Are you currently feeling a bit stuck and you don’t really know what the heck to be doing? 

Like things in your life just isn’t where you want them to be yet you’re so effing buzy?

Are you sick of just not LOVIN yo’self and hating your periods so you never feel truly IN your sexy ass body?

Are you longing for the life of your dreams but you just don’t know how to get there?

Are you sick of not voicing your opinion, saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’ and not having healthy boundaries?

Do you struggle to be vulnerable and ask for help because “you’re a strong independent woman!!”

Are you tired of your cycle getting in the way of you being the best version of yourself 99% of the time (the 1% is us being human)?

Is your lack of confidence holding you back in your friendships, social situations, sex life, and relationship? 

Do you have some childhood wounds that you haven’t yet worked on or haven’t fully cleared? 

Do you feel like you are not fully in alignment with your soul purpose? 

Do you have blocks around money so it stops you from investing in the things you want the most and you feel guilty AF after getting your hair done?

Do you want to get more connected to your fierce, true feminine? 

Do you want to stop being so f*cking stressed all the time and actually feel FULL BODY freedom?! 

Do you want to wake up feeling confident and sexy?

Do you want to walk past the mirror and think dammmmm I’d tap that ;)?

BIG QUESTION (and very important)…Have you ever had consensual sex where you said ‘yes’ but you kinda wanted to say no? 


If you just answered ‘yes’ to any of those, then this is for you. 


The Mastermind is for the woman who

  • Feels ‘stuck’ in life right now and doesn’t know why. She just feels a bit blocked, unsure and confused with everything. 
  • Wants to attract EVERYTHING that she desires (hint – if you’re vessel isn’t CLEAR as daylight then you won’t be open to receiving!) 
  • Is wanting to improve her relationship both in and out of the bedroom so the fireworks come back and you are the most in-love you’ve ever been
  • Is wanting her man to be more masculine in their relationship, or to attract a masculine man so that she can fully surrender, be taken care of and feel truly loved and desired 
  • Let’s people cross her boundaries and she resents herself for it, like when you say ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘hell no’
  • Doesn’t feel comfortable just walking around naked and the low self-confidence is something she wants to improve upon.
  • Is stuck in a cycle of bad habits like staving yourself during the day and then overeating at night, slogging yourself at the gym, thinking that if you don’t eat lunch then you’ll be skinner, waking up at 4am to fit in a workout, drinking too much on the weekend and it throwing out your Sunday and Monday
  • Wants to shift her money mindset so that she can travel lots, drink champagne on the coast of Italy, buy the good quality organic veggies, and maybe even her first luxury purchase 😉 
  • Wants the confidence to start her dream job, business or just feel like she’s crushin’ life and not holding herself back from the bad-ass babe life that she’s craving 
  • Wants to totally embody her bitchy-feminine-goddess from a place of power and not anger so that she can bring in the friends and lovers that value her the most and so that she can truly feel confident and sexy in her body
  • Wants to be vulnerable, feminine and activated by her womb and feminine essence so that she can forgive her past and be her true, expressed version of herself 
  • Desires to increase her vibrational frequency so that she can magnetically attract everything she wants and live more inflow 


….And is looking to step into a life where there is less push and more flow, where you’re having sex with the lights on instead of off, where you’re walking around the apartment in your bra and undies confidently, where you are working with your cycle and not against it, where you are great at holding your power and space, where you’re having more pleasure in life, where you’re attracting the life of your DREAMS because your vessel is open and where your health is the best it’s ever been. You’re going to pilates because you now have the money coming in to afford it, you’re enjoying all your healthy meals, you’re going to bed early because you can listen to what your body needs, you stop pleasing your friends and family if it means putting yourself second.  



What I’ve come to the conclusion to, is this…

If our vessel isn’t OPEN, our womb isn’t cleared, our yoni isn’t a blooming flower, then you will not be able to attract AND receive the life of your dreams. The man, money, house, health. You might learn how to manifest and be doing all that great stuff, you might have the business coach. But if you’re body is blocked, then you will not be able to easily achieve the life of your dreams.

