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Can your pain give you pleasure?

BY monicayates

So, it’s a common theme amongst my clients, and within the past 2 days, it’s consuming my life too. Sitting in the unknown. Having no control. Not knowing what the other person is thinking.

And I fricken hate it. I wouldn’t label myself as a control freak (although that’s probs just my ego getting defensive), yet when I’m not in control and knowing what is going on, I freak out. Sitting in the unknown and not knowing what is going to happen is the most painful thing ever.

If you listened to my Insta live last week (rewatch it here), it was full of nuggets and one of them being the idea that in pain = pleasure. There is a line between pain and pleasure and if you surrender enough to the pain, and sit in it, you’ll cross the line into pleasure.

I’m doing the things that help me the most right now. Meditating (if you don’t have the unplug app, you need it!), journaling lots to unpack my thoughts, and yeah eating 100% chocolate and drinking cacao with adaptogens every day to keep me grounded. And it’s hard work. But I’m really working on surrendering. And of course, it’s easier said than done…but that’s why you got to have practices in place to support you.

It’s easy to just flip out and go wild, but that would result in a worse outcome. Instead, I’m holding myself, I’m holding space, and I’m surrendering to whatever is meant to be. 


I’m not saying this is easy. This is shit hard. But if you can sit in the pain, there is so much peace for the rest of your life. Also, bring some physical pain into your life during these emotionally hard times. If you can sit in the hard yoga poses, and hold your plank for 10 extra seconds, you will build mental resistance which you can carry out into your day.

If you can cross that line of pain, if you can sit in it and fully surrender to the process and trust it, you will start to create more EASE and FLOW in your life. You will no longer have this fear of lack or being without or needing to control. You will slowly release the grip on more and more things. 


This space you then create becomes an expansive vessel for more to flow into your life. You become less dependent on things and people and you become more connected to your soul.


You light your soul up along the way and put all the connection back within yourself. You take back the power that that thing or person had over you and allow yourself to rise up. You hold onto your worth more and you trust the divine universe.


Your fears are the same all the time, and the more you resist them, the more they will keep fighting. It’s like a never ended hand wrestle where both you and your partner’s hands are still in the middle and both your arms are shaking. HOWEVER, if you stop having this need to resist feeling your fears and pain and allow the pain to move through you as you surrender, the pain will pass much more quickly and with way more grace and ease. 


I would love to know your thoughts, my thoughts for today has sparked something within you, and if you’re going through something, please feel free to share with me how you’re moving through it.


I’m not saying it’s easy, it’s hard. But we are powerhouses and we can do this!

I love you,
Monica xx

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Monica x

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