Don't hide your personality! - Monica Yates

Don’t hide your personality!

BY Monica Yates

Don’t hide thinking that your personality is “just masculine.”


I used to think that my personality was just ‘masculine.’ ⠀

And I know that a lot of you think the same, too. ⠀

But guess what….that was all just a safety net. ⠀

It kept me safe, it protected my little girl, and it wasn’t my truth. ⠀

My truth is that I have a feminine core, and I naturally crave the divine masculine protection. ⠀

Within pretty much a weekend (and then over the following 6 months), I became the most feminine version of myself, and I know intuitively that this year, I will be hitting whole new levels. ⠀

I went from: ⠀

– Never being able to show any interest in men that I was dating, to wearing my heart on my sleeve

– Hustling, thinking that the more stressed I was, the more successful I was

– Being a ball-breaker (emasculating men), to being able to feel what men feel so deeply and have SO MUCH LOVE for them, not hate ⠀

??But what I want to focus on is this…

I didn’t need to DO things to “make me feminine.” ⠀

I needed to get rid of all the crap that was making me have a masculine armour of protection around me.

And no, it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. I was scared to make that leap into the unknown, but I trusted myself, and I got the results. And FAST. ⠀

And this is the rest of your life we are talking about. Your relationships, your sex life, your children, your health. ⠀

Every area of your life is benefited when you come into alignment. Because for 90% of women, we have a feminine core, and when you are fighting against that, you feel like you are constantly pushing. ⠀

And when you stop fighting and come into alignment, boy oh boy does life become so fucking easy. 

If you are reading this right now, I want to you know that I’m here for you, I get that it’s scary to leap into the unknown, and I promise you with all my heart that it will be the best thing you’ll EVER do for your current and future self. 

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Monica x

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