Of course, you could still get there, but it’ll require twice as much work and you won’t be tapped in your feminine which will continue to shut your body, womb and yoni down. So basically not ideal 😉 



If this sounds like something you’d be interested in….let’s jump on a call to see if it’s the right fit! 

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In just 6 weeks you will be the woman that walks into a room and everyone turns her head because there is just ‘something about her’


You will have more trust in yourself, the universe and your path because you are more connected.









You will clear the trauma (we all have it, big and small), find yourself again, be radiating love and passion, be more in love with your partner and kids, dancing around the room and full tapped into the sexy, fierce, soft, vulnerable and warrior goddess that you are. 


You can have all this and more…..






This sisterhood is about holding a powerful and safe energetic space for you to feel supported and loved by other women. The community aspect of this Mastermind is one of the largest pieces of the puzzle and I am continued to be blown away but how this helps and speeds up growth and healing. 


You know how you often think that you’re the only woman in the world with problem ‘x’?


Well…now you know you’re not the only one!


You get access to a new tribe where your soul will be energetically connected to other incredible, sexy and inspirational women.


So many of us crave that ‘tribe’ where our souls feel connected, heard and held. And now you get that, ANDs an epic transformation.


Monica invests so much time, love and care into every one of her clients, and this experience is no different.


….let’s jump on a call to see if it’s the right fit! 

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My 6 week Feminine AF mastermind is the ultimate container for you to step into your power. We are born into this world as a perfect being. An empty book that needs to be written. And as we grow up, the book starts being filled with social and family conditioning.


It’s no one’s fault. But if you want different results from what you’ve currently got – then you need to change what you’re currently doing.

This is your chance to get your eraser out, and rub all that shit out. Grab a pencil (or your laptop, cause who the fuck still owns a pencil) and re-write the beliefs for the life that you desire.






This isn’t about changing your personality or who you are – this is just about getting rid of the crap in your head that is holding you back from the life that I KNOW you want (and can get!!)




You will get all the love, guidance and life changing work from Monica with:

  • 6 weekly high-vibe and transformationally-mind-blowing [not a word, but we’re going to make it;)] 90-minute group calls
  • A 90 minute 1:1 coaching call 
  • A Facebook group for all the juicy support, daily high-vibes, nuggets of wisdom, tips and tricks, challenges and more
  • Reprogramming tracks to train your mind for abundance, confidence, love, relaxation and honesty in all areas of life
  • Clearing and shadow work
  • Energy Clearing
  • Tarot Card Readings
  • Embodiment practices
  • Quantum leaping
  • A recording of all the content so that you have life-long access to this work
  • Homework for between the weekly coaching calls to make these changes on a cellular level 
  • Journal prompts 


Spots are VERY limited, so if you are feeling called, I invite you to take the plug and book in your discovery call to see if this is the right fit for you!

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You are about to have the power to fully understand yourself. FULLY be in your power and feel so fucking ALIGNED. Ughhhh YES YES YES I’m so keen for you! This work is truly life changing. 


Our work together is an integrated experience of personal transformation that will shake shit up and get you out of your head and living a completely different life!


I’m a master of periods, sex, femininity, energetic shifting, NLP, the subconscious mind, breaking through your barriers, calling you out on your BS and so much more.


Heal your shadows, receive more pleasure in life, own your cycle and dance with your highest self.


