Have you actually ever given yourself 3 days to work on YOU? 

You are worth spending 3 days on. 

You are worth expanding. 

8th-10th November, 2019

Are you longing for the life of your dreams but you just don’t know how to get there?

Are you sick of not voicing your opinion, saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’ and not having healthy boundaries?

Do you struggle to be vulnerable and ask for help because “you’re a strong independent woman!”

Do you find that you are constantly attracting bills to pay no matter what you do? 

Are you tired of your cycle getting in the way of you being the best version of yourself 99% of the time (the 1% is us being human)?

Is your lack of confidence holding you back in your friendships, social situations, sex life and relationship? 

Do you have some childhood wounds that you haven’t yet worked on or haven’t fully cleared? 

Do you have blocks around money which stops you from investing in the things you want the most and you feel guilty AF after getting your hair done? 

Do you want to get more connected to your fierce, true feminine? 

BIG QUESTION (and a very important one) … Have you ever had consensual sex where you said ‘yes’ but you kinda wanted to say no

Are you sick of being seen as ‘innocent’? 

Was sex not talked about much in your family? 

Do you live in modern society? (hello societal conditioning)

Do you want to be feeling like a fucking QUEEN as you walk down the street? 

Do you want to attract manifestations out of thin air?

Do you want to attract more money so that you can have more freedom?

Do you want to learn the power of full body orgasmic pleasure? 

Do you have a belief that you are not loved, not good enough or worthy of full body desire? 

Are you sick of not having a life that is TURNED ON?!

Do you want to be able to fully surrender in sex so that you can feel ultimate levels of orgasmic bliss? 

This event is a magic space for pleasure, discovery, connection, intimacy, creativity, femininity, power, and sexuality.



So the conclusion I’ve come is …


If our vessel isn’t OPEN, our womb isn’t cleared, our yoni isn’t a blooming flower, then you will not be able to attract AND receive the life of your dreams. The man, money, house, health, freedom, inner peace, a good relationship with your loved ones. You might learn how to manifest and be doing all that great stuff, you might have the business coach but if your body is blocked, then you will not be able to easily achieve the life of your dreams.


If you have been listening to my podcasts, watching my stories, viewing my “lives” and reading my posts, then it’s time for more!! 



I LOVE doing things over the internet because we are all connected so I can easily tap into my clients energy via Zoom, however, there is something SO fricken magical about in-person events. 

This isn’t just an event. This is an immersion. This is the chance for you to give your higher/next level self 3 days to develop so that you can walk out of that Soho loft in NYC as your new self.



Have you actually ever given yourself 3 days to work on YOU? 

What’s that saying about how you value yourself and your future?

Do you even care about getting your dream life? 

If you don’t care, well then this event isn’t for you. But if you are serious about accessing that next level, feminine, sexy and confident version of yourself so that you are so in alignment that you’re literally manifesting out of thin air…then this is the event for you 


We haven’t made this a small event. This isn’t easy. This isn’t going to be 3 days of chill.


This is 3 days of feminine soul EXPANSION. 

I’ve spent months coming up with the embodiment practices, release work and energy clearing that will be conducted in this sacred space. 


It is safe to say, that if women are getting massive transformation in my Australian 3 hour events, then what the fuck is going to happen in 3 days. 


A lot of the blocks that you are having are so subconscious that unless you do this deep work, you won’t be able to access it and then you won’t be able to clear it so that you can have your dream life. 

