239: What are your money leaks? - Monica Yates

239: What are your money leaks?

BY Monica Yates

Today I am talking about money leaks, and I want to kick off with a chicken nugget I said that someone emailed to me which was “Investing in yourself is setting your value not paying a bill.” When you are investing in yourself, you are not paying a bill, what you are paying for is your future, the better and truer version of yourself. The way you invest is claiming how you value yourself.


Money leaks can be linked to any other energy leaks, love leaks, business leaks etc. Think of an energy link as if there is a bubble around you and there is a hole in the bubble and through that hole you are leaking your sacred energy. What happens is you leak your energy to other people and places, and you start to feel like less of you and your energy can start to get stressed and scattered. When this happens you start acting in a way that isn’t your truth.

If you want to clean up your leaks with money it would be listening to a desire of yours or paying a bill. Whenever you don’t listen to that desire, you leave that door open and that whole time energy is leaking through. Even with computer tabs, I am trying to get better at it because I realize that I have all these half-done tasks left open. I should be closing them, writing them on my to-do list and bookmarking it for when I need them. It’s about getting into the habit of closing the door on things so that we aren’t leaking our awareness, our energy, our thought processes, and ourselves into things when we don’t need to be in them.

An example of a money leak is if you are out for dinner and put your card down for the table and ask them to transfer you and they don’t. It’s a money leak for them because they owe you money but by you not following up, you’re then not respecting yourself, your money, or your boundaries and so the whole time that they haven’t paid you back there is leaky energy.

When you close all the doors it makes you feel like you have a clean and crisp relationship with money, love, success, and boundaries rather than this murky one foot in, one foot out relationship. Live your life in way where you are not feeling this longing all the time for certain desires, clean that sh*t up.

Monica x

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