How To Create Your Dream Life Masterclass - Monica Yates

How To Create Your Dream Life Masterclass

Online program


Remember to say:
“and this MONEY comes back to me tenfold”

This is a juicy masterclass that will give you everything you need to create your dream life! If you are ready to start consciously creating your dream life with flow, pleasure, + in a way that feels good and embodied in your feminine, this is the masterclass for you. You will receive a recording of the initial masterclass + a PDF with a to-do list, journal prompts, and notes.

What you’ll learn:

  • The rules that you must be following in order to become an energetic match for your desires
  • How to manifest properly
  • The law of attraction AND the law of action
  • How to work and travel at the same time
  • How to ‘pitch’ yourself to your boss to have more holidays AND working holidays
  • How to be more confident in your offerings
  • The reasons why you currently don’t have your dream life
  • money mindset work
  • Finding some of your blocks around your next level and clearing them
  • The fear of success
  • The fear of being ‘too much’
  • How dancing more will help you bring in more money
  • The importance of FUN
  • Why investing in yourself is KEY for you stepping up
  • How to light fire under your ass
  • Getting clear on what you ACTUALLY want
  • The best ways to get more into your feminine so that you can feel delicious!
  • How being in your head all the time is actually blocking you
  • Why having your dream life isn’t selfish
  • Recording + PDF booklet with chicken nuggets, homework, journal prompts, and general notes