Be a Lover, Not a Mother - Monica Yates

Be a Lover, Not a Mother

A guide to stop emasculating men and letting them lead

So you want your man to lead, you’re frustrated that he forgets things, you end up planning 80% of the dates and you feel like you have to be in control of everything.

It’s time for us to end this silent war between men and women.

Answer this for me…

  • Do you feel like you’re always saying “where are all the good men?” 
  • Do you get angry and bitter towards your partner when he doesn’t do something you’ve asked him and in your head you’re like “but I’m not surprised”?
  • Do you watch those Instagram reels where wives are bagging their husbands and you’re like OMG PREACH! And as a result, a little part of you wonders if you want to get married or if it’s really that great? 
  • Do you think (and be real with me) that “men are dicks” and as a result you find it hard to attract in amazing men? 
  • Are you exhausted of having to organize everything and initiate contact? 

Are you craving…

  • For a man to just whisk you away and let you fully surrender so you know that everything is looked after and you don’t have to lift a fucking finger?
  • To not feel so bitter and angry towards men (it’s SUCH an energy leak)?
  • To learn how to let go of social conditioning that all men are dirtbags or just want ‘one thing’?
  • To be an ally for men as opposed to making them feel wrong all the time?
  • To have a relationship (or improve your current one) where you are able to dance between the feminine and masculine and let things flow?
  • For your man (or future man) to run a bath without you having to ask and to take the lead physically, energetically and mentally?
  • To attract in a man that is in control so you feel safe to be fully in your feminine?




  1. (of a man) deprived of his male role or identity.
    “insecure, emasculated men”
  2. made weaker or less effective.
    “an emasculated organization that is merely a shadow of its former self”

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

And I know you’re CRAVING for him to rise into his leadership, both physically, mentally, and emotionally in the relationship.

The problem is that we are becoming accustomed in society to shaming men. Thinking that putting them down and emasculating them will get us what we want. And no surprise, we are left feeling empty and helpless.

Babe, men are also craving for you to soften your heart, trust that he has good intentions and let him lead. He wants to support you, hold you, and love you.

So how about you let him in?

Like, where are all the good men?!

Babe, they are right in front of you. Problem is that you are emasculating them and therefore they have given up taking the lead. They have tried and then get squashed by the bitterness of angry women that haven’t learned how to be in their feminine energy and receptivity. So they’ve put their hands up as if to say “well nothing I do seems enough, so I give up”.

It’s now our responsibility to learn how to receive from men, communicate with them and empower them to rise again.

It’s a combo of learning to receive (and stop being a control freak) and supporting them through your words and actions so that they can rise again.

This is your guide…

It’s complex these days. The blurred lines of what’s acceptable and what is taken the wrong way. Men are struggling. They are afraid of crossing the blurred lines and with every women being so different they never know what they are walking into.

So, I have created Be a Lover, Not a Mother to guide you and teach you how to encourage your current or future man to rise.

Whether you are dating, single, in a long term relationship or wanting to learn how to just receive from men day-to-day, this program is for you.

It can feel overwhelming and confusing in the dating world right now. How do you get your man to rise into his healed masculine so that you can just relax into his arms at the end of a long day?

How do you stop thinking that every time a man does something nice for you, that he’s trying to get into his pants?

How do you stop feeling so fucking exhausted all the time?

The answer — letting men do things for you. Supporting them in their desire to lead and our desire to receive.


And babe, if you don’t even know what ‘emasculation’ is… then you GOTTA do this program cause there’s a 99.99999% chance that you are doing it without even realizing

In this program, you will finally feel empowered around letting men lead, you will feel so fucking turned on in letting go. You will drop your need to be a control freak and learn how to support your man (or future man) in rising.

This is supporting not just you but also the men in your life so they stop feeling suppressed and like they need to shut down their experiences.

You in?!


Learning how to stop emasculating men will not only let your man rise, it will also nourish your feminine core

Is this for you?

Imagine not competing with men either consciously or subconsciously anymore. IMAGINE THAT.

Imagine being in your own lane as the feminine and him being in his own lane as the masculine.


If these words are turning you on, making your heart flutter and getting you excited about the future, then join us.


  • 6 juicy 60 minute pre-recorded videos (including a panel chat with 4 incredible men)
  • A Facebook group* to share your wins and connect with other ladies
  • Access to the modules for life
  • Access to any updates to the program in the future
  • *NEW content coming early 2022*

*Please note that I will not be heavily active in the Facebook group or answering questions/ giving loads of advice. 

Sounds juicy, hey?



Module 1

  • Connecting with your womb and being grounded in your feminine heart
  • Understanding Feminine and Masculine
  • What is emasculation?
  • The sneaky way in which we emasculate
  • The female version of emasculation
  • Why we do it and how it has been ingrained into us

Module 2

  • Recognizing ways in which you emasculate men
  • The attractiveness of the feminine, for the masculine. And embracing this!
  • How to stop emasculating
  • Getting into receivership
  • Opening your heart

Module 3

  • Things to say instead of emasculating comments
  • What men want you to know
  • Is there ever a time when emasculation is appropriate?
  • Trusting him when he needs to go into his man cave

Module 4

  • How to communicate with your lover when you want something
  • How to communicate with your man (or man friends) when they are not stepping up and you need/want them to
  • How to play with polarity and get comfortable surrendering to his leadership
  • Being a lover and not a mother

Module 5

A juicy chat with 4 incredible men. This is a true insight into men’s brains, their outlook, opinions and feelings. Some amazing questions were answered with a male’s perspective on things.

Module 6: Understanding the differences between how men and women date

The differences between men and women, how we date and communicate, our primal and soul needs and a juicy Q+A.



Is this course live?

No, the first round was live (this was the only live round) and as newcomers to this program you get access to the recordings of all these calls.

How do I join?

Enrolment will be open and closed throughout the year. If you’re desperate to join, email Otherwise, join the waitlist to be notified of when I next open enrolment!

How much does it cost?

USD$1222. This includes 6 x 60 minute+ calls (including a panel chat with 4 incredible men), a FaceBook group to share your wins and connect with other ladies, access to the modules for life and access to any future updates to the program.

Why did you create this course?

This something I feel incredibly passionate about as I’m very aware of how much men are struggling. It’s now our responsibility to learn how to receive from men, communicate with them and empower them to rise again.

What am I going to get out of this course?

You will learn how to stop emasculating men. You will finally feel empowered around letting men lead and you will feel so fucking turned on in letting go. Your relationships with men will improve massively. You will learn how to support your man in rising. This is supporting not just you, but also the men in your life so they stop feeling suppressed.

What's your refund policy?

This agreement has no cancellation policy. WHY? Because this is about commitment, dedication and action. Monica Yates turns up to every session, email, text and voice message with her 100% commitment and it is up to you to take action to get the results. Often we have backdoors in other courses and areas of our lives which means that fear allows us to not stand in our power and take action, and as a result we don’t get the value we want. If we have security blankets, we too often use them which is why we don’t see results. If you have in the back of your mind that a refund is available, chances are you won’t put in your full effort.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! The payment plan is USD$722 per month for two months.


A taste of the medicine...


I'm ready to

let down my amour

and stop emasculating men