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Feme Flow Journal



Remember to say:
“and this MONEY comes back to me tenfold”

  • Do you struggle to remember to track your cycle and so you forget what day you are up to?
  • Do you not know your day of ovulation? Does your period come out of surprise?
  • Do you forget your ‘period problems’ when you go to your naturopath?

This is Feme Flow Journal is for you! It’s finally here!

The journal that we’ve all been waiting for. The most beautiful, chic, sophisticated, sexy and user-friendly period tracker. With so many apps out there, I wanted to create something that allowed you to connect back to your body and trust yourself again. Apps are great, but they often are hard to use, you can’t pick your own random symptoms (like a sore knee on day 22-24) and big multinational companies actually buy the data from the app! How fu**ed is that?!

I also want you to understand that you don’t need an app to tell you what your body is doing, nor can an app tell you what your body is doing. This is your chance to put the power back in your hands. To decode your own chart, to understand your own times of fertility/infertility and to harness the power of your period. My Feme Flow Journal is simple to use, fits in your purse and is stunning to hold and use! It encompasses my brand perfectly … feminine, sexy, strong, chic and classy AF.

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This is also available for hard copy purchase on Amazon. I’ve made it as a downloadable PDF for you too because COVID has meant that these can’t get shipped via Amazon to Australia.

Please note, you will need to print this at home and then fold it in half to make a little ‘book’. You can check out my Instagram highlight called “feme flow” to see how I fill mine out. xx


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