After nailing coaching with Women on how to embody more their feminine and release the masculine shell that so many of us get up carrying around, I was seeing more and more how much Men also needed to do the work.

I know the power in men healing with women especially because a lot of their wounding is actually caused by women. So now is the time for me to hold the space to guide men back to their divine masculine.

There is nothing more delicious, sexy and alluring than a man in his full masculine power. UGH DELICIOUSSSSS

  • Maybe you are operating from a wounded masculine blueprint?
  • Do you carry a lot of anger? (and if you say no, then that a big fat fucking YES)
  • You are easily triggered
  • You aren’t feeling like you’re fully living your purpose or passion
  • You want to be making more money
  • You aren’t 100% confidence in yourself and therefore you don’t fully value what you bring to the world
  • You struggle to understand the women in your life and you get really frustrated with them
  • You find it hard to be vulnerable and open up because you are afraid of being ‘weak’ and/or getting hurt
  • You allow your ego to run your life and this usually plays our by never letting anymore else be right, you always need to have the last say
  • You constantly are wanting to prove yourself and get validation from other people in your life
  • You tend to bitch about women a lot behind their backs
  • You are insecure and worry about little things
  • You know that you have repressed a lot of emotions and haven’t fully dealt with them
  • You don’t have much control over your sexual desires
  • You try to fix women or control them instead of understanding how to be supportive and hold the space
  • You struggle to get out of your head and into your heart
  • You have trust issues and worry that people are going to fuck you over or reject you
  • You often threaten to leave in relationship
  • You struggle to fully commit to your partner and are constantly trying to just ‘get your dux in a row’ (When really you are just scared)
  • You are emotionally unavailable or you love the start of a relationship and then you freak the fuck our
  • You hold onto grudges against your part partners
  • All of those things that you answered yes to, can be healed.

You get to be the sexiest, strongest, most protective and magnetic man ever.

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My work uses a combination of energetic techniques, inner child healing, ego dismantling, emotional alchemy, Neurolinguistic programming, subconscious reprogramming, trauma release, meditation and visualisation to release all the wounds that you have that are holding you back from feeling ‘whole’.

Working with myself, will allow you to be:

  • Co creating with the divine feminine
  • In control of your emotions
  • Knowing how to communicate with women
  • Being grounded and knowing how to connect with your heart and be out of your head
  • Healing wounds from your parents and society
  • Feeling whole and complete after doing epic trauma release
  • More in your body and not operating from your ego
  • You honoring your feelings instead of repressing them
  • Getting what you what because you are communicating efficiently
  • Feeling happy, joyful and energetic 99% of the time (because 1% of the time we have our human moments)
  • Learning how to create the life of your dreams so that you can be the protector and provider that you want to be
  • Being more productive with your time and creating healthy habits and routines to support your next level self
  • Have you living on purpose and fulfilling your mission
  • Being magnetic, alluring and sexy as hell!!


Being fully embodied in your divine masculine and opening from your soul instead of your ego is the most incredible gift that you can give yourself.

Sadly, you have grown up in a world where women have been squashing and emasculating men for too long and I’m here to help you heal that wound for good.

Prepare to go where you don’t want to go, be pushed out of your comfort zone and be re-birthed as the best version of you.

I have helped hundreds of women with my coaching create their dream life and live with more ease and flow, and I’m so excited to be able to help you get out of survival mode and put your life in order. 


WARNING: The woman in your life, or your future woman will not be able to keep her hands of you after this 😉


If you are feeling a pull towards doing this, I invite you to book in a deep dive call and we will have a in-depth chat about how what results you are wanting to get, where things are working and what it looks like to worth together. This way you will feel comfortable, supported and secure before going into a coaching container.


I honor you, I support you and I am SO humbled that you want to do this work. Honestly, the more men that do this, the more the world will be a better place. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


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