The Art of Coming off Hormonal Birth Control Masterclass - Monica Yates

The Art of Coming off Hormonal Birth Control Masterclass

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“and this MONEY comes back to me tenfold”

This is for the women that wants to be more in touch with her cycle. You know deep down that you need to come off the pill don’t you? But you’re just clueless on how to do it…. Well, I’ve made this just for you. And I totally understand that you’re afraid. I have had so many of my clients in the exact same boat as you. And guess what, with me helping them, their worst nightmare (of a post-pill rebound effect) didn’t happen! This is because there is an art to coming off hormonal birth control. When your body is being controlled by something else, it really fucks up your system and if you decide on one random Tuesday morning that it’s time to come off it, your body will get seriously freaked out because now it doesn’t know what’s happening. This is a 3 month game plan for you that I give my clients that are wanting to come off the pill, all packaged up in an easy to understand and clearly laid out plan for you!