Strategy Session - Monica Yates

Strategy Sessions

This is a one-off session where we will have a video call and discuss all your period related questions and concerns.

Is this you?

Are you sick of having painful periods?

Are you able to go off the pill but don’t know what the hell to expect?

Are you missing your period?

Are you just fricken confused about your period?

Do you feel tired all the time? Is your hair brittle? are you always cold?

Is your period always really heavy or full of blood clots?

Do you get sore boobs?

Do you have PMDD, PMS or PMT?

Are your cravings redic around your period?

Do you get hormonal acne or other skin conditions?

Migraines? Low libido?

Low or high estrogen?

Are you always stressed? Anxious? Feeling ‘on edge’ or having mini breakdowns?

Do you need help understanding prenatal and postnatal nutrition

Are you struggling to get pregnant?

Do you think you have emotional blockages in regards to your cycle and being a woman?

Do you struggle to connect with your feminine side?

So many of you beautiful women send me questions daily about your period and cycle and whilst I try and write back to you with as much info as possible … I know that it’s not enough. So I’ve created ‘strategy sessions’ to help with this! Monica is currently at max capacity for 1:1 work. Join the wait-list below and we will let you know once a spot becomes available!



‘Strategy Session?’

Basically, it is a one-off session where we will have a video call and discuss all your period related questions and concerns. I will give you advice, tips, and tricks and you can go away and do as much or as little of this as you would like to. You will leave the sessions feeling empowered and inspired about being a woman.

Because your cycle can take a long time to adjust to changes that you make, a one-off session means that you can go away, see how these changes work and come back for another session down the track if you need.

What you will get from the strategy session: 

• All your questions about your period answered

• An in-depth game plan for the next 3 months

• Massive changes for your life, business, relationships and health because your hormones are in balance!

• Freedom to go to work, not be stuck in bed when you’re on your period, holiday when you want and have the freedom you have been craving!

Sound good?


USD 333 for an in-depth 45-minute Zoom session including:

• a recording

• notes/plan for the next 2-3 months 

Follow up appointments are USD222 each for 30 mins


I can't wait, I need help NOW



I'm on the waitlist but I need help now, what should I do?

I rarely have time or space in my calendar to offer strategy sessions, so your best bet is to join Your Perfect Period. This course is your go-to guide to fix your period, understand your cycle and connect back to your body. I’d highly recommend joining YPP if you have: acne, bloating, heavy periods, painful periods, cramps, blood clots, sore boobs, estrogen dominance, mood swings, cyclical anxiety, cyclical depression, PCOS, Endo, ovarian cysts, etc.


I can't wait for a strategy session opening...

I need help now!