Magic, Money, & Manifestation: Level 2 - Monica Yates

Magic, Money, & Manifestation: Level 2

This is the level beyond the basics. Get ready to break your manifestation and money ceilings and receive MORE. This course is not just teachings about manifesting and money, this course is being in the VIBRATION of Monica’s frequency.

Listen up ladies!

Do you read all the books but still just feel like you can’t break the ceilings?
Have you been manifesting some epic shit but you’re feeling a bit stagnant?
Are you feeling frustrated because you don’t know how to keep hitting new levels?
Are you in need of some abundant VIBES to raise your frequency?

What about when you’ve manifested A LOT, how do you keep going?
What about when you’ve ‘done all the things’ to call in your soulmate but they’re still not here?
What about when you still feel shit about debt and borrowing money?


In the next 5 hours, Monica is walking you through level 2 topics of:

  • Wealth frequency and consciousness
  • Being a clear channel for your manifestations
  • Hitting a money ceiling and how to move beyond it into your next level self
  • What to do when you are feeling stagnant with your manifestations and welcoming the “too much”
  • Creating a rich bitch Pinterest board
  • Outside forces don’t need to affect your manifestations and staying high vibe in hectic stress
  • Let’s talk about debt baby
  • Respecting money and having cash flow
  • The importance of feminine and sexual energy
  • You can’t fail or fuck things up
  • How to show up as a Queen
  • How to manifest your soulmate
  • Don’t stop when things get good
  • Manifesting “the impossible”
  • The missing link
  • Quantum leaping
  • Embodiment, surrender and patience as part of manifesting
In level 1 we covered:
  • Intro to Energy
  • Manifestation 101
  • Healing your beliefs around money
  • Reprogramming your brain, redefining your beliefs about money and using your rational mind with the woo woo
  • The energy of money, how to feel into money, how money comes in and being an embodiment of abundance
  • Where do you spend, where do you save and what do you need to be in alignment?
  • The energy of debt and budgets and how to not freak out when you are opening your bank account
  • Staying abundant during the pandemic
Now it’s time to add some more spice to the game.

I used to think that manifesting just "didn’t work for me".

And if you feel the same… guess what, that’s BULLSHIT. You’re not that special babe. God/source/the universe didn’t just ‘forget’ to give you your manifesting powers… you just need to have the knowledge (and the #vibe) to get yourself there. I manifest the craziest things now OVERNIGHT. So this shit works.

So you’ve got the basics of money and manifestation down part from level 1, or being in Queen Alchemy or Bad Ass Bitch Academy, right?

Okay, and now are you wanting to learn….

How to upgrade your wealth frequency and consciousness so that you can be always manifesting and attracting in your desires.

How to be a clear channel for your manifestations so that you aren’t blocking them from coming in.

The art of moving through money ceilings so that you are not limiting yourself from having more and more and more.

What the f*ck to do when you are feeling stagnant with your manifestations (we all have these phases, don’t worry).

How to welcome being “too much”.

Monica’s top tips and tricks on up-levelling FAST

How to stay high vibe in hectic stress and not let these outside forces like your partner, being sick or work stress affect your manifestations and vibe

How to release shame and guilt around debt or borrowing money and actually become friends with debt.

Why you need to be respecting your money and having good cash flow in your life and your business.

The importance of feminine and sexual energy for manifestations.

What to do when you’re worried that you are f*cking things up or failing.

How to show up in your Queen energy to attract in everything you desire.

How to manifest your soulmate!!!!!

How to keep going, and going, and going and not stopping when things get good


This is for you.


Some of the things manifested include (but not limited to):

Beautiful, fun, delicious relationships with men
Dream holidays
Soul friendships
My twinflame
Dream apartments and homes to live in
Refunds on things that I likely wasn’t going to get a refund on (hello plane ticket home from Paris)
My business to just keep growing and up leveling faster than I ever thought
Amazing relationships and connections
My DREAM NYC apartment (against all odds because of legal issues in NYC)

Team members that are SO dreamy
My DREAM ski holiday against all odds (during a pandemic and with an amazing man)
A widly successful business
Constant cash flow that keeps growing and growing
Meeting certain people when I need them
…and SO much more

I want MMM level 2!


