Cacao & Convos with John: Emasculation and understanding Men - Monica Yates

Cacao & Convos with John: Emasculation and understanding Men

BY monicayates

We cover:

  • Women have things that connect them such as their periods but men don’t have that thing that connects them
  • The emasculation is men and how it prevents forward progress
  • How it feels for men to be emasculated
  • Why men need to do the work as well
  • The line between a woman emasculating and a man needing to deal with his shit
  • The importance of presence in relationships
  • The importance of group work for men
  • How you take on the energy of whoever you work with
  • Why you need to determine your values and standards in relationships
  • Energy release in order to improve relationships
  • The shame surrounding men and what they want sexually
  • Attachment styles for men

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