Feminine as F*ck Beginner Bundle - Monica Yates

Feminine as F*ck Beginner Bundle

Let me guess…
You’re wanting more.
You want to be a boujee bitch.
You want to speak your truth.
You want to get rid of your less that ideal relationship with sex, money and food.
And you just want MORE for yourself and your future.

Duhhhhh… that’s why you’re here!

Listen up ladies!

No one is going to save you! You gotta show up for yourself and you’ve been guided to the perfect place.

This bundle is going to jet-set you into your new journey with yours truly, your Feminine as Fuck coach/guru/mentor/lover/teacher/healer/leader, Monica.

For those of you that don’t know, Monica actually means ‘to advise and counsel’ so clearly in #alignment.

So, if you’re new to my world, welcome welcome. Thank you for being here!

I have created something very special for you at a SUPER low cost (in fact, my lowest offering) that is going to get you into the vibes of my world.

This bundle is full of binge-worthy content that is going to have you staying up past your bedtime and swapping Netflix for up-levelling your life.

Tell me more!

So in this bundle you will get lifetime access to a library of trainings and teachings that I have hosted on the juciest subjects that will get you ready to sky rocket into your next level life.

Once you buy this program, you have forever access which means you will have access to all the future videos that I add #ABUNDANCE!

It’s time for you to get the ball rolling on your journey to alignment, feminine energy, money freedom, inner peace, sensuality and deep fucking freedom.


I’m obsessed with providing value and helping you to become your more feminine, sexy, abundant and healthy self. There is no better place to start than soaking up all my vibes here in this bundle. Read below for what you get!

Turning Fear into Love ($597 value)
Attachment Styles 101 ($789)
Tapping into your feminine energy to avoid burnout ($789)
Your energetic bodies and how to tap into your intuition ($297)
How your relationship with food relates to pleasure and comfort ($297)
Woo Woo Wednesday’s: Abundance, Self Confidence, Tarot ($297)
Keep upleveling your manifestations ($297)
Even when everything is hitting the fan, it’s still the time to do the work ($297)

How to tap into deep replenishment and see the beauty in your mirrors ($297)
How to get signs from the universe ($297)
Q&A’s about Business, Soul Alignment, Life, Coaching, My Journey, How I Got to 6-figures ($297)
Manifestation and money meditation ($297)
Journal Prompts ($297)
Pivoting your business during a pandemic ($597)


You get INSTANT access to all this for just $111 FOREVER will ALL added updates!!

It’s pretty much a no brainer really… like hell, you are worth a million-fucking-dollars just to be clear.

$6333+ value for only $111


This is what the bundle includes:

Tapping into your feminine energy to avoid burnout

Monica will help you to figure out why you are afraid of surrendering into your feminine, what the difference is between the feminine and masculine in business, she’ll explain the addiction we have for the stress, how to add more pleasure in your life, how society has confused us to the way in which we must show up as women. Then she will help you to understand why letting your partner lead will turn you on, allow you to have more creativity, pleasure, and attractiveness in your business, and that if your personal life is thriving, your business will be too.

Attachment Styles Masterclass

A masterclass inspired by her podcast episode 154 ‘attachment styles 101, why are you avoidant or anxious in a relationship?’ This is a 1 hour workshop on attachment styles and creating safety when you don’t feel safe. It’s recommended that you listen to episode 154 first.

Turning Fear into Love

In this circle, Monica will be alchemizing the fear that you are feeling due to corona and the uncertainty in the air. And turning it into love so that you can feel free of your anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

We will start with a collective oracle card energy readings, jump into the emotional alchemy and then finish with a protection spell.

Your energetic bodies and how to tap into your intuition

You might not know it, but you are actually composed of four energetic bodies. This video with Monica explains the four different bodies, how some might be in balance or out of balance, and how to tap into your intuition to guide your life with the ultimate ease, pleasure, and flow.

How your relationship with food relates to pleasure and comfort

A juicy live and video on the relationship with food and how it relates to pleasure and comfort? If you struggle with your relationship to food, this is a JUICY video that you do not want to miss. It’s also one of Monica’s most frequently asked questions!

How to tap into deep replenishment and see the beauty in your mirrors

From a past, Woo Woo Wednesday’s Monica provides guidance channeled for the collective. It serves as a reminder for you during this uncertain time of corona. SHe covers, how to tap into deep replenishment, and see the beauty in your mirrors plus answering some questions!

Keep upleveling your manifestations

Manifestation is one of the most powerful laws you can know about. If you feel like you’re a little stuck in your current manifestations, Monica explains how to keep uplevelling your manifestations in this video.

Even when everything is hitting the fan, it's still the time to do the work

Ever feel overwhelmed and as though you don’t have control? This video explains how this is still time to do the work and show the f*ck up for yourself.

How to tap into deep replenishment and see the beauty in your mirrors

This video is about seeing the beauty in your mirrors / triggers and tapping into deep soul nourishment and replenishment.

How to get signs from the universe

Getting signs from the Universe doesn’t have to be difficult, and it also isn’t the same for everyone. In this video, Monica explains how to get signs from the Universe and get SUPER clear on the signs the Universe is showing you.


Juicy Q+A’s that discuss things such as: Dealing with friendships, attracting in dream friendships, how Monica hit 6-figures last year, Monica’s story and journey, wellness and coaching journey, sex, money and abundance, food / sugar / gut healing / hormones, and so much more.

Manifestation and money meditation

This meditation will help you get clear on your manifestations and raise your vibration to become a match for them + your money goals!

Journal Prompts

A collection of Monica’s most powerful journal prompts to get soul f*cking alignment and clarity!

Pivoting your business during a pandemic

During this hot seat coaching session, Monica goes around to each of the attendees individually and helps them to change their messaging to support the COVID 19 outbreak and in a way that allows their business to keep moving along. Monica also goes over staying in a high vibration for your business and showing up as an authority.

Gender, equality, #MeToo movement, feeling repressed, relationship dynamics with men, manifestations

Questions about relationships and how to talk to men are one of the most common questions that Monica gets so in this video she answers some from her past mastermind clients!



Will I have lifetime access?

Yes! And once you purchase, you will have lifetime access to ALL the new videos that will be added as well. The videos in the bundle right now are just a SNEAK peek at all of the content that will be added over time.

What can I expect?

JUICY chicken nuggets in every video! Pieces from previous programs, nuggets from old lives and a whole library for you to binge watch at any time. Tired of watching Netflix all the time?! Binge on these for serious growth and up-levelling!

What's your refund policy?

This agreement has no cancellation policy. WHY? Because this is about commitment, dedication and action. Moncia shows up with 100% commitment and it is up to you to take action to get the results. Often we have backdoors in other courses and areas of our lives which means that fear allows us to not stand in our power and take action, and as a result we don’t get the value we want. If we have security blankets, we too often use them which is why we don’t see results. If you have in the back of your mind that a refund is available, chances are you won’t put in your full effort.

How often will content be added?

This isn’t just a random pile of videos, you can expect new additions regularly! Every time there’s a juicy nugget/ video, it will be added.

$6333+ value for only $111


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Feminine AF Beginner Bundle

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