I am so proud of this program. There is SO much juice, the vibes are so high and the homework is FIRE.

If you are wanting to get to that next level and be in my vibration so that you can be one step closer to your dreams, then this is for you.

Whether you want to be manifesting the money, the man, the house, the car, the holidays or the job. This is for you.

A brief outline of the program:

Wealth Frequency and Consciousness

In this first module, Monica is explaining the importance of raising your wealth frequency, not just loving money. This is about going to the next level of your wealth and manifestations.


She talks about:

  • What wealth frequency and wealth consciousness is
  • What really creates money and manifestations
  • Expanding beyond your boundaries

Being a clear channel for your manifestations

In this module, Monica is taking you all through the importance of being a clear and open channel so that you can attract and receive your divine manifestations.


Monica covers:

  • How to make sure you are a clear channel and not having blocked energy
  • How to do a quick energy clearing
  • Giving and receiving freely

Hitting a money ceiling and how to move beyond it into your next level self

In this module Monica is sharing how to go BEYOND your money ceilings. Monica has had to move through many ceilings to continuously move up and up in her frequency and manifest bigger things over and over again and she is sharing her guidance with you.


She covers:

  • What you must be doing all the time
  • How to break the ceilings in many different ways depending on your vibe
  • Journal prompts to help you find out why you are staying stuck in a frequency bracket and how to shift it
  • Her scary tip that helps her to move up BIG money brackets that works every time to light a fire under her ass
  • The world is an illusion
  • Living it up!
  • Expecting things to get better and better

A money rant to get you into the VIBES

This is an 11 minute money rant from Monica from when you just need some of her fiery-queen-bad-ass VIBES to light a fire under your ass and get your blood pumping and your excitement going!

What to do when you are feeling stagnant in your manifestations & welcoming the "too much"

So it’s common that after you are nailing the manifestation game, you start to feel a bit stagnant. You just get complacent. Well no more! We are here for MORE.

In this lesson, Monica talks about what to do when you are feeling stagnant with your manifestations.


She covers:

  • How to get through the ‘stuck’ energy
  • The importance of trust and faith
  • How spells have helped her
  • The level of “knowingness”
  • Why big manifestations take time – so you gotta lay off yourself a little!
  • You get to have everything that you are
  • Why you are allowed to have everything that you desire
  • How can you have more FUN in your life
  • Why you are feeling stressed in your manifestations

Get rich bitch Pinterest board

Monica explain in the video the sort of Pinterest board you want to be making to be constantly bringing the VIBES to your energy!

Outside forces can't fuck your manifestations + staying high vibe in hectic stress

In this module Monica gives some DAMN GOOD chicken nuggets for when you are worried about how outside factors can affect your vibe and therefore your manifestations and what to do when you’re in stressful moments in your life.

When you have debt and/or manifested a bill

Debt and lots of bills are often the things that keep us stuck in scarcity. Monica goes through how to re-frame these things so you can see them as expansive rather than contractive.

By the end of this module, you will no longer be frazzled by debt/bills!


She covers:

  • Reasons why you may have manifested the bill in
  • Debt isn’t good or bad
  • Making your own definitions
  • Your response to things in EVERYTHING
  • Making sure you don’t let this shit hang over your head
  • Seeing debt as a GIFT
  • Tools to clear away the shame around debt
  • Journal prompts and actions steps to come to terms with debt so that you can move up in your life

Respecting money and having cashflow in your business

Monica is all about ABUNDANCE but she’s also smart about respecting her money because dis-respecting money isn’t nice.


Monica talks about:

  • How to respect your money (with examples)
  • The importance of cash flow in your life and your business
  • The logical, AND the woo woo

Sexual energy for manifestation

We all know that money is the queen of feminine energy, sexuality, pleasure and DANCEEE! Money goes on a bit of a delicious rant to kick start you into your sensuality to help you boost your magnetism.


In this module Monica covers:

  • Why you want to be in your feminine energy and sensuality
  • Why you want to be a magnet and where it comes from

You can't fail or fuck things up

Monica believes failure is just an opportunity for you to be re-routed to your destiny. Tune in for another video full of FIRE that will almost get you EXCITED to welcome failure because with failure comes success!