Some of the things that we will be working on over the 3 days together: 

  • Getting rid of the stories that are holding you back from accessing your dream life
  • Healing wounds that you have about the feminine.  A lot of us on a subconscious level believe that the feminine is weak, airy-fairy, too emotional, not safe, pathetic, a softie (and that is bad). Obviously, these subconscious thoughts aren’t going to get you being in your feminine 
  • The balance between the feminine and masculine especially in this modern world
  • How to ignite the fire in your core WHILST being in the feminine 
  • Embodiment work to help you release the pain and trauma that you are holding onto and to step into your aligned and magnetic feminine self 
  • Manifestation practices so that you can learn how to properly manifest and call in the things that you’d like to have 
  • Creating massive and rapid change in your mindset so the things that are holding you back will be gone
  • Working on triggers that stop you from speaking up and feeling strong and safe in situations 
  • Letting go of childhood and societal conditioning that you probably aren’t even aware of 
  • Journaling to help you get into the darkest and deepest layers of yourself 
  • Visualisation practises to help you tap into blocks and clear them for good 
  • Throat chakra work to help you open your voice and feel safe to speak your truth
  • Womb activation to get rid of any trauma (and you have trauma that you aren’t aware of, trust me) 
  • Healing the wounds that you have in-relation to different archetypes
  • Working on communication especially with men 
  • Understanding your cycle so that you can biohack your life for the ultimate productivity and power 
  • Healing your relationship with money. We will spend a lot of time on money and understanding the energy around money. We will also reprogram your mind so that you can be attracting in massive abundance as you manifest from your subconscious 
  • We will be doing burning ceremonies to really release what you want to release 
  • How money and sex is combined and making sure that it is the ultimate combination for the life that you want to be living 
  • Sisterhood wounding and healing those wounds that we have from the schoolyard bitches
  • Getting in touch with your cycle and harnessing its power. We will be clearing shame around your cycle so that you can be a fully feminine embodied woman 
  • Self confidence and loving the SHIT out of yourself so that you aren’t just confident at home but also in public and when meeting new people 
  • How to live your life in flow so that you are out of your head and operating from your womb and heart 
  • Quantum leaping work. I will take you through a quantum leaping process so that you can condense time and get everything you want NOW 
  • Breath work to help you to get into your body and feel into things that are being stored in your body that you aren’t even aware of 
  • Sexual energy work to help you to open up to the greatest amounts of orgasmic bliss possible! 
  • Understanding what actually is orgasmic energy and how to have the greatest orgasms of your LIFE. 
  • Tantric practises to awaken your sexual energy fo the ultimate bliss state and manifetation 



This event isn’t a small event where you will then need to take 1045688 courses to clear the shit. I’m helping you to not only find the blocks but also get rid of them. 


A FULL TRANSFORMATION will take place!

Because this is a 3 day event, you are heavily immersed in my magic and therefore your brain isn’t going to be able to just fall back into where it was. If you’ve been to one of my events before or worked with me before, you know that I don’t let you be lazy during this process and I support you into stepping the fuck up and not self sabotaging.


AND GUESS WHAT. I have added a super sexy and exciting segment into day 2 of the program. I am bringing in my friends Dom and Byran, who were on the JUICY AF podcast ep 30 to come and speak about what they LOVEEEE! About women in their feminine and what TURNS THEM ON about the feminine. 

A lot of women find it so healing and helpful for a man to talk about the feminine and it gives them some permission to actually surrender into it when they understand what men are thinking about women in the feminine vs women in their masculine. You’d be surprised how healing this segment will be. 

So hold onto your panties…because these men will have you orgasming in your seat. Just saying…


This is for ALL women – if you are under 18, you just need parental permission in a written letter. There is NO age limit. This is for everyone.


If you have been feeling stuck, lost or you just want that next level so badly then this is for you! 

This is for the woman that: 

  • Wants something greater for herself 
  • Doesn’t believe she deserves to spend money on herself
  • Wants the dream life but no one believes in her
  • Has tried all the things and nothing has worked 
  • Is constantly overthinking every fucking thing
  • Is a god damn perfectionist and it’s sometimes really fucking annoying 
  • Her relationship is struggling and she doesn’t know why 
  • The men that she attracts don’t make her feel cherished 
  • She is always trying to control everything 
  • She wears the pants in her relationship 
  • Can only have quick orgasms and generally with a lot of stimulation 
  • Isn’t confident in new situations 
  • Thinks she’s “not enough” 
  • Has any sort of period issues or fertility issues 
  • Is ready to be open to other ways of healing 
  • Wants a deep immersive experience where she feels safe to fully let herself go into the spaces her mind doesn’t want her to go into 
  • Has been following me for a while and is ready for something more 


After these magical 3 days, you will walk out as a next level version of yourself. You will have had an energetic upgrade in your mind, body, womb and soul and belong to a community of wonderful women. 


