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Honour your cycle even after menopause

BY monicayates

It came to my attention last week that I haven’t discussed menopause much and I know that a lot of women struggle with this transition into this phase of life. Some women love it because they don’t have a period anymore, others find that they feel less like a woman and some hate it because of the weight gain and symptoms.

I’m just going to be talking about how to understand the different ‘phases’ of your cycle when you DON’T have a cycle, so that you can still get the benefits of working with each of the 4 archetypes a fertile woman experiences in her life. These 4 different women are fundamental for allowing true grace and presence in our lives and to LOVE our cycle. When you shut down parts of yourself, or hate phases of your cycle, it’s usually a lack of understanding. The thing is that the more we shut down an aspect of our cycle, the more revenge it wants because it WANTS to be seen and heard.

…..then being able to work with this beauty can be missed by older women.

I’m here to say that it doesn’t need to be like this.

If you do not have a menstrual cycle, the energy of each phase can be integrated within you in association with the lunar phases. By following these phases, we allow the gifts of the archetypes to flow into her to be accepted, loved and most importantly expressed.

These energies come from our feminine soul within the womb centre and flow with the phases of our menstrual cycle, or the cycle of the moon. This creates the experience of the universal rhythms of the sacred feminine. Losing your cycle doesn’t mean you are losing your feminine. The feminine is an energy and you can come back to that whenever you would like.

So the 4 archetypes are:

The Maiden (she comes out in the follicular phase): This is the young girl who is independent, sexually desirable, authentic to herself, untouched by the influence of others

The mother (she comes out in the ovulation phase):This is the woman who is fertile, caring and selfless. She has an abundance of love and the power to nurture and provide for those around her. She is erotic and very sexually charged.

The Enchantress (she comes out in the luteal phase): She is the mature woman who is empowered, sexual, magical, wild and independent. She can also show herself as the ‘dark maiden’ because her wild side can come out.

The Crone (she comes out during menstruation): She is the ugly witch, the elder wise old woman, and focusing inward, away from the everyday drama/society and who will be silently in her portal between the worlds.

Accepting these energies can be hard for some women. Some women find it hard to connect with their ‘mother’ phase because they fear losing their ‘edge’ that makes them “successful” in their lives. Others find it hard to be open to their enchantress phase as their wild side can come out and she shows her colours as she is driven and compulsive. If you haven’t already downloaded my FREE ebook about the different phases of your cycle, you can do so here. This gives you a more in-depth look at each phase and how to tune into the different times of the lunar cycle for you.

So, if you are a woman without a cycle, listen to where the moon is and flow with that. “Do life” based on the moon and it will allow you to honour each of the 4 women inside you.

Often menopausal women feel lost, or they have built up anger because they are not allowing themselves to feel all 4 women. By feeling and experiencing all 4, it stops a build-up of any of the feelings that are stronger in some phases than others, and it allows you to flow and appreciate each different woman for her strengths.

For the lunar cycle:
The full moon is ovulation or the ‘mother’.

The new moon is menstruation or the ‘crone’.

As the new moon moves from the full moon to the new moon, you will come out of the crone to the Maiden, then the full moon will come and you will embody the Mother, then as the moon goes into the new moon, you’ll embody the Enchantress and so on.

If you are struggling with period problems, getting your period back or any hormonal balances, please book in with me so we can sort this for you! I love it when a woman goes from hating her cycle or not understanding what is up with her body, to absolutely loving the shit out of herself. It’s beautiful and I want this for you too <3

Lots of love xx

Monica x

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