Queen Alchemy - Monica Yates

Queen Alchemy

Turn your life back ON, discover your own pleasure and upgrade your wealth frequency.

Are you sick of not having
a life that is turned on?!

  • Is your lack of confidence holding you back in your friendships, social situations, sex life, and relationship?
  • Do you struggle to orgasm or even allow the time to explore yourself?
  • Are you sick of being seen as ‘innocent’?
  • Have you stopped wanting to have sex and/or it has become a ‘sometimes’ thing?
  • Do you get triggered and you don’t know how to get rid of it?
  • Was sex not talked about much in your family?
  • Were you told that your top was too low cut or your skirt too short?
  • Are you sick of not voicing your opinion, saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’ and not having healthy boundaries?
  • Do you have some childhood wounds that you haven’t yet worked on or haven’t fully cleared?
  • Do you want to attract manifestations out of thin air?
  • Do you want to attract more money so that you can have more freedom?
  • Do you want more pleasure in sex?
  • Do you want to learn the power of full body orgasmic pleasure?
  • Do you want to uncover your trueeeee sexual desires?
  • Do you have a belief that you are not loved, good enough or worthy?
  • Do you SUCK at drawing boundaries without feeling physically sick?
  • Are you fucking SICK of not speaking up for what you truly desire?
  • Do you want to stop being so f*cking stressed all the time and actually feel FULL BODY freedom?!
  • Do you get triggered in your body and you don’t know how to get rid of it?
Does this sound a bit like you?


Then listen up babe…

Open up the temple in your body.



The transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir. A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination.

….and baby, I’m all about that magical transformation process to turn you into gold.

This container is a magical
space for pleasure, discovery, connection, intimacy, creativity, femininity, power, and sexuality

What are those sexual things that you WANT to be done or to do, but you have shame or fear or judgment around them?

This course is for the woman that...

Wants to allow her true desires in all
areas of her life to be unleashed.

I see it in my clients over and over again… They know deep down the sort of pleasure that they want in their sex life, themselves, money, work and relationships but they are too afraid to really voice it. There is a fear of judgment or abandonment that holds them back.

  • I’m here to tell you…that it isn’t meant to be like this.
  • That deep pleasure that people sometimes ‘just talk about’ – you can experience that.
  • The wealth manifestations that come in ways better than you ever could have imagined? They are possible.
  • Drawing boundaries doesn’t need to be fear provoking
  • Feeling sexy in your skin and ALIVEEEEEE in the cells of your body. Also possible.
  • Constantly feeling like men are letting you down, isn’t how it needs to be
  • Feeling so fucking activated by your womb, and the sacred blood that runs through your temple.
  • Is wanting her man to be more masculine in their relationship, or to attract a masculine man so that she can fully surrender, be taken care of and feel truly loved and desired
  • Queen Alchemy is for the woman that:
  • Is ready to claim back her sensuality.
  • Is ready to fucking LOVE being a woman.
  • Wants to be the best fucking woman for her partner
  • Is ready to tap into her creative, sexual energy and magical powers.
  • Wants the confidence to start her dream job, business or just feel like she’s crushin’ life and not holding herself back from the bad-ass babe life that she’s craving
  • Is ready to upgrade her energetic frequency so she can be a match for her money manifestations.
  • We will heal your wounds to allow you to feel open and free.
  • Desires to increase her vibrational frequency so that she can magnetically attract everything she wants and live more inflow


Everything is AVAILABLE to you if you are OPEN to actually receiving it…money included.

And in order to receive it, you need to re-write your story, get rid of the shell and bask in your own sunshine. And Queen Alchemy will be your First Class travel guide.

Are you ready to be TURNED ON?


Awaken your sensual, feminine, power.

