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EPISODE 7: Holistic Health, Womb Wisdom & Feminine Flow in Business

Monica Yates helps women understand their cycle, tap into their fierce feminine, unblock their vessels & awaken their womb wisdom so they can feel empowered & ready to create the life they want to live. In this episode we dived into we dive into ➳ ⋆ Wounded feminine vs embodied queen ⋆ Masculine Energy & adrenal fatigue ⋆ Inner child healing // shadow work ⋆ Co-creation & aligned action ⋆ Money, success & abundance ⋆ Breakdowns & breakthroughs

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EPISODE 84: How To Harness Your Femininity and Find Power in Your Cycle with Monica Yates

Do you have any idea of the power of your period?  Have you done any more research in to the effects the pill has on your body?  Do you want to own your femininity and really lead from a place of love instead of hustling like a man all the time?  Do you know that you can use your period cycle to your advantage and make it work for you so you can perform optimally?  Do you just want to own exactly what it means to be female?

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EPISODE 49: Feminine Power with Monica Yates

This conversation with Monica Yates – the Queen of periods, sex, femininity, NLP, energetic shifting, subconscious mind, womb work and so so much more is divinely timed and empowered! Source has its way of guiding you so subtly you don’t even realize it until it hits you right in the face (or should I say womb).

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EPISODE 2: Redefining Self Love with Monica Yates 

In this episode we talk about tips for self belief, redefining self love as feeling confident, standing in your power & feeling sexy; being in alignment & how it helps you feel more gratitude, what it takes to be a woman who turns heads when she walks into a room, reprogramming your brain to love your body, and why self care is important every day & why it’s okay to be flexible.

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EPISODE 6: The pill, PMS, and other pressing period problems with Monica Yates

Tune into this amazing interview with Monica Yates, a period expert and ICF certified coach! Monica and I dive into all of the pressing period problems that we have all had at one time or another.

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Monica Yates is the most enthusiastic chick we know when it comes to talking about periods and female cycles. Her knowledge and passion will help you to fall in LOVE with your period too! We can’t wait for you to listen in and learn lots of interesting facts from her.

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In this episode, I chat to Monica Yates, a ICF certified Life Coach and Wellness Coach studying nutrition. Monica is a guru on all things periods and has gone through her own incredible journey after losing her own period. Monica is a wealth of information and she is educating women about the beauty of their periods and how to harness their period power. I for one love her.

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Chatting with Monica Yates, ICF Health and life coach and co-founder of Healthie hampers. She is unbelievably passionate about helping women create a healthy cycle which you will see is quite evident from the very start of our chat. We delve into her story, how she found her passion, the best foods to ramp down inflammation and heal your body including things to avoid here, how women should use their period like a monthly health report and she also shares with us her top 3 tips to improve your health today.

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Work WITH your cycle phases by playing different music at different times to help you tune in. Use the ‘female activation’ playlist to help you move your energy into your womb space and access your feminine.