The Feminine CEO (Previously BABA) - Monica Yates

The Feminine CEO (Previously BABA)

What if creating the business and life of your dreams got to be the most delicious, juicy and orgasmic thing you do every day?


Are you a woman that is wanting to step up as a successful business owner?

You’ve done the degree or certificate but you are stuck as fuck with what to do next?

Or maybe you’ve tried and tried and tried and you’re about to have a mental breakdown because you don’t know how the fuck to have a successful fully booked business?

Are you dreaming of your future life but you don’t even know how to do the ‘inspired action’ part?

Do you feel like you’re hustling instead of FLOWINGGGGGG? So you feel stressed, bogged down and everything feels HARD. When you wanna be soft, feminine and in-flow? With a touch of fierce, sex and sass of course!

Do you want to be able to tap out of your masculine work day and into your feminine when you get home to your man?

Do you have money blocks? Because if you do, this is going to stop you in sales!

Are you struggling to fully step into your confidence which is ultimately slowing you down in business?

Are you struggling to manifest the things you desire?

Does your inner bitch often get pretty fucking loud in your head and it stops you in business?

Do you know who your ideal client is but have no idea how to attract them to your work?

Do you know the transformation you want to help your client experience, however you don’t know how to actually deliver it in a powerful way?

Do you not know how to best price your offerings?

Do you get engagement from your content but don’t know how to invite them to a discovery call without sounding “sales-y”?

Are you able to get them into the discovery call but you can’t seem to turn them into paying clients?

Do you know what content to create but you are still not able to FULLY 100% stand in your power online?

Do you struggle to protect your energy and so you often burn out?

Do you feel as though you sometimes hold back when you are with clients because you are afraid of stepping into your power or you are triggered a bit?

Do you feel as though you get clients to the discovery call, but then can’t book them?

Well babe, you've come to the perfect place.


What if creating the business and life of your dreams got to be the most delicious, juicy and orgasmic thing you do every day?



What is the fucking point of having a successful business if you are having shit sex, you aren’t seeing your friends, you’re stressed more often than not and you are on the verge of burn out?





We are doing this all from a place of flow, feminine energy, pleasure, and the heart space. Oh and a bit of fire, sass, and spice – because it’s Me 😉

Women are exhausted with the idea that in order to be successful you have to kill yourself doing so. I tried that, and I didn’t get me far. I am about using our SUPERPOWERS as women to have the SAME amount of success as men but in our own magical way.

So, enter The Feminine CEO...

Running a business isn’t just strategy and systems. It’s also energetics, confidence, speaking your truth, showing up and getting over your fear of rejection. 

After 4 years of growing a very successful business for myself whilst also creating the life of my dreams, I know a thing or two about what makes people truly successful.

The reality is that having your own business isn’t for everyone, but I know that you have that burning desire, hence you’re reading this. 

You’re in the right place. 

The Feminine CEO is for the women that are wanting to build a brand, company, career for themselves without having to surface their feminine desires to have a thriving relationship, be able to connect with their friends regularly, go to pilates at 11am on a Tuesday, walk around the park during a workday ‘just because’ and be able to take work off on the first day of her period. 


A successful business where you can choose your own hours, take holidays when you wants, live an abundant lifestyle and love every day.

Manifesting and receiving everything you want in life, not just in your business

Working from Europe for 3 weeks, just because!

Being a client attractor and having a constant flow, so that you’re not stressing about money or worrying about having ‘enough’ clients.

Being so fucking embodied in your work that you just BEAMS integrity and is a magnet as a result

Having all the confidence so you can sit in your authentic power as a feminine leader


Being inflow, whilst seeing incredible results in your business and your life

The freedom of letting go of the ‘push push push’ mentality because it’s FUCKING EXHAUSTING

Releasing the trauma from your body to clear herself so you can attract and receive

Reprogramming your mindset and boosting your strategy around sales in a way that FEELS good and doesn’t feel like manipulation or “dirty-sales”

Knowing your true value and worth so that you can really deliver and sell your services authentically and in a powerful way

Having kick up the ass and a coach who is nurturing when needed, and calls you out on your shit 😉 aka, Moi!


