Sugar-Free Sweets Recipe eBook - Monica Yates

Sugar-Free Sweets
Recipe eBook

Recipe eBook


Remember to say:
“and this MONEY comes back to me tenfold”

Being sugar-free doesn’t mean you can’t have tasty desserts. Learn about the danger of too much fructose for the body and dive into delicious fructose-free recipes.

In this book, there are 11 fuss-free recipes that are both delicious and satiating. These desserts won’t end with a binge because they are full of satiating fat and fibre.


    • Buttery Brownies
    • Lime and Yoghurt Cake
    • Paleo Porridge
    • “French Toast”
    • Lemon Curd Tart
    • Coconut Crepes
    • Chocolate & Peppermint Cake
    • Chocolate & Maca Fudge
    • Chocolate Bark
    • Carrot Cake Muggin
    • Coconut Milk

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