This is the certification that will make you the Best. Coach. Ever.


I’ve seen too many ‘coaches’ go through quick programs to get their training, but then they come to me not knowing shit about how to coach. And whilst I’m glad they then come to me and I can help them 1:1, I realised, there were so many of you wanting this deep, life changing education and not knowing where to go. Hell, I couldn’t even refer you to another school!


Fortunately, I was trained in NLP at a great school to become a Master Coach, but that didn’t teach me about femininity, inner child wounding, sexuality and trauma. It taught me how to ask the right questions, and I had about 100 hours of coaching practise before I completed the training, however I know there is more that can be offered.

Unlike most certifications, you’ll leave with quality practise on being an amazing coach


Hell, you even have to coach ME so that I can give you the tick of approval! 


  • This certification is for the woman that is serious about being a life coach. She isn’t just looking for lots of money and a nice life, she cares deeply about changing women’s lives
  • She knows that she was born to help people and has the natural ability to be strong, she has drive and determination and she doesn’t wallow in her victimisation
  • She’s done the work and is now ready to learn it all
  • She isn’t afraid of the workload and challenges that come with the job, she’s excited for a bit of a hustle 😉
  • This is for the woman that has discipline and healthy habits in her life. She has the desire to go all in for the next 18 months

If you miss this round, I do want you to know that you’ll have to wait about 2 years for the next round to start…so trust your womb and heart on this one ladies!

  • This isn’t for the woman that wants to have some fun and thinks that the idea of being a coach seems ‘fun’ and ‘easy’. Working with my ISN’T ‘easy’ all the time. It’s easy if you fucking LOVE what you do, but if you’re doing this for some fun reason, this shit won’t be easy
  • This isn’t for the woman that is escaping from a job because this seems trendy
  • This isn’t for the woman that wants to just make a lot of money without also working and taking hard aligned action

This isn’t a coaching certification for the high hearted. It’s a process to get into, it’s got exams, and there isn’t easy ways to get out of it.

If you’re wanting a chilled and easy Coaching Certification this is NOT it.


This certification will allow you to have a mind, body and spirit approach with your future clients. I’ve been able to facilitate insane, electric transformations in my clients, and it brings me so much delight to be able to teach this to those that are feeling called.


This isn’t just about learning about subconscious healing, this is about neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis, energy clearing, meditation, manifestation, sex, sensuality, feminine and masculine energy, productivity, painful sex, past life regression, periods, food and nutrition, confidence, numbness, emotional alchemy, embodiment work, shame, tantric, trauma, release, anger mindset, inner child healing and so much more.


By becoming FAF Certified, it will allow you to become an expert in many modalities that allow you to facilitate life long transformations in both men and women without any doubt.

What do you get in this container?

  • A whole lot of love throughout the Facebook group where Monica will be answer questions. You’ll get a monthly moon-update from Monica’s magic woman so that you know what’s coming ahead energetically
  • Bi-weekly live zoom calls
  • Modules being released every week
  • Quiz’s and exams that you must pass in order to get your certification
  • A 3 day in-person immersion in Paris or London (TBC)
  • Weekly modules dropped for you to work at your own pace with.
  • Bi-weekly live zoom calls to go over the content from the week, be guided through the practises so that you can feel the effect for yourself, and ask questions about the week’s content.
  • Literally everything that you need to become an incredible coach
  • A reading list
  • 2021 Bad Ass Bitches Academy complementary*
  • 1:1 packages as an add-on available which includes Voxer and email access (available after appplication)

By the end of the certification you will have the title of one of the following:

  • FAF Certified Life Coach
  • FAF Certified Feminine Empowerment Coach
  • FAF Certified Love Coach
  • FAF Certified Transformation Coach
  • FAF Certified Sensuality Coach
  • FAF Certified Feminine Coach
  • FAF Certified Period Coach
  • FAF Certified Women’s Holistic Coach
  • FAF Certified Energy Coach
  • FAF Certified Money Coach

*For other names, you will need to be approved


Are you ready?

To make an imprint on the world?

To help others at a deep level?

To back yourself 100%?

To trust yourself that you are good enough and that you deserve it?

You might be doubting yourself and having fears, but deep down, what is your gut saying?

This is about choosing your desires over the things creating fear.


This is about you saying YES to a new destiny for yourself 

I was a little nervous when I chose my certification, but because I knew DEEP down that I was born for this, I knew that I would do whatever it took to make this dream a reality.

I want you to know that I’m here to support you 100% AND you must support yourself.

If you’re ready to hold space for other to heal their trauma, connect to their pleasure, re-write their stories, clear their bodies of blocks, understand their own bodies and so much more, then firstly, have a ready of the syllabus and then if your heart/womb/gut is still saying ‘do it!!’, then apply via the application in the syllabus!


When will you run this again? 

Applications will open again at the end of 2021 for a 2022 start. So make sure that you are not missing out if you feel the pull!

What is the benefit of this program over another? 

Other coaching certificates don’t cover the DEPTH of things we go over. To have everything from NLP to past life work, is powerful and unique.

Will I be legally certified? 

Currently there are no regulations in the coaching industry which is why I believe there is a bit of a problem with every second person these days thinking they can coach. Giving advice and facilitating a transformation that heals someone’s mind, body and spirit is very different, and you need to be trained. Whilst there aren’t laws in this area at the moment, I believe there will be soon so by getting certified now, it means (just like psychics), those that are already working when laws come out, will hopefully just get given a license (when licenses come into play).

Do I have to come to Paris? 


What are the expected outcomes? 

Go through the syllabus, and basically the outline for each week. It is expected that you are proficient in everything we go over, which is why it’s also a long program so you’re not rushing through concepts.

Will I get the support I need? 

Of course, AND I am also attracting in women that don’t need to ask a million and one questions before thinking for themselves. We are so used to instant answers and gratification these days, and it means we don’t stop and think for ourselves. SO just like you would at school, do your own research and thinking first and THEN if you’re still unsure, drop a question in the FB group!

If you are wanting to be able to text me all day every day, this isn’t the certification for you.

If you go for the VIW option, you will get 24/5 support (beside the holidays)

Can I book a call with you to discuss options? 

There will be a group discovery call and then yes you can book a call with me after, you can send an email to asking for the link to book a call. Please fill out of the application form (linked in the syllabus) before booking a call.

How do I apply? 

Please read the WHOLE PDF. This is showing me that you aren’t looking carefully and actually reading everything…on p. 23, 25, 28 you will find the application buttons. 

What’s the process of getting in? 

Again, it’s in the PDF…You need to firstly read the PDF and make sure it’s a FUCK YES > then apply > then I will contact you after your application with the next steps.

What are the payment options? 

Please look at page 27 for all your options.

When do I need to make the first payment? 

The first payment is due when signing the contract to secure your space in the certification.  

Do I need to go and get another certification (board certified) after this?

You don’t need to go to another coaching school unless you want to be ICF qualified but I have looked into this and actually if you go by the ICF rules you pretty much can’t teach or give advice….so, not what you want! The ICF cert is v limiting and I don’t recommend it to people. Yes, it looks good, but soon enough there will be other board certifications (hence, why I’m doing this certification NOW so I can just get a tick once there are more regulations) that would be better suited.

VIW queries

Lastly, just to clarify the VIW option – it’s 1:1 calls every 2nd month for 18 months, plus voxer and email support Mon-Fri