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Is there a ‘best time’ to eat chocolate?

BY monicayates

Hmmmm what a good topic to talk about. Most women crave chocolate before their period. Normally it’s cause a) they want sugar to give them a release of serotonin (as this is lower in your luteal phase) and/or 2) their body is needing extra magnesium.

lxcacao which actually translates into SHE chocolate is the goddess of the creamy, brown, heavenly stuff. She’s a rich, sexy, abundant earth goddess and she is oooosing sex and power. She’s feminine and fierce. Something that most women struggle to encompass these days. We are constantly being told to keep a lid on things. Don’t be a show-off, don’t think so highly of yourself, don’t get a big head, don’t don’t don’t. As a result, we have turned off our libido for life. Our life force. our feelings, our sensuality, and as a result our fierce feminine.

Lxcacao’s medicine is just that, medicinal. In the right form of course. I’m talking about the 100% raw cacao sorta stuff. Without the sugar ’cause that won’t help your PMS. You can treat your ceremonial cacao during this time as just that, a ceremony for your feminine. Praising the beauty of your cycle and honoring it.

However you choose to communicate with your divine feminine, having some cacao during your luteal phase can help you reach that higher level.

Not to mention, cacao has phenylethylamine to make you feel as sorts of delicious feelings. Phenylethylamine boosts your libido and mood which is fantastic for this phase where most of the PMS shows up, especially as post-ovulation depression.

Lastly, raw cacao is high in magnesium which is fantastic for bloating, inflammation, water retention, anxiety, heavy periods, migranes, sleep, period pain and sugar cravings. In fact, magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems in the body, so just eat chocolate and everything will probs work 😉

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