If you want to MASTER the feminine flow, and masculine container in your business so things feel effortless and delicious for the REST of your business life, then this is for you.
If you want to be in Monica’s fire-y, magnetic and luxury energy, then this is for you.

If you want to create a dream coaching/services business then this is for YOU.

If you want to step into UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE, then this is for you.


If you do not clear your trauma, you will not feel safe to be bold in your business

So here’s the thing…

I’m not here to tell you: 

  • You can make 100K in 3 days
  • That growing your business is easy
  • That everyone can be successful
  • That you just need the right strategy

because that’s a load of bull shit


  • That you need to be willing to do what it takes to succeed
  • That you need to heal and relearn how we’ve been taught to achieve success
  • That quickly growing a business doesn’t mean it’s sustainable
Because I didn't grow a multiple 7 figure business over night. In my first year of business I made 40K (AUD)/27K (USD). But in my second, I made 600K(AUD)/$400K (USD). And then I made a million in a year, then i saw a million in my account, and then I started making 100K a month and that being my 'normal.'...


You have a choice… You can stay exactly where you are, or take this calling seriously and build an incredible life from it.

Clear all the blocks that you didn’t even realise were holding you back in your business so that you can be the most magnetic leader

Feel confident in your offerings and learn how to show up from a place of unwavering value and impact so that you can have your business being sold out and your waitlist is FULL.

Get hands-on, personalized help with the use of your 1:1 time with  Monica so that you can grow your business in a feminine way that feels good and nourishes your soul

Get access to a tonne of binge-worthy content about marketing, PR, sales, contracts, hiring, feminine/masculine business, confidence, photoshoots, social media, content, etc.

Embody what it means and looks like to be a feminine business-women where making money is easy, pleasure is your priority and your clients are waiting at the doorstep

What to look forward to:


  • 68 pre-recorded videos with all the energy from Monica’s travels around the world. These can be watches AS SOON as you enroll!
  • A private Telegram group for you to ask Monica questions, get her feedback and have the amazing soul-sister support that we are all craving!
  • ACCESS FOR LIFE to the portal. This means that any extra videos I add in future rounds (which will 100% happen, you guys will get them for no extra cost)
  • 3 LIVE 60-90 min Q+A/Healing calls during the 3 months. These are monthly and  we will be doing; throat chakra healing so you can speak your truth, heart-healing to open your heart to receive, clearing any money trauma so you can receive all the money and clients, eliminating fears around your business and success, clearing fears about being ‘seen’, drawing boundaries and honouring your own needs, stepping into your personal power and not letting the fear of being seen hold you back, manifestation practises to call in your dream clients, hot-seat coaching for ALL the q+a time, business advice, and embodiment practises so that you are shifting any stuck energy that could be blocking you in your biz. (Previous BABA clients can join these calls for $197)
  • 1:1 45 minute call with me to answer all your business questions and to give you personalised business advice based on your struggles and goals.




Everything in the regular PLUS….

  • The next round of Queen Alchemy!
  • 2 Extra 1:1’s
  • Email support during the 3 months
  • Voxer support 24/5 so I’m in your pocket for 3 months!
  • Feedback on your sales pages
  • Deeper levels of healing and trauma work so that you are really in alignment and NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING is holding you back
  • (P.s. if you’ve done Queen Alchemy but you are wanting more 1:1’s and not just the regular, please email me!)
If you are feeling the pull, then listen to that! Make the intuitive decision and trust your womb wisdom as she is ALWAYS right. Her power is explosive, which you are about to learn about!


We will be covering over the 3 months:


Unsure if this is for you?

Here are some podcast episodes to give you a taste of what it’s like to work with Monica:

29: Fiery feminine power in life and business

37: Business Q+A for the 250K mark

52: The rules successful people follow

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55: Your Debt can be Expansive + other Money and Manifestation Nuggets

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82: For all those that work for themselves – You have a real job

86: The importance of masculine structure in a feminine business

96: Let’s NAIL the energy and frequency of money shall we?

109: Feminine Energy as a #girlboss CEO

110: Why my business isn’t my #1 priority. #SCANDAL! | Business burnout, is your business wrecking your hormones, sex and business

111: How I made a million dollars | feminine business, business strategy, energetic business

113: Boundaries and business, hiring people, creating a team, drawing boundaries, not diving discounts

118: Soul money VS Ego money

127:How to protect your Instagram, personal security and how private is our information?

