Join Queen Alchemy! – Monica Yates

I’m so glad that you want to join the next round of Queen Alchemy!

This is what you need to do:

either DM me on Instagram or email letting me know that you would like to join. Please include the things that you need to work on, any known ‘blocks’, and any trauma that you know you have. I care A LOT about all of you that are joining and I want to make sure that it’s the right program for you, and if you need any extra 1:1 sessions for trauma work. Also, send me any questions that you have about QA (and please ensure you’ve read the whole website page and FAQ’s as a long of things are included on the page).

Once you’ve done that – I’ll send you the link to book your spot!

A reminder of the payment options:

Price: USD2997 or 350/week for 10 weeks or extended payment plan of 150/week for 20 weeks (which is only available until August 9th and then this will no longer be valid).

If you are not ready to secure your place but want to jump on the waitlist – click here 

I’m so excited for you!