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Working out as a Woman Guide



Remember to say:
“and this MONEY comes back to me tenfold”

This is THE PDF that you need to be ROCKIN’ your workouts every day of the month. Too many women don’t know how to workout ina way that supports their hormones AND gets them their health goals. Whether it’s to increase their strength, tighten and tone or to lose weight…you NEED to be working with your cycle.

In each phase of our cycle, the amount of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone changes and this affects our body during workouts and with fat loss/fat gain.

I’ve put together this PDF using my friend Bailey’s BBFIT online pilates studio as I’m OBSESSED with her workouts and my body hasn’t been this strong since before my ski accident (2 years ago). Her studio has a mix of HIIT, cardio, low impact cardio, and toning pilates classes. They are super fun, NOT REPETITIVE!! and NOT BORING! (i hate boring workouts). So I’ve used her online studio to link a workout for each day of your cycle to make it SO easy for you to get the just of how to workout.

Seriously, following this method is going to have you wondering why in the world you ever worked out not synced to your cycle!

Get ready for a toned bod and a healthy relationship with exercise!

P.s. In case I didn’t make this clear — if you want to follow this guide properly, you need a subscription to BBFIT (this is not a collab or sponsored thing, I just love her studio)

NOTE: Once you have purchased the download, you need to click on the PDF name to download it 

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