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Hey Babe!

I’m Monica Yates

Monica is a trauma healer, embodiment witch and period whisperer. She’s a double Sagittarius and a rising Gemini, an enneagram 8 and a generator. Monica helps women get into their magnetic as fuck feminine energy, and men feel ecstasy and intimacy.

Over the years, Monica has become an expert in helping women step out of their masculine armour, tap into their core feminine desires and live a life in alignment. Through the use of trauma healing, inner child healing, womb clearing, womb activation, subconscious reprogramming, embodiment, somatic work and a shit ton of other modalities, she has helped thousands of women heal their cycle,
reconnect with their period, break their trauma cycles and no longer be triggered by their past.

Monica helps men to heal the parts of themselves that are holding them back from showing up fully in their purpose and mission, as well as learning how to expand the nervous system to hold the feminine energy and heal their inner child wounds and trauma that are manifesting in their adult life. This allows men to have deeper fulfilment in their life, and feel more in the bedroom 😉

Now I could give you some long ass spiel about my life – but I want to keep things short. I want you to get to know me in relation to my journey of finding my passion for all things feminine energy, periods and trauma.

I would bring a pathetic rabbit food salad to lunch, drink a cup of coffee the size of my head for morning tea to suppress my appetite, binge eat when I got home because I was THAT starving from basically not even eating lunch, and then go workout on the cross-trainer until I burnt 600 calories thinking that would make me thin.

Then, whilst living in Whistler for 3 months in a house with 18-20 year olds and no parents, I became a ski instructor, drank A LOT, ate a lot of ‘healthy’ food like honey, rice crackers, jam, peanut butter, oats, and gluten free pasta. But that’s okay, right, because I was exercising (skiing) every day? Oh, and I was drinking vodka and cranberry juice which is healthy cause it’s fruit, right? And vodka has the least calories for alcoholic beverages? WRONG.

Once I arrived in New York, I had my lightbulb moment. I was getting sharp pains in my ovaries, and was being told I might have endometriosis.

I decided to read Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” book from front to back and had my big ‘ah-ha’ moment… so you know all the honey, fruit and jam I was eating? Yeah, not so great after all….

I became obsessed with the idea of how humans are meant to eat. Living a no-sugar lifestyle and eating real food.


My pains in my ovaries left me and I traveled to Europe for a month whilst being sugar-free.

I healed my body with food after having major jaw surgery.

I developed the knowledge, tactics and passion for helping others achieve their true weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle without any deprivation or pumping out 600 calories at the gym.

Then, I stopped the pill, lost all my lady hormones (no progesterone or estrogen) and my reproductive system basically just died. Looking back, it is no wonder I got so skinny – I had no estrogen!!

After 18 months of not having a period, I got it back after getting into a relationship with a man who was super in his masculine and essentially it forced me to be in my feminine (because, polarity). As a result of all the feel-good hormones, and me being in my feminine, I got my period back! You can listen to this story here. 

Then fast forward… a big ski accident set me back a little bit, but as the A-type I am, I was still VERY determined to do everything. My cortisol was at an all-time high from the pain and stress of my knee, my thyroid plummeted, and I lost my period again. This time, it wasn’t about getting back estrogen and progesterone, it was an energetic trauma block that was stopping it from coming back. So once that was gone, overnight I got my period back and it’s been with me ever since! 

Basically, I’ve been through the works and have had a number of experiences that have wrecked my body and really made me tune in. I’ve become OBSESSED with all things periods, feminine energy, and how our subconscious affects our physical health, and now it’s my passion to help you be in full fucking alignment! 

My mission is to help you understand your cycle and feel empowered by being a woman. I want you to live a life that turns you on and makes you excited about being a woman. I want you to learn to receive, be able to surrender, and manifest everything that your heart (and pussy) desires.

This journey of discovering how to naturally balance my hormones, understand trauma, and step into my feminine energy and let the masculine lead, has led me to create a thriving business where my gifts are celebrated.  I know in my soul, that this is my reason for being on this planet. Every day I blow myself away with the results my clients get, the breakthroughs they have in record time and the intuitive gifts that I have within myself that help to guide my clients.

Also, like a lot of us business women do, I started hustling in my business. Pushing, striving, and working way too hard. I was constantly on red-alert and yet not getting anywhere. I have worked through so many of my blocks around subconscious programming, the feminine and masculine and womb wisdom to finally come to a place where I am tapped into my feminine in a powerful and amazing way. My coaching work has lead me to now help other women to UNBLOCK THEIR VESSEL so that they can have the life of their dreams. After just 6 months of properly running my business, I hit my first 5 figure month. In 2021 I hit 3 million in sales. And so, this energy filters through to my clients. The results that my clients get within just one session is MIND BLOWING.

I know ‘Monica’ means to advise and counsel…. but this shit is next level.

I help women to tap into their fierce feminine, live a life that turns them on, clear their trauma, and step into their power so that they can create and live the life of their dreams.

For men (yes I help men!), I help them to heal their shit so that they can feel more ecstasy, intimacy, and live out their purpose and mission. I also help them in their relationships and understanding women so that they can feel like the hero that they want to be.

So there you have it, my story of how I came to be exactly where I am right now.

I hope that I can provide you with some insight and inspiration into this truly amazing lifestyle through my website, Instagram, podcast, magazine, events or meet you through my coaching work.

10011NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching | Graduate of LCA (ICF ACTP Accredited)| ANZI AACC Credentialing | LCA Certificate in Wellness Coaching

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My ideal day off is:

  • Spending time with all my girlfriends, going out dancing the night before and being lazy in bed the next day
  • Being cozy AF! It’s snowing outside and I’m reading a book with a hot cacao elixir in front of an open fire with a sexy man next to me
  • Shopping!
  • Sleeping until midday and watching TV

Something most people don’t know about me:

  • I have a half sister
  • I love summer
  • I hate vegetables soooo much
  • I have two fake teeth

I am deathly afraid of:

  • Insects especially spiders
  • Heights
  • Public speaking
  • Going on a plane

My favourite physical thing about men:

  • Bum
  • Hands and back
  • Arms and back
  • Eyes and eyebrows

I can’t wait foR…

My dream snow wedding with my soul mate.

My drink of choice is:

  • Seedlip margarita
  • Cacao elixir
  • Kombucha

If I could live anywhere for the rest of my lifE…

Somewhere with snow and beautiful hotel lobby’s.

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