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Feminine as F#ck

Feminine as F#ck

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Hi, I’m Monica

A double Sag and a rising Gemini.

I’m an Enneagram 8, a Generator, lover of life, truth speaker and witchy as hell. Trauma, periods, feminine energy, masculine energy, doing business in your feminine, sex, calling out the BS and changing lives is the peanut butter to my jelly. My top-rated podcast allows me the opportunity to teach you about the life changing concepts, tools and modalities that will change your life forever. They are un-scripted and raw AF to keep things fresh and juicy.

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Feminine as F#ck Podcast

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  • Understanding sensuality, feminine energy and how to be a magnetic woman
  • Living a life that turns you on!
  • Connecting to your masculine for greater passion, purpose and leadership in your relationship
  • Understanding men, and being the best women in your relationship
  • Doing business in your feminine so you are getting alllll your needs met
  • Understanding your cycle so that you can use it’s superpowers to live your best life
  • Money, luxury and manifesting your dream life
  • Feminine as F#ck’s Popular Episodes
  • 10 The pill fucks you up
  • 1 My story
  • 4 Two areas to look for fixing hormonal acne
  • 6 Is exercise ruining your hormones?
  • 3 The money fear of investing in yourself

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Topics I can jam on:

  1. How trauma and reprogramming can help with period issues
  2. How Coronavirus will impact your period and cycle
  3. How your periods create magnetic sales and increase profits
  4. How the feminist movement has f*d women

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