You will have made new friends that are totally down for the woo-woo talk and soul chats. You will be feeling more connected to your body than ever before and you’ll be out of your head! 



This event is about holding a powerful and safe energetic space for you to feel supported and loved by other women. The community aspect of this work is one of the largest pieces of the puzzle and I continue to be blown away how this helps and speeds up growth and healing. 

You know how you often think that you’re the only woman in the world with problem ‘x’?

Well…now you know you’re not the only one!


You get access to a new tribe where your soul will be energetically connected to other incredible, sexy and inspirational women.

So many of us crave that ‘tribe’ where our souls feel connected, heard and held and now you get that AND an epic feminine expansion.


NOW is the time for you to invest in YOURSELF so that you can change and uplevel. Don’t expect yourself to expand if you’re not willing to take the action. 

If not now, then when? 



 (P.S I’m NOT doing an Australian version of this) 



What the days will look like: 


NYC WELLNESS event new york city hormones women femininity periods cycle empowerment sensuality healing womb



  • Cliqk Studios in Soho, NYC
  • November, Friday 8th: 8am-7pm 
  • November, Saturday 9th: 8am-7pm 
  • November, Sunday 10th: 7am-5pm 
  • Lunch and snacks will be provided by Springbone (healthy as healthy can be) 
  • All you need to bring is yourself! 



I have work on those dates! 

Ask your work if you can take it off for staff development. 

Think how this will help you show up better for your work, be more productive, be more magnetic, be more excited to come to work, and how this will help the company! They may even pay for you as it is ‘staff development/training’. When you pay, you’ll get a receipt with my ABN/ANC on it so you can run it through your business. My company name is Monica Yates Health Pty Ltd


I don’t live in America, can I come? 


Yes of course!! Everyone can come! Also, my manager will be organizing an Airbnb if enough international people come so that you can all stay together! The dates of the Airbnb will be 7th-11th and this will be an extra cost. If you are interested in this, please send an email to manager@monicayates.com.au and Shelby will get back to you asap 


I have special dietary requirements, is that okay? 

Ummmm babe I’m the fucking QUEEN of dietary requirements. All the food is completly gluten free, dairy free, vegetable oil free and sugar free. Check out Springbone for the catering. If you’re Vegan or Vego please us know and we will have a vegan option for you. Please email manager@monicayates.com.au 


Is this different from your Australian events? 

Yes very different. The Aussie events are a great ‘tasters’ of my work and although we get deep, you aren’t immersed in this work for 3 days straight. Because of this, a lot of people just flop back into their regular life after the events. The key thing with the NYC event, is that you have 3 days of doing SO MUCH work. That’s 33 hours of work! Imagine the results after 33 hours of work!! 


This is the best bang for your buck. If you really want to break it down, you are paying about USD33.67/hour for this work. Talk about #abundance ! 


The aussie events also don’t include about 98% of the things we are doing in NYC 



I’ve done a past round of your Mastermind/Queen Alchemy/Academy, will I still benefit? 

Um YES! The smartest and richest people in the world never say that they already know everything. If you’re a past client, you know that when you go back and re-watch a recording from our session, you pick up new things. The same rules apply for this. Also the mastermind is an online course – this is in person so even MORE magic and expansion is going to happen



I’ve never flown overseas so I’m a bit nervous! 

I got you girl! Make sure you join the FB page (link here) and you can see what flights other girls are catching or bring a friend! What a fucking fun holiday!!! 


I’m coming alone and I’m nervy! 


Again, hop onto the FB group, let us know and Shelby my assistant manager will make sure that you are organised and comfortable so that you are at ease. If you need any help with choosing the location of your accommodation, how to get there from JFK, then we are more than happy to help 


How do I get there, where’s the best place to stay, what airport? 