QA is for the woman that wants
to turn back on and…

  • Wants to enjoy having sex again
  • Wants to heal her relationship with money and not have so much stress around it
  • Wants to be turned on by her life
  • Wants to feel sexually liberated
  • Wants to attract more money into her environment
  • Wants to walk around feeling juicy and alive
  • Has read the books, and tried the ‘things’ but hasn’t fully embodied the work yet
  • Is running on empty and wants to get rid of the irritability, impatience and hypersensitivity
  • Wants to be vulnerable, feminine and activated by her womb and feminine essence so that she can forgive her past and be her true, expressed version of herself
  • Doesn’t feel comfortable just walking around naked and the low self-confidence is something she wants to improve upon
  • Is ready to unleash the erotic version of herself
  • Wants to feel confident and at peace when drawing boundaries with people
  • Wants to upgrade her wealth frequency
  • Wants to no longer be comparing herself to other women and feelint shit about it
  • Wants to be supported and help in sacred queenhood during this transformation
  • Wants to uncover deeper layers of her sexually that she hasn’t seen yet
  • Wants to learn about the sacred space that is held in her body
  • Wants to learn how to tap into the queen and slut archetypes
  • Wants to feel confident as FUCK having sex with the lights ON!
  • Has put the work off for long enough!
Think it sounds amazing?


We are going to de-armor your Pussy, awaken Shakti and help you feel full body pleasure. All. The. Time.

You will no longer need to feel shame or guilt for showing off your lacy black bra through your button-down

You will not longer feel a ball in your throat when you try to speak your truth, draw a boundary, or try to ask for what you want in the bedroom.

You will no longer feel an emptiness inside, but rather a sense of ‘coming home’, peace and flow inside your body that makes life fucking delicious, easy and spicy

You will no longer feel confused about your relationship and men in your life, but rather excited to now communicate and co-create from your new, healed self.

You will be owning EVERY FUCKING PART OF YOU without a once of shame, guilt or fear of judgment

Ignite the queen within!

What to look forward to:

  • 7x 120 min group Zoom calls where we will be doing all the healing, trauma release, embodiment practises and Q+A time
  • A Sacred Facebook group where we are celebrating each other, plently of question time, supporting each others and creating the space that our ancient selves are craaaaaving
  • 1x 60 min 1:1 Deep Dive call for anger release, wounding, womb work, trauma release, brain reprogramming, clearing of the past and so much more
  • Clearing and shadow work
  • All my brain-changing reprogramming tracks to quantum leap your growth
  • Energy Clearing
  • Embodiment practices
  • Quantum leaping
  • A recording of all the content so that you have life-long access to this work
  • A portal with ALL of the teachings from my Feminine as Fuck Mastermind (as Queen Alchemy and the Mastermind is now jammed together!)
  • Teachings for you to dive into straight away that is around 14 hours long and you have access to all updates FOREVER
  • Homework for between the weekly coaching calls
  • Price: USD2997  (split payments are also available, please email to enquire) Please scroll down to “FAQ’s” for ‘how to join’ info
  • The calls will be held weekly
Do you need this in your life?


There is so much on offer!

A brief outline of the course

WEEK • 1 Live Zoom Call

We will dive straight into womb healing and womb work to kick-start the 7 weeks. You will discover where you are blocked from your childhood, parent or societal wounds. You will unlock trauma that is being stored in your body and release it once and for all. We will also be doing inner child work to heal your mummy and daddy wounds that are sabotaging you from being in alignment and full-body freedom!

WEEK • 2 Live Zoom Call

We will be doing more inner child work, womb work and releasing of past lovers. We will do timeline regression back to when you were in your mother’s womb so that we can reset your nervous system to be supportive of the feminine. You will learn to be able to sit in presence and open your heart to your desires. You will clear your masculine shell and be able to feel what receptivity feels like. AND you’ll be leaving this session with your money trauma GONE.

WEEK • 3 Live Zoom Call

We will heal any wounds that you have around these different archetypes that you have learnt about so that you can feel safe in your body and living out the life of your dreams. Often things that have been passed down our lineage can hold us back from our dream life. We will do throat chakra clearing so that you can draw boundaries and be unafraid to speak your truth. We will move through some embodiment practises to also help you to feel into your feminine energy and get into the lover archetype so that you can be safe and activated in your sensuality. We will finish off with questions and answer time from everything you’ve been learning from the teachings in the portal so that you can really be living this work out!

