Are you a woman that is wanting to step up as a successful business owner?

You’ve done the degree or certificate but you are stuck as fuck with what to do next?

Or maybe you’ve tried and tried and tried and you’re about to have a mental breakdown because you don’t know how the fuck to have a successful fully booked business?

Are you dreaming of your future life but you don’t even know how to do the ‘inspired action’ part?

Do you feel like you’re hustling instead of FLOWINGGGGGG? So you feel stressed, bogged down and HARD. When you wanna be soft, feminine, and in-flow? With a touch of fierce, sex and sass of course!

Do you want to be able to tap out of your masculine work-day and into your feminine when you get home to your man?

Do you have money blocks? Because this is going to stop you in sales!!

Are you struggling to fully step into your confidence which is ultimately slowing you down in business?

Are you struggling to manifest the things you desire?

Does your inner-bitch often get pretty fucking loud in your head and it stops you in business?

Do you know who your ideal client is, but have no idea how to attract them to your work? 

Do you know the transformation you want to help your client experience, however you don’t know how to actually deliver it in a powerful way? 

Do you not know how to best price your offerings? 

Do you get engagement from your content but don’t know how to invite them to a discovery call without sounding “sales-y”? 

Are you able to get them into the discovery call but you can’t seem to turn them into paying clients? 

Do you know what content to create but you are still not able to FULLY 100% stand in your power online? 

Do you struggle to protect your energy and so you often burn out?

Do you feel as though you sometimes hold back when you are with clients because you are afraid of stepping into your power or you are triggered a bit? 

Do you feel as though you get clients to the discovery call, but then can’t book them? 




I’m so excited to announce my BASS-ASS-BITCHES ACADEMY!!!


This is for you if you are a woman that:

  • wants a successful business where she can choose her own hours, take holidays when she wants, live an abundant lifestyle and love every day,
  • to manifest and receive everything you want in life,
  • to work from Europe for 3 weeks, just ’cause
  • wants to be a client attractor
  • wants to be so fucking embodied in her work that she just BEAMS
  • needs to boost her confidence so she can sit in her authentic power
  • wants to be in flow, whilst seeing incredible results
  • wants to let go of the ‘push push push’ mentality
  • needs to release the trauma from her body to clear herself so she can attract and receive
  • knows she needs to work on her money mindset so that she doesn’t put up a block on discovery calls and then not book the client
  • needs to work on her true value so that she can really deliver and sell her services authentically and in a powerful way
  • a kick up the ass and a coach who is nurturing when needed, and calls you out on your shit.

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Next round starting early 2020 – secure your place in November/December of 2019



You want to be so fully embodied in your fierce feminine so that you can be looked after, taken care of and cherished in your relationships whilst also leading the way for the souls that you are helping and guiding.


If you want to create a dream coaching/services business then this is for YOU.

If you want to step into UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE, then this is for you. 

In the first 3 and a half months of 2019, I’ve made over $100K in sales and it is only increasing. Traveling to my favourite places whilst working, staying in beautiful hotels and living the dream and YOU CAN TOO!

This is the thing babe, if you do not CLEAR YOUR FUCKING VESSEL then you will not be able to receive all the things that I KNOW you can achieve. You might be able to attract them, but you will NOT be able to fully receive them and this will block you.


If you are not FULLY embodied and in alignment, then you will struggle with sales, speaking your truth, being confident and powerful, with receiving money and asking for money, with using your intuition to call clients out on shit, you will not be marinating in your creative flow and you won’t feel safe in your life.


The bottom line is that all the business coaching, manifestation workshops, crystals and reading books is all great, but if your vessel isn’t clear, and you aren’t in alignment, then none of this shit is going to work.


What you get from the Bad Ass Bitches Method

  1. Financial freedom to travel, work wherever the fuck you want, explore, exist and BE
  2. Deep AF soul alignment to your work and life
  3. Connection to people who are craving your gift
  4. Massive impact for your client and wallet
  5. Soul aligned clients and work!