Okay so depending on where you’re flying from, if you’re Australia you need to fly to LAX and then JFK which is the airport in NYC. You’re best to book a flight all the way to NYC so that it’s connecting and that will save the stress. Make sure you ask people for any help on the plane with how to transfer however there are a million and one signs and keep a look out at the start of November as we will send out a tutorial of how to transfer from LAX to JFK to all ticket holders. 


Once you buy your tickets, you will get a lot of information about your travel aangements

Is food included? 

Yes! We have Springbone catering (Duh who else). There will be bone broth on tap, elixirs in the arvo, healthy treats with adaptogens and music to keep the vibes up. DW no one is falling asleep on my watch. 

Breakfast is NOT included, and Dinner is NOT included unless you get the VIM pack and then you will get a beautiful dinner on Sunday night + massage/hair/makeup 


Will you be doing one of these in Australia soon? 

Honestly I have no plans of coming back to Australia. I’m manifesting my Greencard so that I can stay in the US after the event. If this is calling you, I would do what it takes to get there. 


Got other questions? Send an email to manager@monicayates.com.au 


Investment options: 

Smart woman tickets (closes 31st August): USD1111 as full payment or USD122/week for 10 weeks as a payment plan 

Late to the party tickets (tickets bought after 31st August): USD1555 as full payment or USD166/week for 10 weeks as a payment plan

VIM (Very Important Woman) option: USD2222 as full payment or USD566/week for 4 weeks as a payment plan 

If you are on a payment plan, please note that every day there is a failed payment due to insuffient funds, your card will be charged USD11 

Please note, this will be the lowest price 3 day event i’ll ever do so don’t hold yourself back 

Refunds not available and by purchasing a ticket you agree to this.

NYC Feminine as F*ck Smart Woman Full Payment
Smart woman tickets (closes 31st August): USD1111 as full payment Inclusions:
  • A super healthy lunch everyday at the event, adaptogenic snacks and elixirs, bone broth on tap
  • Boujee AF gift bag on arrival
  • FB group access
Please note, prices are in USD
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Very Important Woman NYC Feminine as F*ck Full Payment
VIM (Very Important Woman) option: USD2222 as full payment Includes:
  • A Boujee orgasmic dinner for all your senses on the 10th November at ABC Kitchen
  • Opportunity to network with other amazing women and build soul connections
  • Front row seating at the event
  • A special welcome pack to make your 3 days as high-vibe as possible
  • Massage after the third day before dinner
  • Your hair and makeup done by all-natural, non-toxic makeup artists before dinner
  • A super healthy lunch everyday at the event, adaptogenic snacks and elixirs, bone broth on tap
  • FB group access
Prices in USD
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NYC Feminine as F*ck Live Smart Woman Payment Plan
Smart woman tickets (closes 31st August): USD122/week for 10 weeks as a payment plan  Inclusions:
  • A super healthy lunch every day at the event, adaptogenic snacks and elixirs, bone broth on tap
  • Boujee AF gift bag on arrival
  • FB group access
Please note, for everyday that a payment fails for your payment plan, you'll be charged USD11 so make sure you have a calendar reminder to load funds Prices in USD
$122.00/week X 10
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Very Important Woman NYC Feminine as Fuck Payment Plan
VIM (Very Important Woman) option: USD566/week for 4 weeks as a payment plan  Includes:
  • A Boujee orgasmic dinner for all your senses on the 10th November at ABC Kitchen
  • Opportunity to network with other amazing women and build soul connections
  • Front row seating at the event
  • A special welcome pack to make your 3 days as high-vibe as possible
  • Massage after the third day before dinner
  • Your hair and makeup done by all-natural, non-toxic makeup artists before dinner
  • A super healthy lunch every day at the event, adaptogenic snacks and elixirs, bone broth on tap
  • FB group access
Prices in USD
$566.00/week X 4
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