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Women's life coaching

Embody the feminine woman you were born to be.

I’m glad you landed here…

You found me for a reason, and clearly, you are interested in being a 1:1 client of mine. I’m excited for you!
Just landed on this page and reading it, is the start of a new chapter for you. The clients that I work with are people (both men and women) that are ready for more.

They are sick of constantly being held back by the same shit all the time, their patterns are now old fucking news and they just want to have mind, body, and soul freedom.

My clients are ones that are READY to show up, dive deep and give it 100% effort, for INSANE results. My coaching is not for the faint-hearted FYI.

I’m not just giving you mediations and journal prompts. Our calls do not consist of 60 mins of talking our your problems and me asking you “and how does that make you feel?”


No…instead we are using DEEP modalities that I have made up myself (my Monica Modalities) to get your body out of your trauma cycles. These situations that you are continuously finding yourself in are not going to be fixed by a meditation. They WILL be fixed by deep somatic work.

We will be getting your body out of the trauma loop, reprogramming your nervous system, and re-wiring your whole being.

You will find yourself no longer being triggered by things, you’ll finally be living your life day-to-day without these constant things reeing their ugly head and you won’t even need to tell them to be quiet.

it will feel like magic, and you’ll be messaging me saying “Monica, WTF I just realized today I went and did “x” and usually I would get triggered by ‘Y’ and I didn’t! and I only realized right on because it didn’t even cross my mind during the situation!”

….It really does feel like magic. For both you and I.

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Stop telling yourself all the bullshit each day.

Stop living a life that you’re not 100% happy with….

You’re here to do bigger things, and I can help you get there. 

I’ve been through it all. And as a result of my journey, I also know how to  fix the problem for good. No fluffy stuff over here. Let’s pull back the layers of your onion and actually get to the shit. 

YOU need to say F*CK YES to yourself.

I remember being in a place that my soul wasn’t 100% happy with. I wasn’t loving the shit out of my body, I wasn’t confident in the bedroom, I wasn’t knowing how to properly work through my thoughts and gain clarity, and I wasn’t allowing my feminineenergy to come through me. I was basically fighting against my core. And it was painful as hell.

All my shit from my childhood was holding me back in my relationships, I was always reactive about things and I shut down my emotions because I deemed them as ‘weak.’ I didn’t even realize how suppressed and unhappy I was until I could look back on it all.

It took an ex-boyfriend saying to me “you’re such a cold bitch” for me to finally look at myself and realize that just because I had a good upbringing,  didn’t mean that I didn’t have trauma. In fact, I’d done such a good job of suppressing all the things that happened as a child and teenager, that I was blissfully unaware of my trauma. I just had a fabulous mask and I thought that the tougher I was, the better I was.


So I went on my journey of somatic healing and finally came home to myself as a feminine, warm, soft, and emotional woman. Doing this open up my gifts that I now get to share with the world as I continue to change lives in ways I’ve not seen anyone else do.

And I’m grateful that I have the chance to do the same for you

I'm a master of trauma healing, embodiment and re-coding for men and women

If you’re ready to love your cycle, improve your sex life, live a life that turns you on, release deeeeep trauma, break through your barriers and be confident AF…then I’m your woman!

If my clients get results in just one session, I can’t wait for you to see your results after multiple sessions!

I’m here to inspire, guide, and help you correct your behaviors that are causing your concerns and get you BACK ON TRACK to living the life you deserve!

Whether you are a business owner and wanting MORE for yourself, or you just are sick of your own shit, I’m your woman.

Please note, working with me 1:1 is an investment of money and time. Depending on the package, prices range from USD11 – 25K. If you are not wanting to face your things, let down your walls and never be triggered by your past again, then this container is not for you. You *must* be ready to step out of your victimhood and comfort zone. 

If you are not ready to make such a deep commitment to yourself, I recommend looking at my other group programs or online courses  

Examples of things my clients fully heal from (as in they are NOT triggered by it at all. They do not have to tell themselves to calm down, or do a certain breathing technique to get out of a panic attack. I do not just give tools, I actually make the pain and triggers go away)

  • Drug addiction and abuse from family members and/or themselves
  • Alcoholism from family members and abuse that came with it
  • Rape and any level of sexual assault
  • Emotionally unavailable parents
  • Emotional neglect as a child or at any stage of your life
  • Avoidant or anxious tendencies now and/or as a child
  • Death of loved ones and how that affects you now
  • Being ‘cold’ and struggling to soften, let people in and be vulnerable
  • Painful sex, or a fear of being intimate
  • Eating disorders and negative relationship with food
  • Religious trauma
  • Bullying
  • Painful periods
  • Miscarriages and abortions
  • Communication and being able to speak your truth in any and all situations
  • Fears of rejection and/or abandonment
  • Anxiety of any sort
  • Constant reoccurring dreams
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Period problems of any kind
  • Always being in a fight or flight response. Being stressed all the time, overwhelmed, fear of not doing enough
  • Being very reactive, quick to explode, or be aggressive
  • Partners that have cheated, broken your heart, lied to you, manipulated you
  • Controlling partners or parents
  • Abuse of any kind (physical, emotional, mental)
  • Being addicted to the hustle with your business
  • Feeling like you have ‘block’s in your business that’s stopping you from getting to your next level
  • Scarcity around money
  • Accidents of any kind (car accidents, ski accidents, bike, horse riding, etc…any kind of physical accident that makes you nervous to go and do the same thing again)
  • Skin issues (rashes, constant flare-ups, acne)
  • Body image issues
    and so much more


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Monica's 1:1 spots are currently booked up.

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