Would you like to use more natural ways of balancing your hormones, beating cravings, getting deeper sleep and getting rid of pain??

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen that I use essential oils A LOT

They not only taste delicious in my recipes, but they helped me tremendously with pain management when I had a big ski accident

why oils?

Essential oils are the natural compounds found in plants and they are dedicated to keeping the plant healthy, preventing infection, warding off unwanted predators and attracting pollinators. They are basically superheroes to say the least.

They are 50-70 times more powerful than dried herbs (e.g. 1 drop of peppermint = 28 cups of peppermint tea) and they have been used by humans for their medicinal purposes for centuries.

You can use your essential oils for pretty much everything. From flavouring your deserts to getting the [non-toxic] nail polish off your nails. They are also amazing for using in-place or alongside modern medicine. I believe that there IS a place for modern medicine and I have had to turn to it when things get serious, but for the common cold/sore throat, these can be used in place of other drugs. I have also used my oils religiously alongside modern medicine when I have had to use the serious stuff.

Other ways I use my essential oils:

for non-toxic perfumes

to help ground me when I’m flying

reduce bloating or gas

detoxification from many different things: environmental, stress, alcohol, pesticides, prescription drugs

reduces cellulite

balances hormones

reduced PMS

skin inflammation

clearing up pimples

helping me sleep

reducing pain after my ski accident

reducing the appearance of scars

in my food and drinks

to help boost my immune system

Some key factors in choosing your oils:


You must ensure that there is no funny business going on in that little bottle of oil. Whilst there are plenty of ‘essential oils’ on the market – most are full of fillers, pesticides, herbicides and god knows what else. At MY HEALTH we are focused on eliminating endocrine disruptions – not adding more!


In order for an essential oil to be as effective as possible, the plants must be harvested at its peak of potency. You also want to ensure that your oils are being sustainably harvested to help protect the environment

Sourcing Method

Ensuring that the farmers and artisans who are proving these plants and materials is also important. These people live all over the globe, many live in developing counties and the brand of essential oils that I use put these people first. They provide a fair wage and a safe infrastructure so that these beautiful workers can also benefit from the business.

So how do I get my hands on these babies?!

The best way to buy these essential oils is to create a wholesale account with doTERRA so that you can always get the lowest price (25% off retail price). With the wholesale account, you have access to an optional (but seriously generous) Loyalty Reward Program (hello freebies!!) – and the opportunity to share the oils with friends and even make a commission!

You’ll have access to me every step of the way to ask questions about your oils, how to use them and the best ones for your symptoms.

If you would like access to the essential oils that I use for 25% off the retail price, then just shoot me an email below and I’ll send you all the deets!