These are some of the results that have been created in the past from working with me:

“Participating in the Mastermind was a huge life shift for me. I came into it at the right time, just when I felt I was on the verge of breaking point. When I had my discovery call with Monica, I felt it was 100% the right thing to do and although I had anxiety around spending the money, Monica helped me work through this. I learned so much from Monica and not to mention the amazing women who I did the Mastermind with. Everyone was so supportive of each other and I have made friends to last a lifetime. There were so many changes I have witnessed in myself and the other women who finished the program with me. I have walked away as a new woman and with knowledge that will allow me to continue my self-development throughout my life. I have noticed a huge shift into my feminine and am now more in tune with myself, allowing me to achieve the goals I want to achieve and be the woman I want to be”. — Ashleigh 


Through the Feminine AF Mastermind with Monica, I was able to tap in and find balance again in both my Feminine and Masculine. As a newborn mumma it gave me the opportunity to really tap in and get to know this new version of myself that I was struggling to know who she was. Monica helped me to see where I needed to make changes in my life through tapping into my own inner knowing and really gave me the kick up the bum that I needed. I have walked away from this Mastermind more confident and a much happier person. I’m now excited to continue coaching with Monica with her new program Sexy Support…. I feel like the sky really is the limit now! — Sammy


“Through sessions with Monica, I was able to embrace my true feminine self and it has completely changed my perspective on how I live my life. It has change my outlook, my relationship with my partner, sex and ultimately loving my body and mind. I now never have to dim my sexy, intelligent, creative or studious light. I no longer feel the shroud of oppression I used to have for who I am” – Sophie


“Monica has changed by life. Honestly before my coaching session with Monica, I never understood the feminine and masculine. Monica taught me how to step into my feminine with practical tips I could easily apply to my busy schedule. It has changed my relationship with myself, my kids and my husband.” – Petra



“Monica is the most incredible person I have ever met, and I am just soooooo fucking grateful for all her guidance, love and heartfelt support. I have found my voice and feel fucking incredible! I now feel sexy, worth and powerful through Monica’s guidance. I never realised how disconnected from the feminine I was and Monica brought me back to my trust essence. She ROCKS” – Erin


“I never realised that I had the option to choose a different story. I thought because I was always told this, this is what I was going to have for the rest of my life. Literally, after our first session with Monica, my whole life flipped. I was able to finally have the life that I’d only been dreaming of for over 9 years.” – Vivian


If you’re feeling the pull ….let’s jump on a call to see if it’s the right fit! 

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Week 1:

  • Understanding the TRUE feminine and eliminating the programming of the false feminine because that is what pushes so many of us into this fear-based beliefs around the feminine
  • Highlighting the blockages In our lives that we want to shift, and starting to think about where they are coming from so that you can release them and step into your highest self
  • Knowing your core patterns so you can change them for the better so that you can create the life of your dream and not be limited.


Week 2:

  • The balance between the feminine and masculine, especially in the workplace/modern life so that you are able to work more in flow, not be as stressed at work and step into your own authentic power
  • How you can bring your feminine more to life which will allow your wealth, health, love and happiness to be in full force
  • Stepping into alignment so that you can be living with purpose and passion
  • Breaking through beliefs around the feminine/masculine so that you can find your core personality and not be bombarded and worn down by conditioning
  • Due to the fast-paced word and all the masks that we have on, we will be focusing on coming out of your masculine shell so that you can feel sexy, abundant and sensual. We very often are constantly ‘pushing’ and striving so much that we are not allowing ourselves to soften and slow down because there is some fear or shame around that

Week 3:

  • Living in abundance, shifting your mindset for growth and prosperity. The one thing that holds you back from the dreams and goals you desire, it your mindset and the frequency you have in the world. If you are for example, living in a scarcity mindset, the universe will continue to affirm that to you….do you want that?! Hell no! So we will re-wire your brain so that you are attracting wealth, abundance, love, health and everything else you want.
  • Erasing your negative money mindset and shifting in the serious abundance and wealth so that you can be vibrating at the frequency that will attract the level of wealth and abundance that you want
  • Tapping into your highest self and working on visualization and the importance of it. Visualization is the door to your desires. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s fake, so by understanding visualization and knowing how to use it, you can tap into your full potential seamlessly.
  • Learning how to manifest what you desire in your life so that all those things on your vision board are in your life by the end of 2019 😉


Week 4:

