Coming Off Hormonal Birth Control Masterclass - Monica Yates

The Art of Coming off hormonal birth control

An online, self-guided program.

This is for the woman that wants to be more in touch with her cycle.

She wants to understand her body and not feel like she can’t control her moods

She wants her libido back so that she can feel sexy and confident all the damn time

She wants to get off the pill but not have a flare up of acne

And after listening to my podcasts, she knows she needs to come off the pill but is so afraid of her cycle becoming the biggest pain in her ass

She’s seen her doctor and been told she has to stay on it or her periods will be horrendous and her acne will come back

Do you want to come off your hormonal birth control without freaking the F out that your period problems will come back?

Are you afraid that when you come off it, your acne will flare up like no one’s business really affecting your confidence?

Did you go on the pill for “freedom” but now you realize you are actually so disconnected from your body and therefore you don’t feel very sensual?

Do you want to gain back the control and knowledge about your own body and feel connected to it rather than muting yourself with hormonal birth control?

Are you worried that the hormonal birth control that you are on will negatively affect your chance of conception when you’re ready?

Have you head that women still fall pregnant on the pill, IUD, shot etc and this kinda freaks you out and you don’t know who to trust?

Is your libido really low and you think it’s tied to the pill (probs is!) and this is affecting your femininity and even relationship?

Has your hormonal birth control been making you put on weight, look puffy, have anxiety and be a moody bitch?


You know deep down that you need to come off the pill, don't you? But you're just clueless on how to do it...


WELL, I’ve made this just for you…

And I totally understand that you’re afraid. I have had so many of my clients in the exact same boat as you.

And guess what, with me helping them, their worst nightmare (of a post-pill rebound effect) didn’t happen!

This is because there is an art to coming off hormonal birth control

When your body is being controlled by something else, it really fucks up your system and if you decide on one random Tuesday morning that it’s time to come off it, your body and get seriously freaked out because now it doesn’t know what’s happening


This is a 3 month game plan for you that I give me my clients that are wanting to come off the pill all packaged up in an easy to understand and clearly laid out plan for you!

There is a 1-hour video and audio for you to understand what you need to be doing/stop doing and the reasons behind these recommendations.

There is also a clearly outlined PDF which tells you what to be doing over the next 3-6 months. Things to add in depending on your symptoms, and supplements that are recommended.

Things we cover:

How to safely come off the pill

What you need to start doing before you come off HBC

What you need to keep doing once you are off HBC

How to reduce signs of excess estrogen-like acne

How to understand your cycle once you are off HBC so you know your ‘safe’ window

Why doing this work is vital for a healthy pregnancy

A 3-6 month ‘game plan’ that is set out for you

How to flush our your liver and boost your gut health for glowing hair, skin and nails



So many of you send in questions about coming off the pill and because I can’t see you all as I do only have limited hours in a day, I have created something super special for you.

It’s literally the same as seeing me 1:1, and I get to serve more of you at once!

This isn’t just helping you, this is helping your work, your relationships, productivity, sleep, your health, your chance of getting female cancers, endo, pcos, depression, anxiety and most importantly your future children.

Introducing…. *drumrolls pls*….the Art of Coming Off Hormonal Birth Control MasterClass.

Learn how to safely come off your hormonal birth control

Avoid a hormonal rebound of bloating, headaches, acne, period pain etc

Learn how to track your cycle do that you don’t need to use hormonal birth control to avoid pregnancy

Feel empowered in understanding your natural cycle

Have a clear guide for the next 3-6 month to bring your body back into homeostasis and full health


Is this live?

No this is a pre-recorded masterclass with all the info that you need to last you 3-6 months

Why is the investment this price?

To you, what is the cost of your health? You can’t put a price tag on it, can you? Think of all the bills added up from the doctor, gyno, dermatologist, endocrinologist and clearly, your problems still aren’t solved because you are here visiting me. This isn’t about me wanting money from you, this is about you actually putting in the work. If you paid $50 for this course, do you think there’d be enough skin in the game for you to take consistent action for 3-6 months?! Hell no! So I’ve priced this at a price based on you actually having the skin in the game to show up for yourself, value my work and also value yourself. Hey, you don’t need to buy it, but it just depends on if you want to get off the pill rebound free for not ….

If I’m already off HBC can I still do this?

Yes! This protocol will also help you if you have heavy periods, painful periods, blood clots, bloating, mood swings.

If I’m missing my period will this help?

This will not guarantee that your period will come back as there is so much involved in your cycle, however, this is a CRUCIAL part of the process. If you do everything in this class, then that’s a lot of things ticked off the list so you can narrow down what is causing your period to be MIA

If I’m trying to fall pregnant, will this help?

Yes! This will help flush your liver out of crap from HBC which is SO important for a healthy pregnancy and fertility

For the Masterclass, is there a key time to stop taking birth control and a best time to start the program?

Great question! You actually need to start my Masterclass BEFORE you come off the pill in order to prevent a massive rebound. There’s 2 phases in place: pre-coming off the pill and post-coming off the pill, so that you can safely come off it!

Do we get 1:1 access to you?

You absolutely can if you book a Strategy Session with me after you watch this. Then we can go through everything together and see what questions i can help you with! However do this protocol first, and then come and see me

Do we have lifelong access to this?

Yes you do unless I take this website down, in which case I will email you a download link

Can I buy this at any time?

No I will be opening the cart only for a set time. Once the shop is closed, you will have to wait until the next time it is open.

Are there refunds?

This agreement has no cancellation policy. WHY? Because this is about commitment, dedication and action. Moncia shows up with 100% commitment and it is up to you to take action to get the results. Often we have backdoors in other courses and areas of our lives which means that fear allows us to not stand in our power and take action, and as a result we don’t get the value we want. If we have security blankets, we too often use them which is why we don’t see results. If you have in the back of your mind that a refund is available, chances are you won’t put in your full effort.



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