129: The Line Between Manifesting and Overspending In Your Business

130: Adding pleasure to your business and standing out in a sea of businesses + getting over procrastination, what to do when you aren’t getting clients and children & trauma

142: Why money is an embodied experience

144: Being wealthy as f*ck in life and business

145: How to stay your feminine when you’re feeling stressed in business

166: Honouring your feminine energy as a business owner

167: How I went from $200 a month to $60,000 a month with Olivia Marie

168: Be the queen of your own life with Marina Shiferman | Real estate and empowering women

169: The secret to finding balance when owning a business with your partner, with Mackalyn Rykers

170: Why passion in business is everything with Jenna Doherty | Feminine pleasure and manifestations

171: How creating a 5 year plan could actually be limiting yourself and your business with Gabby Flegg

172: Growing a business isn’t just meditation & masturbation, you have to work hard too. | Breaking down the IG illusions, real talk and the personality traits you need for success

173: The fundamentals of feminine energy | Receivership, pleasure & being magnetic AF in life & biz

193: How understanding the opposite sex will help you get further in your career




How does it work?

So as soon as you enroll, you will get access to ALL 50+ lessons for you to start binge-watching ASAP (cue: popcorn!). Then from September we will have the live calls where we will be doing throat chakra healing so you can speak your truth, heart-healing to open your heart to receive, clearing any money trauma so you can receive all the money and clients, eliminating fears around your business and success, clearing fears about being ‘seen’, drawing boundaries and honoring your own needs, stepping into your personal power and not letting the fear of being seen hold you back, manifestation practises to call in your dream clients, hot-seat coaching for ALL the q+a time and personalised business advice, and embodiment practises so that you are shifting any stuck energy that could be blocking you in your biz. If you are a VIW client, you will also get the next round of Queen Alchemy  PLUS your 3 1:1’s to be using within the 3 months of The Feminine CEO.

When will the calls be held?

The calls will be held at 4pm EDT once a month for 3 months.

4:00pm Thursday, September 29, 2022

4:00pm Thursday, October 27, 2022

4:00pm Wednesday, November 23, 2022

If you’re unable to join a call, you will be able to submit questions beforehand to be answered. Also, you will be able to catch up on the recording.

Please check your call times. I want to be sure you don’t miss a call, as time difference and daylight savings can be confusing AF.

If you go to, you can select the exact date and it will show the time difference and account for daylight savings.

Is this course for coaches only?

Yes and No. Obviously, the work is more tailored towards coaches/practitioners with their own business but all the content will still be relevant for other women with product-based business and I have previously worked with product-based business, artists, beauty therapists, designers, and party planners who have now, all up-leveled in their biz!

How much is it?

The program is USD$9999 all together for the regular option. (The payment plan is available for USD$3333/month for 3 months). We’ve also added an extended payment plan for USD $1800/month for 6 months. For the VIM (which you also need to enquire about) it is USD$18446. And please know, my prices are based on the VALUE of the transformation. You are worth this money and you really can’t put a price tag on your dream life! (P.s. if you’ve done Queen Alchemy but you are wanting more 1:1’s and not just the regular, please email me!)

For discovery calls – click here 

What’s different about this course to hiring a ‘business coach’?

The thing about hiring a business coach is that if you are not living in alignment and have a clear vessel, then you’ll find all the business stuff 5x harder to implement and it will likely not work!! Plus, part of doing this amazing service based work is that we get to be in flow and working from a place of intuition. However, if you aren’t working with your womb wisdom, you can’t work from intuition and everything will be a push, and you’ll keep pushing, pushing and pushing which is 1) unenjoyable and 2) doesn’t get results. This is about working in a balance of the feminine and masculine and working with inspired action, being in your power and being in flow. Also, there is seriously no magical equation for your business.

Will we learn business things?

