Witch Wisdom Sessions

A 90 min 1:1 session via Zoom. It’s a chance for you to get a taste of my coaching and have massive and deep transformation in a short amount of time. Don’t be fooled by the short amount of time, clients have had incredible results from just 1 session.

I don’t normally offer 1-off sessions, but I understand that you may want a taste of my medicine before you buy the whole bottle.


I want a Witch Wisdom Session!


How they work

You will book in your call, fill in the form with as much detail and then as then be prepared dive deep, FAST, on the call when we hop on!

So these Witch Wisdom sessions are for ONLY TWO WOMEN PER MONTH

There is no obligation to do any coaching with me after and we can work on whatever you want to work on!

The WWS are 90 mins and $555

What we can do in it...

Obviously we can’t fit in EVERYTHING…

But here are SOME of the things we can do:

Trauma release

Childhood wounding

Your business

Feminine/Masculine energy healing

Energetic shifting

Releasing blocks in your body

Muscle testing

Oracle and tarot card readings


Periods/ Hormonal balance

Your relationship with food



Your passion and purpose

Your relationships

Being open and vulnerable

Opening your heart and throat chakra



Money mindset



Self love

Boundaries and people pleasing

Reprogramming your brain for optimal results

Reducing stress

Healing your relationship with sex and orgasms

Increasing your energetic vibration


Witch Wisdom Sessions


A taste of the medicine...


I'm ready book in

a Witch Wisdom Session

with Monica.


“And this comes back to me 10 fold.”