Happy Holidays Masterclass - Monica Yates

Happy Holidays Masterclass

Online program


Remember to say:
“and this MONEY comes back to me tenfold”

I created an EPIC. Like, fucking EPIC Happy Holidays Masterclass for you as we come into a beautiful time of the year. For a lot of us, the holidays can be very triggering, stressful and just shit. And I believe that it doesn’t need to be this way. In fact, the holidays are a time that we have been blessed with to infuse with LOVE and JOY. So if you’re a little nervy going into this time…then I promise that you’re going to want this Masterclass.

If you’ve listened to my podcast and know the value that I offer, this is a chance for you to have TRANSFORMATION before the biggest “test” of your year…the holidays. Going back home is like the ultimate test, it’s a time for you to heal. This is an OPPORTUNITY for you to be ready for the holidays so that you can actually enjoy them instead of dreading them.

What we cover:

  • How to avoid getting triggered as fuck around this holiday time
  • Dealing with family members that do not understand #abundance and being in your feminine/masculine
  • How to not punch a wall with anger and stress
  • How to draw boundaries within yourself and with other people so you aren’t for example, eating mums food just to people please
  • Standing up for yourself when Uncle Joe comments on your weird “side hustle” when it’s not a fucking side hustle
  • How to handle life when mum asks why you’ve been posting so many sexy dance videos
  • Journal prompts to make sure that your day doesn’t go pear shaped and end in tears
  • A morning meditation so that you can set your day up for love and joy
  • Mantras to use to stop you from having stress breakouts
  • Why giving advice is a big NO NO