You have a choice…

You can stay exactly where you are, or take this calling seriously and build an incredible life from it

We will be covering over the 4 months:

  • Subconscious programming because you manifest from your subconscious so this is VITAL
  • Orgasmic manifestation (yes it is as good as it sounds)
  • Awakening your inner Goddess.
  • Beginning in the feminine flow and becoming magnetic for your ideal clients
  • Releasing the trauma and crap from your vessel
  • Healing childhood and parent wounds that are blocking you from having a thriving business
  • Womb awakening and clearing so that you can be fully embodied in your feminine creative energy and open to receiving the clients, money and love.
  • Having a BANGIN’ period so that it doesn’t slow you down in business
  • Knowing your value and worth that you bring to the world so that you don’t get uneasy when talking about your prices in discovery calls or the like
  • Working WITH you cycle that you can bio-hack your business growth and making sure that you are doing certain tasks at the right time for optimal results
  • Working with the moon to manifest and shit out of your life once you’ve cleared the shit
  • We will work with your personality type using astrology, and enneagrams to make sure that your business and life integration is in optimal
  • The best methods and techniques to truly re-wire your brain and body for the ultimate CONFIDENCE so that you can so business from an authentic place of power and flow
  • Being more confident with your prices, increasing your value and being confident in your business and offerings
  • You will get clarity around what your business offerings are, working on sales and sitting in your power, how to effectively communicate, bring in clients and how to grow your business
  • And of course, some feminine ‘strategy’ that will create a magical container for your business

This is your gateway drug to the life of your dreams.

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You NEED to use your head and your body to create the change, know the blockages, recognise them and use my strategies to clear them FOR GOOD.


The once you have done this work, then and only then will the business coaching, energy clear and mantras will work.


I’ve seen it over and over again. And the day that this finally clicked, I was like HOLY FUCK I NEED TO SHARE THIS.


So here I am, inviting you to get the juicy AF coaching with me


Expect BIG growth, tears, nuggets of wisdom, BIG releasees and MASSIVE shifts. Even after the first session. Yep first session.


It includes:

  • Weekly 90 minutes calls for the first month, then bi-weekly 90-minute calls for the next 3 months. These are recorded too so you can keep them forever.
  • Facebook lives between the bi-weekly calls 
  • A private VIP Facebook group for all the Monica Nuggets, spontaneous extra FB lives for MORE juicy goodness, challenges, check-ins, sharing our wins and more tips and tricks (this is legit the most powerful part!!)
  • Very high touch point. (I read and edit all your sales pages, you can send me anything to review etc.) 
  • 1x 90 min kick-off call (recorded + notes)
  • 2x 60 min calls during the 4 months (recorded + notes)
  • 24/5 (Mon-Friday) Voxer support – I’m there for you all the time!
  • Monica’s Brain-changing reprogramming tracks
  • Tarot Card Readings 
  • Intuitive guidance + Muscle Testing 
  • Childhood reprogramming 
  • Inner child reconnection and energetic clearing 

If you are feeling the pull, then listen to that! Make the intuitive decision and trust your womb wisdom as she is ALWAYS right. Her power is explosive, which you are about to learn about!


Please note that as I have a very full schedule, if you are not willing to break your money blocks, get results and invest, then I would appreciate you waiting until you feel more of a pull to book for a discovery call.

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Next round starting early 2020 – secure your place in November/December of 2019


Testimonial from my clients that are coaches…


Working with Monica has helped me in SO many areas of my life….she is seriously more than a business coach!

I committed to working with Monica at a time when my logical brain was telling me “you can’t afford this”, thank God I didn’t listen to it and just trusted my gut and jumped right in! Otherwise I would have still been stuck as fuck and letting my BS get the better of me.

I started from scratch, I had nothing started in my business and was slow off the starting blocks. Monica has been patient, supportive, given me structure and tips on how what apps and platforms to use to support my growth.

In the first 6 weeks working with Monica I have noticed big shifts in my marriage, my relationship with my kids, I have moved from procrastination and fear to finally feeling excited and pumped to get my business rocking. I have moved past so much shit, our sessions are like a magical blend of personal transformations and business structure and advice – cause its all connected, right?!

I can’t recommend Monica highly enough….I guarantee she will bring you into alignment with your goals and gift you her signature Feminine as fuck sparkle along the way x

— Julie-Anne, Kinesiologist/Coach/Spiral Practitioner


Monica is unlike anyone else I have come across. She tells you how it is. She pushes you to achieve your goals. Her encouragement and support has helped bring my business to life. She is talented, creative and passionate about helping women achieve their dreams. If you are ready to make a change and release whatever has been holding you back in your business, Monica is your woman.