WEEK • 4 Live Zoom Call

You will be getting clear on your sexual desires and removing blocks that you are storing in your body so that you can surrender and enjoy the sex and pleasure that your body is craving! We will follow on with some quantum leaping exercises, and the merging of your heart and womb so that you can declare the kind of pleasure, sex, and intimacy you want without ANY shame! We will finish off with questions and answer time from everything you’ve been learning from the teachings in the portal so that you can really be living this work out!

WEEK • 5 Live Zoom Call

We will be getting DIRTY in today’s call as we have a live sensual eating extravaganza and I’ll be teaching you about the art of sensual eating to get your orgasmic energy flowinggggg. Then we will be diving into orgasmic meditation and using sound to open your throat chakra as well as activating your tantric energy in your body, doing some embodiment practices and learning how to connect with your soul!

WEEK • 6 Live Zoom Call

In this call, we will start with a 45-minute intense breathwork purging session to release anything from your body that hasn’t yet been released. My breathwork sessions are intense and transformational in clearing things that no longer serve you. We will finish off with questions and answer time about communicating with men, showing up as the feminine in the relationship, and not emasculating other men.

WEEK • 7 Live Zoom Call

Continuing on with money and how the taboo topics of money and sex are related. We will also link this to the connection between your vagina and confidence. How sensuality has changed for women over the eras, how past lives can affect you and the importance of safety. There are key things for a woman to be able to fully surrender and be able to receive and if, on a subconscious level you are not feeling safe (which can be from childhood trauma) then you will not be able to get to the levels of bliss in every area of your life that you want to. If you are not connected to your pussy, you also won’t be able to unlock yourself into financial freedom. There will be lots of time for questions as well to wrap everything up so that you feel fully complete and ready to rock’n’roll!

The teachings in the portal include topics of:

  • The things you need to be embodying for success during these 7 weeks
  • Understanding sexual energy and creative energy and how it flows in our body
  • Components of healing
  • Dropping the ego
  • Sexual energy and magnetism
  • Money and love
  • How the two are connected, re-wiring our beliefs and stories about money and unlocking the door for an abundance and rich life in every aspect
  • Manifesting money into your life and becoming a match for an abundant life
  • Energetics of money
  • Fears around sex and money
  • Pivoting process
  • Law of Attraction
  • Tapping into our Lover, Amazon, Witch and Queen Archetypes and discovering the power in them and how to use them to unleash your sensuality
  • Diving deep into the power of our Yoni, the womb, our heart, and our throat chakra
  • We will dive deep into orgasmic manifestation and how to use this to manifest everything that you desire into your life and also clearing anything blocking you from these manifestations
  • Respecting your body in sex
  • Trusting as a woman and speaking your truth
  • Perfectionism
  • Fastest ways to cultivate feminine energy
  • Becoming more romantic to yourself
  • Knowing your accelerators, breaks, and handbrakes so that you can unlock your body for the ultimate orgasmic pleasure not just in the bedroom but in your health, relationships, exercise, business, and bank account
  • We will also dive into instant manifestation and more of the universal laws so that you can receive signs from the universe, talk to the universe and have the ultimate guidance
  • Turn ons and offs (SES/SIS/Handbrakes)
  • Universal laws
  • the 101 on understanding men
  • Unhurried sex
  • Orgasms and ability to heighten creativity, and how creativity heightens orgasms
  • Sexual frustration
  • Low libido levels
  • Increasing your creativity, dopamine, oxytocin, and self-confidence
  • Connection with money and creative energy
  • Masculine energy versus feminine energy
  • Negative feminine messages
  • What it means to be feminine
  • How beliefs are installed
  • How trauma shapes your core patterns
  • Victimhood and frequency
  • Balancing the feminine and masculine energy
  • Beneficial impacts of tapping into your feminine energy
  • Breaking through beliefs around masculine/feminine
  • Connecting to your personal power
  • Getting out of your masculine shell
  • Self confidence, standing in your power, boundaries
  • Changing your language and programmed thoughts
  • Phases of your cycle and how this can affect your confidence, and how to use it to your advantage
  • Cock worship – New and never seen before!
  • Welcoming kink and surrendering to ‘pain’ – New and never seen before!
  • Erotic designs – New and never seen before!
  • Feminine blueprintsTM – New and never seen before!