Of course! This will be covered AFTER we have cleared your vessel, you are in alignment and confident AF. Only THEN will the business stuff be truly amazing. I did half my bachelor of Marketing, worked in social media for 2 years before I started my business and half my brain is all about the business (I get this from my dad). I’ve grown my Instagram completely by myself, authentically and you can too! Plus, you don’t need 10K followers to make 10K months, you just need highly engaged followers that love your information and the value you give.  So you’ll be getting the best of both worlds! My creative, feminine, coaching side and then my business side too. I’ll be giving you all my training and tips about how to confidently sell from a place of alignment and authenticity.

Is this course live?

It is a combo of live and pre-recorded modules. The reason why I’ve done it like this (I know it used to be all live) is because i realised a lot of the women weren’t able to get through everything before the next week’s live call and they would get overwhelmed. This way, you can work as fast/as slow as you want and focus on whats really important in your business. It also means there are no time difference issues and you can be watching whenever YOU want to learn and heal! You DO get a monthly live Q+A with me for a super deep group call. PLUS you get A LOT of the calls from previous rounds (as well as newly recorded content)  so all the vibes are there don’t worry! ?

What if I’m already feminine?

This isn’t about just being ‘feminine’. Plus more likely women that are ‘feminine’ are acting from the false or wounded feminine which isn’t what I’m about. Here, we are about the TRUE, FIERCE feminine which includes standing in your power, not being a people pleaser and speaking your truth. Are you doing all of that or are you keeping quiet to avoid confrontation?

Why did Monica create this course?

I created this course because I spent way too long believing and living out the idea that in order to be successful, I had to work like a man and hustle. Don’t yet me wrong, I LOVEEE the NYC energy of the hustle, but doing that 24/7 not only burns you out, but also makes you masculine in your relationships (so bye-bye sexy polarity), you have hormonal issues like no one’s business and you don’t feel like work is easy. Once I started doing business in my feminine, everything clicked. Selling became easy, making money became easy AND being in my feminine all the time meant I was always feeling delicious, and not exhausted.

Is there a refund policy?

No, there are no refund, cancellations or ‘changes of mind.’ This is an all-in mastermind. If you want the results, it’s up to you to put in the work, mindset and commitment. Monica shows up as 100% to every session, voice message and email. If you haven’t gotten results with other things, or had a back-door policy previously, chances are you didn’t get the results you wanted because part of your brain knew that you could just put in 50% and then get a refund. Well, you need to put in 100% and then you’ll see the incredible results.  This is a program of commitment, change and devotion. If you have a half-assed attitude, your brain will be hunting out for reasons to back out, and then you’ll never get results. Don’t be in fear, step into love and TRUST that if you want results, you will fucking get them!

Who can join this course?

This is for women only, because it is based on the biology of being a woman (aka our adrenals can’t handle the same level of stress that men can). ALL women are welcome no matter where you are from or where you live. All the calls and interactions are via the Web so you can be anywhere!

How do I join?

Jump on the waitlist to be first to know when enrolment opens. I LOVEEEE getting to know you before you dive in, so you can either DM me on Insta and we can chat and I can answer any questions you have, otherwise you can book a discovery call if you would like to have a consultation. If you are wanting the VIW package, you need to please enquire (email as I only take 3 women!

What are the group call dates for the next round of The ?

April 12th 2022 4pm EST

May 10th 2022 4pm EST

June 14th 2022 4pm EST

Ugh I really want to join but with everything happening this year I feel like it's not a good time?!

Let me ask you this, right now in the world do we need MORE authentic leaders or less? Do people need MORE support and help or less?


NOW is the BEST time to be doing this work because what’s better than creating your dream feminine business during this introverted period so that when we are all free again you have the money flowing, clients flowing and you get to ENJOY LIFE. Think about it like that. You have MORE time right now to be sitting at your laptop punching our work so that at some point this year you can be drinking Aperol spritz on the Almalfi coast 😉

I'm a previous BABA client, can I join?

I’ll be hosting 3 LIVE 60-90 min Q+A/Healing calls during the 3 months. (Previous BABA clients can join these calls for $197)

If you’d like lifetime BABA portal access, you can access for USD$5997 (split payment plan of USD$3000/month for 2 months also available)

Please note, these offerings are for past clients only and are separate offers (you’re welcome to purchase one, or both).

Fuck it, I'm in!


you can have results just like these...


I'm ready to get into my feminine,

and grow my business

in The Feminine CEO