Do you have an unfulfilling sex life where you are afraid to ask for what you really want or show up in sex the way you want?

Are you a mumma that has lost her sexy spark because just having a shower seems to be a luxury? 

Does your weight hold you back in unleashing the confident version of yourself? 

Does your past trauma or sexual experiences mean that you are always a bit shut off when you’re in relationships and being intimate? 

Are you frequently triggered and you have a hard time of getting rid of these triggers? 

Do you want to be turned on by life and be bursting at the seams?

Are you craving deeper levels of connection and love to really fill your vessel both romantically and with friendships?

Do you feel blocked or stuck in your body and like you’re not living as your most high-vibe self?

Do you struggle to manifest things that you want with ease? 

Are you craving an amazing connection to sisterhood and soul family?

Do you have trouble surrendering and trusting the process and therefore you feel like you’re constantly pushing? 

Do you struggle to get into your feminine and this is impacting your relationship? 

Has sex become a chore and the spark and fire has been lost?

Do you want to feel DESIRED by your partner?

Do you want to walk past the mirror and be like “dammnnnnn I’d tap that” 

Do you want to be so fully aligned, embodied and confident within you life 

Are you struggling to fully step into your confidence which is ultimately affecting you in your health, wealth and relationships?

This retreat/high-vibe vacation is for the woman that:

  • is ready to commit to herself wholeheartedly 
  • knows that this is the time to take real action and make long-lasting changes
  • is sick of just talking about her problems, and actually wants SUSTAINABLE results 
  • wants to heal her childhood wounds and blocks
  • has any sexual trauma that her body is still activated by 
  • wants to reprogram her subconscious so that she can have the life she is worthy and deserving of having 
  • wants to come home to herself and is ready to put herself first


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We will cover 

overcoming limiting beliefs and self doubt that are being stored in your body and mind. These play out in all areas of our life and hinder us from living a life that is TURNED ON!

overcome parent and childhood wounding, negative conditioning and trauma which is actually what is stopping you from doing so many things, it’s just that this lies deep within our body

harnessing the power of your period so that you can be an embodied feminine woman and radiating goddess energy to attract in your dream life

redefining orgasm so that you can experience deeper levels of bliss in all parts of your life 

activating high levels of pleasure both in the bedroom and in your everyday life. The more pleasure you experience, the higher a vibration you will be vibrating at and therefore you can manifest your life more easily  

body and soul confidence so that you turn heads!  

achieving higher levels of vitality so that you feel light, energised and glowing in your body 

stepping into your power and creating healthy and strong boundaries so that you can feel strong saying ‘no’ to people, and so you don’t avoid confrontation because of fear 

stepping more into the balance between masculine and feminine so that you can life a life that is fucking easy!  

orgasmic manifestation so that you can quantum leap into your dream life NOW

subconscious reprogramming so that all the beliefs that are holding you back, are GONE for good! 

womb activation and yoni dearmouring 

anger release, burning ceremonies and deep ancient wounding work 

jade egg and yoni practises 

time regression techniques to unblock your pasts 

heart open exercises so that you can give more freely and become a warmer, more feminine version of yourself 



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You can say all the mantras, talk to yourself in the mirror and read all the self help books, but if you’re not willing to use your mind AND body TOGETHER then nothing will change. The power of your body is indescribable and it remembers everything. So you can do all the talking and thinking on a conscious level, but if you’re don’t tap into the unconscious and use your body, then jack shit will happen.


Your body stores trauma, wounds and all the limiting beliefs and if you don’t clear this and re-align yourself then no lasting change can occur. 




A Boujee bitch lives with and open mind, a full heart and a juicy yoni. She is fully embodied in her power, she is in full alignment with her soul self, and is so turned on by life. 




She speaks her truth, doesn’t let people cross her boundaries and is unapologetically her authentic self. Whether that be, fire, water, earth or air. 




Combined, Monica and Asti are the magic duo for all things femininity, sex, periods, hormones, confidence, energetic shifting, embodiment work, energetic release, NLP, the subconscious mind, breaking through your barriers, calling you out on your BS and so much more.




With the combo of Fire(Monica) and Earth(Asti) you will walk out of this Boujee Ass Retreat as a new fucking woman. 



If you are serious about being turned on by life and if you’re a full head, heart and pussy YES then let’s jump on a discovery call 

Dates: 8th-13th October 2019

Location: STUNNING home in luscious Byron Hinterlands. Everyone gets their own Boujee room and stunning 360 views. We have got the sexiest, most STUNNING, high-vibe location possible at Hinterland House Byron Bay. Your VIP airport pickup will chauffeur you (champagne in hand) to this dreamy location. Only once you arrive, can you feast your senses on velvet vintage sofas, soaring 14 foot ceilings, exquisite bathroom tiles, plush beds, open plan kitchens and ocean glimpses. You can take a dip in the saltwater pool, dance your ass off with the Bose Surround Sound System,  feast on the nearby macadamia farm (FUCK YES), and indulge in the catered SF, DF, GF VOF chef-prepared food. 

