The Female Hustlers: The Masterclass Series - Monica Yates

The Female Hustlers: The Masterclass Series

for the ambitious, unstoppable and powerful woman

An exclusive membership with more than 70 masterclasses created by powerhouse women, for other women


  • Mental health
  • Design
  • Art
  • Legal
  • Business
  • Fashion
  • Marketing
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Writing


  • Khat Brim – Beauty & Lifestyle 
  • Shauna Haider – Graphic Design 
  • Ashlyn Carter – Copywriter 
  • Desiree Kaye – Life coach 
  • Molly Grunewald – Lifestyle wedding photographer and business educator 
  • Chloe Elise – Millennial Money Coach 
  • Amber-Lee Lyons – Chakra Expert & Spiritual Mentor 
  • Tiffany Cheung – Social Media Business Coach 
  • Eliza Baucom – Illustration Artist 
  • Vianney Leigh – Life and Success Coach 
  • Ashlyn Carter – Copywriter & Marketing Strategist 
Plus so many more experts...



For less than 30 cents per day!

Monica teaches you about the power of running your business in your feminine energy so that you can avoid burnout. Plus she jams on why you need to surrender into your feminine when you get home from the office.

The energy of this class is TOP NOTCH as it was filmed in the sky in London and it will give you the inspiration and fire to start receiving in your business and stop pushing.

And not only do you get access to Monica, you also get access to over 70 other teachers that are leading the industry in health, design, fashion, business, sales, legal and marketing.

This really is a no brainer. 

In Monica’s module, she will help you to figure out why you are afraid of surrendering into your feminine, what the difference is between the feminine and masculine in business, she’ll explain the addiction we have for the stress, how to add more pleasure in your life, how society has confused us to the way in which we must show up as women. Then she will help you to understand why letting your partner lead will turn you on, allow you to have more creativity, pleasure, and attractiveness in your business, and that if your personal life is thriving, your business will be too.

What's included?

at $100/year you get access to 75 exclusive masterclasses from professional experts, additional educational resources, new content every month, access to a VIP community, connect with the amazing experts.

Mental Health: You’ll learn how to overcome feelings of insecurity towards your body, gain knowledgable tips on self care that you can start implementing today, and get insights on improving your dating life.

Sports and Nutrition: Learn about the mistakes that you’re making with your diet, how to personalise fitness can grow your personal brand, understand meal prep and nutrition and be educated about macronutrients.

Art and Design: Learn how to create a personal brand made of dreams, how to create portraits and sketch, be educated about web design, and understand the basics of creating illustrations

Writing: You’ll learn how to turn your writing passion into a profit and how to write a book. Walk away knowing how to write sales copy and nail your website copy.

Legal: Understand the legal basics to ensure your business is operating legitimately, ensure you have brand protection and know how to establish your business financial blueprint.

Business & Marketing: Get insights on strategies to spend less time on social media whilst still seeing the results, learn how to manage your business finances, and selling our your offers. Plus know everything there is to know about PR and finding your brand story!


Wow this value!


If you want to magnetise your clients, you need to be in your feminine receptivity


How do I access the courses?

It’s very simple. We use the platform Teachable, which makes it super easy to gain access to all the courses. The only thing you need to do is click on the course you would like to watch, sit back, and learn.

When can I purchase the membership?

The Female Hustlers are offering $5 off! Click HERE, select ‘apply coupon’ at the checkout and input ‘MONICA’ to redeem your discount.

How long does the membership last?

This is a one-year membership and will be able to access the video courses during this period. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

What’s included in the membership?

We are building a platform for independent, female entrepreneurs which you get to be a part of. From 70+ courses to begin with, to new content EVERY month, to a platform where you can network and share experiences, ideas, etc. with other business owners.

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