This Moon and Menstrual Tracker enables you to compare your emotions, physical feelings and so much more from cycle to cycle. Often in apps, whilst we can record information, it is impossible to compare that day to the same day last month to look for similarities.


By knowing your cycle, you can preconceive what might be coming up in days 4-6, for example just by comparing your charts months to months. This gives you an upper hand to help you deal with any PMS, cravings or hunger before it actually happens. Or, maybe it allows you to see that just before you get your period, you have no energy…so you now know that you should schedule in a nap on those days and try to work from home.


Things that you should consider for your moon and menstrual tracker charting:

  • your cervical fluid
  • spotting
  • libido
  • physical aches and pains
  • energy levels
  • how your sleep was, including any crazy dreams you had
  • bloating and cramps
  • level of motivation
  • how creative you were that day
  • how analytical you were of yourself/work/others
  • how hard exercise was for you that day
  • how hungry you were
  • if you are craving certain foods
  • were you feeling production, overwhelmed, sad, angry, happy, lonely etc

literally, ANYTHING you want, you can record on here. 

Below is a little example of how I write in mine.


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