5 days of flowing between deep healing and growth inspiring workshops with a perfect mix of your own leisure time. 

2 60 mins 1:1 sessions. One with Monica and one with Asti  

5 nights accommodation

All meals included. Every day you get to pleasure youre senses with amazing healthy food

Airport pickup and drop off in a limo (yep!)

Emotional Release Massage 

Breakfast in bed 

Your own photo shoot 

Monica’s Feminine activation and turning off your period problems program (worth $1975) + a  Pleasure Treasures conscious sex toy package (worth $662) 

Monica’s reprogramming tracks (worth $1999) 

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Meet the Dream Team

Brittney is your emotional release therapist. She is our psychic intuitive who is able to take you through the most healing journey through body work & emotional release therapy. 
She allows you to completely rid of any residual stagnant energy of which needs to be removed from the body, allowing you to float into your up levelled version of yourself with nothing holding you back.
Her nurturing & warm energy leaves you feeling like you have had a beautiful hug from the inside out. Your love stores are completely filled up & you get to keep them to ensure your cup is overflowing.

This journey is to be the best massage experience of your life… and that is not said lightly!

Surrender to where your body needs to go and trust that Brittney holds a completely sacred space for you to unravel and rebuild yourself in.


Liv is your chef. She is a nutritionist and passionate foodie with a keen eye for all things health and wellness. With a specialty in food free of inflammatory sugar, grains and gluten, her recipes focus on mood-boosting and blood sugar balancing goodness. With a firm focus on not just the plate but the energy surrounding meal times too, she believes eating well should be beautiful, easy and effortless, not stressful! If she’s not getting creative in the kitchen, you can find her getting salty in the ocean, getting zen on the yoga mat or picking up fresh produce from the local farmer’s market. 

Morgan is your photographer. Celebrating embodied women who want to fall in love with themselves exactly as they are. For those who have a deep love for the creative, the fun & the passionate, my photography captures these moments. As a creative child I always played with different mediums to tell a story. My career in and love of photographer started when a family member gave me vintage film camera. Images have expanded my world view, and broadened my perspective. I aspire to use my work to reciprocate that inspiration that others have given me. Travel and life experience shaped my spirit in unforeseeable ways and I owe myself to these times. Out in the world you are stripped of the materials that comprise your concept of identity and are asked to be a part of humanity.

The purpose of creativity is to tap into something true for only ourselves – a memory, an emotion, a thought that is belongs purely to us. This expression of creativity is for you.



What the days will look like 


8th October: ARRIVAL

  • Welcome ceremony! We will arrive in the luxury Byron Hinterlands via limo and you will be greeted by Asti and Monica for a lovely welcome ceremony where we will connect out souls, open our selves up for the following 5 days and then come together for a delicious dinner served by our private chef Liv.


  • Deep womb healing
  • Subconscious work to unlock your childhood and parents wounds
  • Timeline regression to unlock any trauma in the womb
  • Opening your heart chakra so that you can give and receive freely
  • Re-creating a feeling of safety within your body so that you can open in your feminine and become magnetic

10th October: RELASING

  • Releasing trauma being stored in your womb
  • Breath work to uncover what is under the surface
  • Yoni dearmouring  to clear your cervix and vagina of trauma that is holding you back in your feminine and also your senility and sexuality
  • Anergy release work and energetic healing/reiki
  • Anger release work (even if you don’t think you have anger issues, trust me, YOU DO!)
  • Emotional release massage
  • Connecting to your inner archetypes and healing the wounds. Working with the archetypes is a gateway into new subconscious realms
  • Medicinal Cacao ceremony to open your heart and awaken you to deeper levels of pleasure
  • Emotional alchemy

11th October: EMBODIMENT

  • Embodiment work to lock in this new way of living and this new version of your
  • DNA transformation
  • Lap dance tutorial and unlocking your inner slut archetype!
  • Unleashing your wild woman though multiple modalities
  • Jade egg practises to awaken deeper levels of feminine energy and yoni and womb healing
  • Creating a bigger and more balanced Aura for yourself so that you light up the room!
  • Your own sexy photoshoot! This doesn’t need to be anything crazy, it’s whatever version of sexy you want to embody on the day


  • Ecstatic dance to open you up for deeper channels and spiritual awakening
  • Womb connection work so that you can access your intuition and guidance at a whole new level
  • Your baptism (just you wait and see;) )
  • The ultimate embodiment and integration practises


  • Learning about the power of sex magic to make you dream a reality
  • Quantum leaping so that you can become the next level version of yourself
  • Life mapping for your new portal of growth

This is just an outline, we have many secret things that we want to leave as a surprise for you 😉


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