The Embodiment of Dating - Monica Yates

The Embodiment of Dating

Understand the biology of dating, and how to receive a man that leads you

do you find you experience any of this when dating….

You over analyse what you did/didn’t do on the date and mull over it in your head for 2 days

You struggle to go on dates with men that claim you, they just seem lazy instead

You get attached to quickly and feel like you are constantly being let down by man kind

Every time you meet a new guy, you wonder ‘is he the one?’

You don’t know whether to text first, how much to text him and what to say. Because you don’t want to seem too keen, but you also don’t want to have to play games

No matter how hard you try, you feel like you get sucked into these man portals and your days start to become full of anxious energy and stress

You are over things not working for you in dating. You just want it to feel easy for you and not draining

You literally find dating to be SUCH a draining experience and it makes you want to stop dating all together because of how shit it’s going

You get so confused by guys and their behaviour and wonder what to do

You find yourself looking at your phone way too much and your days are now filled with ‘why hasn’t he texted’ in your head

You keep meeting emotionally unavailable men

You do not feel grounded and secure in your experiences with men, rather anxious or avoidant.

You want to be claimed in your feminine, yet you feel like there is no man being in his masculine



dating & relationships

The thing that sucks your soul and drains your sense of self, or the experience that expands you and opens your heart.

Dating and relationships can be complex, or simple depending on your understanding of them and the way in which you show up.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve dated the good boys, the bad boys, the ones I’m not attracted to, the ones i am attracted to. I’ve tried the apps, picking up in bars, being confident and bold, and sitting back and not giving a fuck.


Over my time of being in relationships and being single, I became obsessed with understanding men, and how we are biologically different.


These differences can cause us to have major emotional pain and turmoil in our lives, OR you can use them to your benefit in helping to make dating easier.


Your biology affects the way you date more than you know. And when you feel like you can’t control it, you feel powerless, exhausted and drained. But when you learn about what’s *actually* happening when you date, and how to date in a way where you don’t lose your sense of self, sanity or safety, then life become a hell of a lot easier.

understand, embody and learn how to date for love, not lust

So you want a man that adores that hell out of you and treats you like a Queen…and you’re not having much ‘luck.’

I know that you *might* think there are ‘no good men out there,’ or you just feel like throwing in the towel, but trust me, don’t.

With a few tweaks, changes and adjustments, you’ll be feeling way more empowered, excited and secure when it comes to meeting your Prince Charming. We all deserve this kind of love, and many people settle for less. I know that your heart is CRAVING to be ravished, taken and devoured by THE man, so please do not give up. Instead, choose to come to this class and NEVER settle.


  • Tired of how everything you’ve done in the past doesn’t work
  • Confused why you keep attracting the same sort of guy?
  • Almost embarrassed by how attached you get so quickly
  • Sick of putting your eggs in one basket, almost without even knowing you’re doing it
  • Feeling hopeless and stuck about your romantic life?
  • Desiring to have a beautiful, healthy and delicious relationship ?
  • To FINALLY have the man of your dreams?
  • To feel cherished and loved by a delicious masculine man?
  • Craving to have an ACTUAL game plan so you can feel safe in your dating life?
  • Ready to take action and make a commit to yourself, to get the relationship that you want?


If you are still wanting to date half-assed men that make you feel confused and anxious, then this class is not for you.

If you are ready to go ALL IN with yourself and to truly put your heart and soul into ONLY welcoming the man of your dreams, then this class is for you, and the VIP option will take things to the next level for you.


What to look forward to

No longer being stressed out by dating

Feeling like you are in control *whilst* letting him lead

Feeling SO GOOD in not settling for less than what you want

Attracting in the man that you desire, and having the experience that your feminine heart is craving

Knowing what to do and how to interact with men to get what you want (without playing games)

Being able to be in your full feminine self, and being received by a delicious masculine man

Finally having that man and dating experience that you’ve been wanting to have

Knowing the difference between how men and women date

To feel like dating is getting you closer to The One, rather than feeling hopeless about it

In the masterclass, you will get 120+ minute of pure, dripping GOLD.

May 17th 4pm EST

I will be teaching you about:

  • How your biology can negatively impact your dating experience and make it a draining one,
  • What to do about emotionally unavailable men, how to be in receivership only,
  • How to not settle for less than what you want,
  • Having control over your anxiety and energy during this time,
  • Being able to be the FULL version of yourself and,
  • Knowing how to behave and communicate with men so that you get what you want and nothing less.

You will be getting teachings AND tools in this 2 hour class


For those the want the VIP treatment:

In you know that you are wanting more that just a masterclass with me, and the thought of having me in your pocket gives you a sigh of relief, then you need to snatch one of the 15 VIP SPACES.

This VIP option gives you 3 MONTHS of direct access to me so that you have the Monica Magic to ensure that you get the BEST results with dating or bringing the spark back into your relationship. Cause let’s do this one and do this well.

I know that you are sick to death of shitty results and you just want the man/relationship of your dreams. (Trust me, I get you babe)

So for 3 months, you can be one of the 15 women in this INTIMATE telegram where you will get my first hand expertise and help Mon-Fri.

Having this access will allow you to:

  • Get help with what to say/do in different situations you come up against
  • Support with keeping your energy grounded and centered so that you don’t slip into anxious or avoidant tendencies
  • For when you are having a minor freak out and need Monica Magic
  • Healing audio tracks from me to help keep you grounded and in your own energy whilst dating
  • Voice message and video replies from me to help you and give you tools to nail the way in which you show up with dating

The VIP option is $3333 with a payment plan option of $1166/month for 3 months (May 17th, August 17th). If you are on the waitlist, you’ll have an early bird discount for 48 hours.



Will you run this again?

I have no plans to run this again. It will be sold as a recording after the live event, however the option to join the VIP group will not continue after this launch. If you feel the pull, jump!

Will boundaries be covered in this?

No, all your boundaries needs can be found in this masterclass instead! I HIGHLY recommend having both.

What is the refund policy?

This agreement has no cancellation policy. WHY? Because this is about commitment, dedication and action. I show up with 100% commitment and it is up to you to take action to get the results. Often we have backdoors in other courses and areas of our lives which means that fear allows us to not stand in our power and take action, and as a result we don’t get the value we want. If we have security blankets, we too often use them which is why we don’t see results. If you have in the back of your mind that a refund is available, chances are you won’t put in your full effort.

If I can't come to the live call, can I watch the recording?

Yes a recording will be put into the Kajabi portal in which you have access to once you claim your spot!

Can I join this if I'm in a relationship?

Yes! If you are wanting to make your relationship better and need help in re-polarizing things so that you are feeling lead by him, then please join! I would also recommend looking at Be a Lover, Not a Mother.

How much is it?

The regular price is $333 for the masterclass, and $3333 for the VIP option (Payment plan is $1166/month for 3 months). If you are on the waitlist, you’ll have an early bird option for 48 hours (Friday 4/23 and 4/24).

When it is?

It is being held on zoom, May 17th 4pm EST. You will receive the zoom link once you purchase the masterclass or VIP option.