? 

18+. AND you’re never too old either!


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Just a delicious taste of the results…