Sexy Silly Season Masterclass - Monica Yates

Happy Holidays Masterclass

3 hours to a stress-free silly season

The holidays can be the biggest ‘test’ of the year

Do the holidays result in you…

  • Being triggered by remarks and comments made by your family
  • Feeling less than/not enough as family members just can’t keep their opinions to yourself
  • Feeling energetically drained after being around a bunch of people
  • Having more anxiety than normal (especially this year with COVID happening)
  • Questioning your “side hustle” that Uncle Joe keeps asking about
  • Feeling like you haven’t achieved enough
  • Having worse periods than normal and feeling shit in your body from all the food, late nights, and alcohol and you wish you wouldn’t feel the effects so heavily

And you just want to feel…

  • Empowered when replying to family members asking you somewhat triggering questions
  • Calm and at peace when you go over to your parents house
  • Excited to see your friends and family instead of worried about what’s going to go down
  • Turned on for your 2021 manifestations and that you have a game plan and the “how” to achieve your goals
  • Sexy and slim in your body instead of bloated and heavy
I got you babe!


“The Holidays”

The happiest time of the year and also the most stressful, intense, and triggering.

If you’ve listened to my podcast and know the value that I offer, this is a chance for you to have TRANSFORMATION before the biggest “test” of your year…the holidays.

Going back home is like the ultimate test, it’s a time for you to heal. This is an OPPORTUNITY for you to be ready for the holidays so that you can actually enjoy them instead of dreading them.

2020 has been a tough year, and I’m SO EXCITED to be able to come together with so many of you, get the Christmas vibes going, lead you all into a HIGH FUCKING VIBRATION, and support you in having an amazing Christmas and 2021.

The year can end on a high. You can use this time to heal and be excited about seeing your family and/or friends.

If you want to...

Avoid getting triggered as fuck around this holiday time

Learn how to be with family members that do not understand #abundance and being in your feminine/masculine

Ensure that you do not punch a wall with anger and stress

Learn how to draw boundaries within yourself and with other people so you aren’t for example, eating mums food just to people please

Stand up for yourself when Uncle Joe comments on your weird “side hustle” when it’s not a fucking side hustle

Navigate how to handle life when mum asks why you’ve been posting so many sexy dance videos

Obtain journal prompts to make sure that your day doesn’t go pear-shaped and end in tears

Have a morning meditation so that you can set your day up for love and joy

Learn mantras to use to stop you from having stress breakouts

Learn why giving advice is a big NO NO


Then this is for you!


For a lot of us, the holidays can be very triggering, stressful and just shit. And I believe that it doesn’t need to be this way.

In fact, the holidays is a time that we have been blessed with to infuse with LOVE and JOY. So if you’re a little nervy going into this time…then I promise that you’re going to want this Masterclass.

You will leave with a full methodology and plan of how to end 2020 and go into 2021 where you can still achieve your goals even with the uncertainty of 2021 and Covid.

You will feel empowered, secure, and grounded when it comes to being the ‘odd one out’ at the dinner table and holiday parties this year. No more feeling insecure and on edge. You’ll be feeling EXCITED to be the different one.

Finally, you won’t end up with fucked hormones after this season. I will be given you all the details you need to know to keep your cycle in check whilst still enjoying the food, drinks, and late nights (because that’s enjoying life)!

You will be confident in knowing 1) what your boundaries are and 2) how to draw them and embody them. So many people know what their boundaries are, but don’t know how to properly share them.

You’ll learn how to tap into your feminine pleasure and stay grounded even when shit is hitting the fan. This is especially important if you are away from your family this Christmas because of COVID.

I'm ready to

make my 2020 holidays

the spiciest, sexiest and most love-filled yet


You will get a special price for the waitlist!