Is your anxiety just from a hormonal imbalance? - Monica Yates

Is your anxiety just from a hormonal imbalance?

BY monicayates

One thing that drives me absolutely NUTS these days is the fact that every second person says “I have anxiety.” It might sound harsh or blunt, anxiety isn’t something that you need to associate yourself with. You are NOT your anxiety. Saying “I have anxiety’ is like saying ‘I have nervous-ness’ …. a normal part of life. But people are walking around and saying it like they have bloody cancer.

NEWSFLASH: It’s probs a hormonal imbalance.

Progesterone is the hormone that rises in the second half of our cycle and it’s our calming hormone. It makes us feel cool, calm, and collected. It, in fact, has an anti-anxiety effect and is very soothing.

Problem is, that most women are progesterone deficient due to stress, or they have excess estrogen and therefore their ratio for estrogen:progesterone is way out of whack.

When your estrogen rises higher than it should, this is coupled with bad PMS and feelings of anxiety because your low progesterone can’t offset this much estrogen in your system.

Whilst there is no magic mushroom to boost progesterone, the best thing you can do is to reduce your physical and emotional stress. Every time your body releases cortisol it taps into your progesterone stores and so your progesterone levels get lower!

I talk about this extensively in my Turning Off your Period Problems program and includes the best supplements to take to support your body as well as my 3 minute a day rule which is:

I want you to think of three relaxing things that will take one minute.

Do one of them in the morning, one in the middle of the day and one of an evening. That’s three changes you’ve given your adrenals to relax for a second!

Also make sure you’ve read my blog post here about low progesterone and well as my sweet potato blog post!

Monica x

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