She also shares about following those intuitive ‘pulls’ and reminds you that manifestation works for EVERYONE!


Monica covers:

  • Why failure is your friend
  • Your destiny will ALWAYS happen
  • Her story about following the intuitive ‘pulls’ as inspiration for you all!
  • Lessons from Monica not trusting the universes plans
  • The art of non attachment
  • Releasing resistance around ‘not’ manifesting something to then manifest it in

Showing up as Queen

We all know that Monica is ALL about the queen vibes, and today she’ll be providing you with the tips and tricks on how you can also embody these vibes.


She covers:

  • Self respect and boundaries are HOT AF
  • Being in the energy of overflow not scarcity
  • Trusting in the universe is the KEY
  • What to focus on to achieve abundance effortlessly
  • how to stack your manifestations so that life just keeps getting better and better no questions asked
  • being comfortable with 6 figures in your bank account
  • Worthiness, deserving and being ‘too much’
  • By having more, others DO NOT have less
  • Are credit cards good or bad?

How to manifest your soulmate

This is probs one of Monica’s favourite things to talk about because she’s such a romantic! She is excited to share with you how to call in your soulmate so that you can meet this special person! 


Asking for signs from the universe Insta live

In this Instagram live, Monica covers how to ask for signs from the universe and get guidance in your life.

Calling in your soulmate guided practise

In this module, Monica guides you through a JUICY audio practise to manifest and call in your soul mate.

Don't stop when things get good

In this module, Monica is sharing about the art of continuously up-levelling and the permission to ask for more and more.


  • The universe that wants to give us more
  • Thinking about how you are your own inspiration
  • Illusion and how this can be used to your advantage
  • Receiving from the universe
  • Letting things go

Manifesting the "impossible"

In this module, Monica covers:

  • How to manifest the impossible
  • Making miracles the norm
  • How I manifested the ski trip of a life time during a pandemic

The Missing Link & Quantum Leaping

In this module, Monica shares:

  • The code you might be missing
  • Why miracles can’t occur when you are in the same habitual thinking
  • How to understand there is no limit of money, abundance, success and love in the world
  • How to alchemise lows into highs
  • The things you can do that will quantum leap you

Embodiment, surrender and patience as a part of manifesting

In this module I go over:

  • Patience and surrender | The things to be doing, being and practising to allow you to embody patience cause let’s be real — it’s fucking HARD!
  • The human side of manifestation and how feeling allows you to stay in alignment
  • Get more than you anticipated
  • Next level manifesting isn’t just journalling
  • How to EMBODY the manifestations and not just ‘know’ what you should/shouldn’t be doing or accepting
    • Taking radical responsibility where you are NOT in the embodiment and stop acting like the victim.
    • The manifesting never stops!!
    • Your desires are manifesting even if you can’t see the results yet


How do I know if I need MMM L1 or L2?

You don’t necessarily need to complete L1 before L2, it just depends what level you are personally at. L1 is an introduction to money and manifestation, so if you don’t have the basics under your belt it’ll be best to start here. L2 is teaching you the embodiment so you can uplevel your wealth frequency and magnetise to your dreams quickly.

Is there a live module?

MMM L2 is a self-paced program consisting of pre-recorded content. As Monica adds new content to the program, she may decide to record these live and invite you to join!

How much is MMM L2?

The investment for MMM L2 is USD$1444 (or USD$777/month for 2 months)

What's your refund policy?

This agreement has no cancellation policy. WHY? Because this is about commitment, dedication and action. Monica shows up with 100% commitment and it is up to you to take action to get the results. Often we have backdoors in other courses and areas of our lives which means that fear allows us to not stand in our power and take action, and as a result we don’t get the value we want. If we have security blankets, we too often use them which is why we don’t see results. If you have in the back of your mind that a refund is available, chances are you won’t put in your full effort.

Is there a payment plan for MMM L2?

Yes! USD$666 per month for 2 months.

Okay, I'm hooked!


Money wins...


I'm want to


my money & manifestations.