Do I need to be in a relationship?

Nope! This is all about YOU understanding and embodying your own pleasure. In fact, your partner won’t have much to do with it. HOWEVER, he/she will definitely feel and benefits

How much is it?

The program is USD$4444. Split payments are available (USD$2222/month for 2 months). Additional 1:1 sessions are USD$666 (if recommended). And please know, my prices are based on the VALUE of the transformation. You are worth this money and you really can’t put a price tag on your dream life!

Is it live?

It’s a combination of live and recorded. so all the recorded modules are on TEACHINGS so that you can LEARN a shit tonne over the next 7 weeks. the LIVE calls are for all the embodiment practises, healing, trauma releasing, block clear etc. You get access to the course for the rest of your life too so you can keep doing it over and over!

Can any woman do it?

Well during our discovery call I will firstly make sure that you are a fit for it and that I know you’ll get the benefit. Of course, if you’re not ready or I don’t think it’s a good fit I’m not just going to take your money and run! I take a lot of care into pointing my clients into the best direction because I have your best interest at heart. Of course, if you’re reading this page chances are that it’s going to be a great fit, however if thee is something better then I will share that suggest with you

How do I join?!

The next round will be early 2022. Please join the waitlist HERE to be first to know when enrolment opens. We will ask you to complete a questionnaire to be sure that Queen Alchemy is 111% the best fit for you. It will also help Monica be sure exactly how much 1:1 support you need and whether you need to book any additional sessions. We will then send you an invoice and contract to secure your space.

What age do I have to be?

18+. AND you’re never too old either!

What's the difference between Queen Alchemy and the Feminine AF Mastermind?

Well, now they are BOTH COMBINED! Basically what I’ve done, is put all the teaching/learning material into a portal for you guys to watch at any time of the day (you MUST watch these recordings though) and then the live zoom calls are for all the healing work. It was hard having 2 amazing programs because so many people wanted both and I felt like everyone NEEDED both so I just decided to smash them together!

How does it work?

So how it works is that every week for 7 weeks we all jump on a live zoom call and I take you all through about 2 hours of healing, practises, trauma release etc. Then you also get a 60 min 1:1 with me where we can go even deeper into things that haven’t been cleared/healing/fixed in the group calls. There is also the Facebook group for questions, wins, support.

Please ensure you make time to watch the pre-recorded calls in the portal.

What if I can't make the live group calls?

You will be sent a recording after each live call. It’s important to dedicate time the same week to catch up  on the recording. If you can, try and join the live calls. So many women message me after completing Queen Alchemy saying “I’m so proud of myself for showing up to the live calls even though it was 5am for 7 weeks because I got the results that I wanted”.

When are the calls?

The calls are every week for 7 weeks (usually on a Thursday at 4pm EDT).
You will be sent a link to book your 1:1 session/s, and will be given a date range to book within.
Please check your 1:1 and group call times. I want to be sure you don’t miss a call, as time difference and daylight savings can be confusing AF.
If you go to worldtimebuddy.com, you can select the exact date and it will show the time difference and account for daylight savings.
If you’re unable to join a call, you will be able to submit questions beforehand to be answered. Also, you will be able to catch up on the recording.

When is the next round?

The next round of Queen Alchemy will be hosted early 2022. Please jump on the waitlist HERE to be first to know when enrolment opens. If you need and want to secure your space now, please email hello@monicayates.com.au.

Sounds amazeballs?


Love from previous rounds...


Count me in for

Queen Alchemy