Turning Off Your Period Problems – Monica Yates

Turning Off Your Period Problems

Mother Nature didn’t intend for your period to be horrible.
You aren’t meant to be in physical, mental or emotional pain each month.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’ve gotten your period for the first time and you and all your friends complain about it. You hate getting it.

You are told all the cramps, bloating and mood swings are ‘normal.”

You get sick of having to deal with it, so your doctor tells to you go on the pill to ‘regulate’ your cycle. Then you can skip it when you want too! #winning

Most of the time, you hate being a woman. Men have it so easy don’t they?

Now, you’ve either realised the negative impact the pill has had on you, you don’t want to go on the pill, or you are struggling after coming off the pill.

Sounds about right?

Truth is you have the power  to love your period. 

You have the right to love being a woman.

You have the right to NOT have discomfort each month.

And you sure as hell have the right to learn this stuff for life.

So, do you want to join me to understanding your period problems and fixing them? You have the power to change your cycle for the better…or leave it as it…

I want it!


Turning off your Period Problems is a juicy and exciting transmission for women that are ready to take ownership of their divine cycle and hold space for the beauty of what’s about to unfold…

We live in a society where it is considered ‘normal’ to have PMS, bloating and moodiness.

What if we made having a period fun again? (sounds dreamy hey?)

What have you been putting off because you felt too bloated, moody, or tired?

In Turning Off your Period Problems, you’ll get rid of these shitty symptoms and get back to feeling hot, sexy, & vital!

Turning Off Your Period Problems is your blueprint to learn the ropes of reading your monthly report card… and fixing it for life.

This special program will not be offered at this low price again…

Maybe you’re wondering, “Do I really need this?”

Maybe you’re wondering if investing in your health is really worth it?

I know that you are already familiar with my approach to the way I cover material. My material and approach to learning isn’t found elsewhere and I will  personally ensure that you get the level of support needed to reach vitality.

Limited spots available.

The average woman has about 450 periods in her life – that’s 450 chances to benefit off your period, or 450 chances to suffer. Now is the time to make sure you’re getting the spiritual and emotional benefits of each and every sacred bleed. You’ll be able to share what you learn with your daughters, friends, & family.

Be one of the few women who learns to…

Read her monthly report card

Self diagnose what her period is telling her

Understand her cycle

Connect back to her body

How to start to love her cycle

Uncover the ROOT cause of her period problems

Fix the ROOT cause of her period problems

Avoid PCOS, Endo and fibroids OR put her PCOS, Endo or fibroids into remission

Reduce her heavy flow

Know her signs and signals from her body


When you join this sacred group of ladies as I guide you through getting rid of your period problems, you will get lifetime access to this course. So all updates as the years go on (include price increases) won’t matter, because you’ll still have access!

They say knowledge is power. But it’s not really if you don’t do anything with it. This course will bring you actionable steps and I’ll be holding you accountable so you will learn about your period for life and your future daughter will be well informed 😉

Sign me up baby!