–Megan, Preconception Coach 


 I’ve been working with Monica for a month and a half now and to say that she has helped me is an understatement. Monica continues to call me out on my bullshit each and every week, helping me to let go of what’s holding me back and embrace the life I really want to live. She has been a huge support in helping me build my confidence and stand in my power, remember my worth, let go of my limiting beliefs, and set up my soon to be launched coaching business. I am so grateful for the growth and progress that I have been able to make in such a short time and I can’t wait to see how far I’ve come by the end of our program. I would highly recommend working with Monica. Not only will she help you create the business you desire, but the lessons that you will take away will continue to change your life for the better.
— Ashley, Health Coach for Dancer


Working with Monica can change your life. She is serious about her clients and will help you stop playing small and really step into your power. She pushes me to achieve beyond my self doubt and has helped me clear blocks I didn’t even know I had. When I started I felt like I had no hope, my business was a mess and I had almost given up on myself. But with her help, I’ve turned my business around and I’m confident in my ability to achieve everything I want for my business and myself.

— Phebe, Body Confidence Coach


Where to begin with just how incredible working with Monica has been.
She’s been able to be the bridge between owning my power and stepping whole heartedly into myself & therefore my business to show up authentically and help my women that have trusted me, just like I have with Monica.
She’s been able to help me navigate trauma’s that were nestled so deeply inside that I didn’t realise it was holding me back. She’s helped me be totally accountable for myself and has pushed me in ways I needed so badly.
I cannot begin to think where I would be or where my business would be without her support, her fire and her love.
I would work with Monica a million times over- she is a QUEEN.
Your biggest regret will be not working with her!

— Brittany, Coach and Healer





Is this course for coaches only?

Yes and No. Obviously, the work is more tailored towards coaches/practitioners with their own business but all the content will still be relevant for other women with product-based business, however if check out my Feminine AF Mastermind as that might be better suited!

What’s different about this course to hiring a ‘business coach’? 

The thing about hiring a business coach is that if you are not living in alignment and have a clear vessel, then you’ll find all the business stuff 5x harder to implement and it will likely not work!! Plus, part of doing this amazing service based work is that we get to be in flow and working from a place of intuition. However, if you aren’t working with your womb wisdom, you can’t work from intuition and everything will be a push, and you’ll keep pushing, pushing and pushing which is 1) unenjoyable and 2) doesn’t get results. This is about working in a balance of the feminine and masculine and working with inspired action, being in your power and being in flow. Also, there is seriously no magical equation for your business.


Will we learn business things? 

Of course! This will be covered AFTER we have cleared your vessel, you are in alignment and confident AF. Only THEN will the business stuff be truly amazing. I did half my bachelor of Marketing, worked in social media for 2 years before I started my business and half my brain is all about the business (I get this from my dad). I’ve grown my Instagram completely by myself, authentically and you can too! Plus, you don’t need 10K followers to make 10K months, you just need highly engaged followers that love your information and the value you give.  So you’ll be getting the best of both worlds! My creative, feminine, coaching side and then my business side too. I’ll be giving you all my training and tips about how to confidently sell from a place of alignment and authenticity.

Is this course live?

Yep, it’s all live baby! So you will get my fresh high-vibe personality in real time, and maybe also some bed hair depending on time slots 😉


What if I’m already feminine?

This isn’t about just being ‘feminine’. Plus more likely women that are ‘feminine’ are acting from the false or wounded feminine which isn’t what I’m about. Here, we are about the TRUE, FIERCE feminine which includes standing in your power, not being a people pleaser and speaking your truth. Are you doing all of that or are you keeping quiet to avoid confrontation?


Why did Monica create this course?

I created this course because I got a MASSIVE download one day when working with my Mastermind and 1:1 clients. The download was that if you haven’t cleared the blocks and if you aren’t fully in your power WITHOUT blocks, then you won’t be able to have a thriving business. So this course is about clearing all that and actually fully embodying all that you desire and selling/working from that place. Also, I’ve been really wanting to help other women to grow in their coaching biz as I wish I got he help earlier! So this is an amazing combo of the two.


Is there a refund policy?

No, there are no refund, cancellations or ‘changes of mind.’ This is an all-in mastermind. If you want the results, it’s up to you to put in the work, mindset and commitment. Monica shows up as 100% to every session, voice message and email. If you haven’t gotten results with other things, or had a back-door policy previously, chances are you didn’t get the results you wanted because part of your brain knew that you could just put in 50% and then get a refund. Well, you need to put in 100% and then you’ll see the incredible results.  This is a program of commitment, change and devotion. If you have a half-assed attitude, your brain will be hunting out for reasons to back out, and then you’ll never get results. Don’t be in fear, step into love and TRUST that if you want results, you will fucking get them!

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Next round starting early 2020 – secure your place in November/December of 2019

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