Witch Womb Wisdom Program - Monica Yates

Witch Womb Wisdom

We can all tap into our inner witch and work with the elements to amplify our manifestations. In WWW, you’ll get access to everything you need to start embracing your witchy side.


A witchy program that doesn’t require you to have to wear a tonne of eyeliner and chant under the moon if you don’t want. You can be a witch just because you are a woman.

We all have a witch within us. And the more that we connect to her when we feel called, the deeper our connection to the feminine becomes.

And from this place… everything is possible.

Welcome witch...

Welcome to a program where obsessing over the moon and talking about the tarot cards you pull this morning is considered normal.

Where money is praised and crystals are shared.

Where magic isn’t ‘woo woo’ but rather just the norm.

This is a special container for those women that are being called to something deeper.

A deeper connection to the universe, to their own feminine and to heal the wound their past self have carried towards the masculine.

Do you want to learn how to manifest everything that you want in your life so that you can flow and trust knowing that it is yours?

Do you want to connect to the side of you that is into magic?

Do you want to learn how to read tarot cards so that you can get guidance from the universe at the tip of your fingers?

Do you want to get witchy in the kitchen and access more of that creative part of you?

Do you want to heal from the fear of stepping up and really using your voice?

Are you here for something MORE but there has been a fear in you that’s been holding you back?

Are you read to step into the most aligned, magical, fun, rich, deep and feminine version of you?



Awaken your powers

You see as a feminine woman, we carry wounds from past lives and a lot of us (including moi) were witches. We healed people using mother earth and once the church came it, we will shunned for it. In HORRIBLE ways. And until you heal that wound, you will likely block yourself from all kinds of successs, speaking your truth, accessing deeper levels of yourself and trusting your intuition.

So this is the TIME for you to HEAL those wounds so that you can feel FREE within your soul, and so you don’t pass this witch wound onto your children.

With where we are in society today, healing this wound is imperative.

Reconnecting with magic is the new path we are taking.

And let me just say this loud and clear…

You do NOT need to look a certain way, dress a certain way, have certain likes/dislikes or have a witch as a grandma to be into this.

I am a modern woman that loves her NYC office, skiing and dressing up. AND I’m a witch in my own fucking way.


The incredible WWW inclusions:

  • Lifelong access to the modules, meditations, PDF, spell books, manifestation and money guides.
  • Any modules that are added in the future you’ll have access to.
  • Lifelong membership in the Facebook group witch will mean that you can stay a part of the witchy-fam forever!
  • Updated spells, potions and downloads that I get.
Ready to go?


If you are screaming YES! Then this, my Witch is just what the herbalist ordered…

Tap into your magic


Module 1

What is a Witch? (Includes: Welcome + What is a Witch? Video, Welcome the Witch ritual bath Video, What makes you a Witch? Audio, The history of witches and how to deal with the witch wound audio, Module 1 PDF)

Module 2

Remembering yourself. (Includes: ⚡️Remembering yourself and reclaiming your power video, Which type of witch are you? audio, Visualisation audio, Module 2 PDF)

Module 3

Sacred ritual. (Includes: How to set your day up for the ultimate success video, How to journal and script video, Module 3 PDF, Journal prompts PDF)

Module 4

Ego vs. Intuition (Includes: The difference between your intuition and ego and how to strengthen your intuition audio, Module 4 PDF)

Module 5

Tarot teachings. (Includes: How to read a tarot spread and how to pull cards video, Pulling a spread in action video, The difference between oracle decks and tarot decks audio, How to read an oracle deck audio, Module 5 PDF, Tarot PDF, Your daily frequency spread PDF, Romantic interest spread PDF, Soul’s Calling Spread PDF)

Module 6

Candle colours and moon magic. (Includes: Moon Magic video, Moon Ritual Audio, Quick Moon Phases Guide, Module 6 PDF)

Module 7

Witch-y shit. (Includes: Protecting your energy video, How to cast a circle of protection before making your potions and spells video, How to make a magic ball video, Creating an altar video, How to use a pendulum video, Cleansing your aura colours audio, Energy is everything PDF, Module 7 PDF)

Module 8

Green magic. (Includes: Get to know your green magic audio, Herbs PDF, Elixirs PDF, Adaptogens Book link)

Module 9

Your ultimate guide for manifesting in 2020. (Includes: How to manifest for 2020 video, Guided visualisation audio, Ultimate Guide for Manifesting PDF)

Module 10

Manifesting magic. (Includes: Cleansing your oils and potions video, Energy protection video, How to perform your spells + bath rituals video, Love candle spell video, Making your money attraction oil video, Making your attraction oil video, Making your love oil video, Making your energy protection potion video, Morning Manifestation Meditation audio, Purification Spell, Calling in a Lover Spell, Healing Spell, Calling in your Soulmate Spell)

Module 11

Monica’s 101 guide to money $$$. (Includes: Money Foundations video, Module 11 PDF, Your Manifesting Cheque, Money Mantras PDF)

Module 12

Using your blood for manifestations. (Includes: How to manifest with your blood video, The powers of the phases of your circle audio, and Phases of your cycle PDF)

Module 13

How to create your own spell. (Includes: How to create your own spell video, Goodbye video, How to create your own spell PDF)



What's your refund policy?

This agreement has no cancellation policy. WHY? Because this is about commitment, dedication and action. Moncia shows up with 100% commitment and it is up to you to take action to get the results. Often we have backdoors in other courses and areas of our lives which means that fear allows us to not stand in our power and take action, and as a result we don’t get the value we want. If we have security blankets, we too often use them which is why we don’t see results. If you have in the back of your mind that a refund is available, chances are you won’t put in your full effort.