28th July 10am-1pm

Newstead Studios 

BYO Journal and pen 

Please eat beforehand, do not bring food into the event 


26th July 7-10pm

Work Club Melbourne (Collins Street)

BYO Journal and pen

Please eat beforehand, do not bring food into the event


Are you currently feeling a bit stuck and you don’t really know what the heck to be doing? 

Are you longing for the life of your dreams but you just don’t know how to get there?

Are you sick of not voicing your opinion, saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’ and not having healthy boundaries?

Do you struggle to be vulnerable and ask for help because “you’re a strong independent woman!!”

Are you tired of your cycle getting in the way of you being the best version of yourself 99% of the time (the 1% is us being human)?

Is your lack of confidence holding you back in your friendships, social situations, sex life, and relationship? 

Do you have some childhood wounds that you haven’t yet worked on or haven’t fully cleared? 

Do you have blocks around money so it stops you from investing in the things you want the most and you feel guilty AF after getting your hair done?

Do you want to get more connected to your fierce, true feminine? 

BIG QUESTION (and very important)…Have you ever had consensual sex where you said ‘yes’ but you kinda wanted to say no? 

Are you sick of being seen as ‘innocent’? 

Was sex not talked about much in your family? 

Were you told that your top was too low cut or your skirt too short? 

Do you live in modern society? (hello societal conditioning)

Do you want to be feeling like a fucking QUEEN as you walk the streets? 

Do you want to attract manifestations out of thin air?

Do you want to attract more money so that you can have more freedom?

Do you want to learn the power of full body orgasmic pleasure? 

Do you have a belief that you are not loved, good enough or worthy or full body desire? 

Are you sick of not having a life that is TURNED ON?!

This event is a magic space for pleasure, discovery, connection, intimacy, creativity, femininity, power, and sexuality.




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What I’ve come to the conclusion to, is this…

If our vessel isn’t OPEN, our womb isn’t cleared, our yoni isn’t a blooming flower, then you will not be able to attract AND receive the life of your dreams. The man, money, house, health. You might learn how to manifest and be doing all that great stuff, you might have the business coach. But if you’re body is blocked, then you will not be able to easily achieve the life of your dreams.

If you have been listening to my podcasts, watching my stories, viewing my lives and reading my posts, then it’s time for more!! 

I LOVE doing things over the internet because we are all connected so i can easily tap into my clients energy via Zoom, however, there is something SO fricken magical about in-person things. 

The topics that will be covered include:  

  • Sisterhood wounding: because we’ve all dealt with schooled bitches and it has blocked us from being able to attract those soul sisters 
  • The sacred power of your blood: so that you can be doing the ultimate manifestation practices and having a new-found respect for your cycle
  • Understanding how to step more into your feminine: So you man can step into his masculine with ease, so that you can live a life with less stress and so that you can NOT always be in your frickin head! 
  • Childhood wounding: What it is, how to clear it and where you picked it up from
  • The feminine in business: how to be successful with business things in your feminine 
  • Living life in flow: because life can be so fucking easy 
  • Money mindset: Clearing you negative money beliefs, figuring our your money blocks and moving though them, and how to attract more money into your life
  • Womb clearing : Energetic practices to clear your womb and step more into alignment 
  • Period problems: cause duhhhh 


After these magic 2 hours, you will walk out as a next level version of yourself. You will have had an energetic upgrade in you mind, body, womb and soul. You will have met new friends that are totally down for the woo-woo talk and soul chats. You will be feeling more connected to your body than ever before and you’ll be out of your head! 

That weekend post the event will be the perfect time for integration to allow the work you’ve done to sink into your cells.

This event is about holding a powerful and safe energetic space for you to feel supported and loved by other women. The community aspect of this work is one of the largest pieces of the puzzle and I am continued to be blown away but how this helps and speeds up growth and healing. 

You know how you often think that you’re the only woman in the world with problem ‘x’?

Well…now you know you’re not the only one!

You get access to a new tribe where your soul will be energetically connected to other incredible, sexy and inspirational women.

So many of us crave that ‘tribe’ where our souls feel connected, heard and held. And now you get that, AND an epic transformation.

I cannot WAIT for this event. I absolutely LOVE speaking and meeting you all so don’t miss out on this event as there are limited tickets. 

NOW is the time for you to invest in YOURSELF so that shit can change and uplevel. Don’t expect yourself to expand if you’re not willing to take the action. Love you! xx 




26th July 7-10pm 
Please eat before hand! 
Work Club Melbourne (Collins street)


28th July 10am-1pm

Newstead Studios 

BYO Journal and pen 

Please eat beforehand, do not bring food into the event