  • Self-confidence, standing in your power and having boundaries so that you can say ‘no’ and be confident in that decision both in the moment and after.
  • You will discover where your lack of self-confidence comes from and how to become the most bass-ass confident and sexy version of yourself so that you can be proud of yourself and be giving yourself the validation that your inner child craves from her parents
  • How to stand in your power without being involved in emasculating men. Often in relationships, we emasculate from a place of insecurity. This results in our man feeling small, and us not feeling truly looked after and cherished.
  • The power of energetic womb practices for the feminine so that you can release the blockages that are holding you back, and allow the subconscious thoughts to be changed

Week 5:

  • Connecting to your cycle for the ultimate feminine AF power. You will no longer have to miss days of work, be curled up on the sofa or be crying in pain. You will be able to finally love your cycle and appreciate it!
  • Harnessing your superpowers. We have different power in each phase, and through using these powers, it will improve your sex life, relationships, productivity, health goals and sleep.
  • Biohacking your life for the ultimate productivity and manifestation. Once you understand the superpowers, we will be talking about how to plan your life for the ultimate success so you no longer feel overwhelmed, you’re no longer beating yourself up and where you can flow more and push less


Week 6:

  • Showing up as the feminine in the relationship so that your man can step into his masculine. This will allow you to truly feel cherished, loved, taken care of and as a result, you can soften, surrender and have a more intimate and deep connection
  • Showing up as the feminine in sex. When we are showing up with barriers, we don’t allow ourselves to surrender and as a result, we cannot have deep, truly fulfilling sex. Instead, we close off and create a barrier
  • How to have better sex. Don’t worry I won’t be giving you positions 😉 Instead we will be talking about the importance of everything BEFORE sex. Understanding your turn on’s and offs, his turns on’s and turn offs, tapping into your sensuality so that you DO want to be intimate and allowing yourself to fully receive him and to be fully taken.



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Is this course for coaches only?

No it’s for every woman that wants to create a more harmonious, in-flow life for herself. You can be working in corporate, a stay at home mum, an entrepreneur or anything else! You just have to desire a life more in alignment to your core feminine


Is this course live?

Yep, it’s all live baby! So you will get my fresh high-vibe personality in real time, and maybe also some bed hair depending on time slots 😉


What if I’m already feminine?

If feel that you’re not fully in your power and you let people cross your boundaries, then you will benefit immensely of this course. There is the false feminine and the true feminine. The false feminine is the ‘weak’ version that we often associate with the word feminine or ‘girly’. The true feminine is the sassy, sometimes fiery feminine that doesn’t allow people to walk all over her and isn’t afraid to stand in her truth. She is hot, sexy and a MASSIVE aphrodisiac to masculine men. 


Also, even if you’re “already done the work,” you can never hear things too many times! It is important to constantly be exposed to the things that you want to change so that you can reprogram your subconscious mind.


Why did Monica create this course?

In 2018, Monica finally realised that the universe was giving her a tonne of signs that she needed to stop being so damn masculine all the time. After a car accident, quincy, a horrendous ski accident (on the feminine side of her body), a subsequent surgery as a result of a complication, and then a torn ligament in her thumb, she finally decided to do some work. And boy did she get results.


She reprogrammed her mind, figured out where her stories came from and released the trauma she was holding onto and as a result her life has completely changed. Now Monica wants to be able to help more women that find themselves locked in their masculine and it affecting their health, relationship and success so that they to can experience this flow and ease (without losing their strength of course).


You will be going through all the same work and more in this mastermind.


Is there a refund policy?

No, there are no refunds, cancellations or ‘changes of mind.’ This is an all-in mastermind. If you want the results, it’s up to you to put in the work, mindset and commitment. Monica shows up as 100% to every session, voice message and email. If you haven’t gotten results with other things, or had a back-door policy previously, chances are you didn’t get the results you wanted because part of your brain knew that you could just put in 50% and then get a refund. Well, you need to put in 100% and then you’ll see the incredible results.  This is a program of commitment, change and devotion. If you have a half-assed attitude, your brain will be hunting out for reasons to back out, and then you’ll never get results. Don’t be in fear, step into love and TRUST that if you want results, you will fucking get them!


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Just some of the proof…